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  1. Honestly, I don’t understand these debates. If you don’t like the model FFG is presenting... walk away... I hope 2.0 is a cleanse of all the negativity and haters. Please... please... walk away... Cheers!
  2. I love Poe. The true way to fly it is BB8. This is a very interesting build. I like it! What does intensity do?
  3. Jedi. QGJ is actually appearing in a game !!
  4. Neutral cards lead to trouble in future game design. As the game grows, so does the card pool for playtesting. Every pure neutral card designed, needs to be playtested against every card in the game. Villian/Hero neutral cards involve a little less play testing. From the erata we have already seen, playtesting is a challenge for FFG. Lucas is very smart in his design of few Neutral Cards. I understand your frustrations with deck building and lack of supply, however for the long term health of the game, less neutral cards is a smart move.
  5. Hey brother, is there any way I could convince you to share this Star Destroyer deck? I am looking for something different to take to my Store Champ. Everyone will be playing Sith, Scum and maybe Troopers. Star Destroyers will force my opponent to wake up. Ha! I have messed around with them before, but could never get quite right. Thanks.
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