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  1. HERE HERE! The stark one is the only one I need to buy 2 of, (My wife has made it perfectly clear she wants her own) so come on FFG! we want this card! (perferably before winter comes )
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    Save me

    My bigger concern if will the game last the next year or so. As someone who bought heavily into the pre-painted and fun AT-43 and Confrontation, I am not sure I want to pour money into dust until I can be sure it'll be around and played. Speaking of which, anyone wanna play AT-43?
  3. Well either way, I am planning on picking up this game, after all, I have every other Song of Ice and Fire based game, Heck I even was a playtester for Testor's aborted minis game Chronicles of the night's Watch. I also picked up Wild Cards for M&M (Based solely on it being a George RR Martin project!) so money talks and All mine says is "goodbye!"
  4. On that same note, are the armies in the box going to be specific armies or "generics"? I mean are the supplements (assuming they are like Battlelore) will they be different house armies. (I.E. the Core set may be Stark vs. Lannister and then offer Baratheons, Tullys, Freys, and Greyjoys etc. later). Or will we be buying a few starters to paint armies in each of the house colors?
  5. Definitely looks sweet, any chance it'll include stuff to add an additional player or two to the mix?
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    Definitely a vote for Mag Blast, Munchkin CAN be fun until the jokes run out then it's just draw a dungeon card, attack, hope to level and play scre your neighbor cards. Mag Blast is in my opinion far more replayable, and the comedy aspect is not the ONLY aspect. if you remove the comical art of John Kovalick, the humerous cards (recyclons 40k, Etc) and took out the make a silly noise or miss rule, you still have a respectable beer and pretzels space combat game, in fact it could easily be rethemed to be a quick and easy Star Wars, Babylon-5, Star Trek, type game with very few changes, but trying to turn Munchkin into say Descent: the Card game, or Warhammer quest the cardgame, would leave you flat.
  7. Hey all, I love the game and am running my current campaign in Warhammer FRP, but I have one burning question, is there any chance you will be producing an additional player pack, with extra campaign boxes, basic skill cards and odd tokens (such as timing tokens, stance tokens and puzzle piece tokens) to allow us to add a couple more players? I think this would be a prime product at maybe a $10- $15 level, heck even throw in a few random skill cards, or sell 4 of these each focusing on a broad class for about $20, with 3 new careers for warriors, scholars, rouges, and workers each with 2 basic careers, and one advanced career, would probably sell like hotcakes. Honestly I want something to let me place a few more players in game more than a GM screen, or campaign book (both I'll buy just because I am a WHFRP junkie!)
  8. I ran the demo, and I have to say it was pretty awesome: THE GOOD: They really did come up with a unique take on roleplaying, seeing two players take full advantage of the stance meters, and how it payed off (and sometimes did not pay off) for them! Lots of choices in game no obvious game breakers, and all to often players were struggling with which choice to make. Letting the party decide what kind of party to make and the dice which made tasks more descriptive, now you could go all pass/fail with them but it was a joy to use the dice to help tell the story. The BAD: There is a lot to keep track of, and I felt ill-prepared, (however the sunday demo GM played in my demo, so hopefully having a couple days to read and some of the basics down his game will go better) The game can be a bit daunting for the GM to keep track of everything, but as long as you don't let the players see you sweat, the rest is gravy. all in all, my preorder is in!
  9. Personally, I just got Kingdom of the Sea today, and the Resin Card ROCKS! I'll pick up the Martell one just on that principle, I just want to se the Stark and Targarnyan ones
  10. Hey All, I am relatively new to the game, but so far I am rather enjoying it, and while I realize that the Resin house cards that came in KOTS, and the Martell one which may (or may not) come with the upcoming expansion, are not really necessary (in fact the cardboard cards do help a bit more for new players as they have the turn order on them for those of us that don't remember them. But they are cool, and do add something to the game So I have a couple of questions, 1 will the Martell card be seperate, and if so how much is it on it's own. Furthermore when will they release the inevitible Stark, Lanniser, Baratheon, and Targarnian house cards come out, and in what format?
  11. This may sound like I am counteracting your well written post (not my intent) but it also feels a bit like going back to the old school of gaming, whne games came in boxes and not just a single book. attack all the "useless bits and baubles" all you want DC Heroes (one of my first rpgs, as a GM) came with the GM Screen character standees, character cards for big NPCS,and dice, most TSR rpgs (pre the WOTC buy out came in boxes and included maps, cards tokens and more. kinda sad to see that go the way of the dodo really. I would agree this game takes many of it's ques from FFG's extensive board gaming experience and tries to better rectify them into an RPG, (which if it enhances the roleplaying experience, is so much the better) I signed up for the demoes for my store, and am seriously considering buying it, unless the demo goes horribly wrong, simply because it feels more like the outlying philosophy is about bringing what they do well to a a gaming product that is one of their weaker sellers (RPGS in general have not really put FFG on the map like boardgames) as opposed to 4E's philosophy that roleplaying games are circling the drain (much the way novels are just ask them Harry Potter fans!) it's time to squeeze every penny out and cater to the MMO crowd before we convert the IP to a virtual presence only, even going as far as to ape MMO terms, like "pulling" monsters or, "Tanking" for the party.
  12. I had a similar group in cyberpunk, and here is what I can suggest worked for me. Power gamers, love power but hate responsibility, in short make that work against them. get one new player (if you can find somone you can trust )with the role of red herring, and of course do not tell the players till it's too late. The players are given an especially important mission (I.E. retrieve an important relic from a massive chaos cult enclave, explain that they will undergo genomic treatments before the mission (similar to those given to space marines) and feel free to upgrade their characters a bit (+5 WS/BS, a new Psi discipline etc) The new player will get no such benefit, in fact all he has going for him is he is a noble, of impeachable bloodline, (the kind of guy the party would be killed for axing if they don't like) He is now their leader and master, and has a small bio-monitor installed in his arm. during the augmentations small explosive packets were affixed to the bases of the PC's skulls (as they have proven to be effective albeit far to unorthodox to trust) should the new party leader die, the party dies with him, now he does not have to be a jerk, but an armorless PC who is willing to shoot his mouth off at a random thug he feels is beneath him, or a or jumping in to dangerous situations foolishly, will have the party forced to work together to save his ass to save their own. make them really work as a team.
  13. ghost81

    Demo teams?

    Just curious As I did not see any info on this on the sight (maybe I need to look harder) but do you have a demo team, and if so what are the requirements?
  14. Personally I love the original, DOW, added some cool concepts to the game that feel like an improvement in technology, rather than just pasting a WWII theme over a WWI game, such as throttle rules and 2 phase turns. But after playing it I think I prefer my Sopwith camel, to the Spitfire any day. And while WWII is certainly a more popular Genre that WWI, I think that it is also one of the original game's strengths, being that there are plenty of Second world war games, but in the main stream Wings of War is is one of less than a hand full.
  15. Just ran a demo of this in my FLGS, My wife got a kick out of playing the overlord, and it became an instant hit (though I will say it got chaotic VERY quickly). Have yet to try out Aye Dark Master,but We will rather quickly and if it adds structure (the only thing the game is really missing) It'll be even better.
  16. I was really stoked about getting this especially after Dark Heresy, but if I had one complaint in DH it was the lack of xenos, (being that their influence can be a major source of Heresy) Happily the Anathema fixed this by adding Orcs and Eldar, With Rouge Trader, I was hoping to see the Tau finally (Yeah I play Tau, big whoop wanna fight about it?!) After all Rouge traders may be a xenophobic as the rest of the empire, but they undertand the importance of dealing with those you may not like, and I think a book with info on roleplaying/ NPCing the other Castes of the Tau could be pretty interesting, yet in this book we have Kroot BUT NO TAU!?!? don't get me wrong Kroot will make a fun combat encounter but I would think Tau might make for interesting roleplaing foils. any chance we will see them in an upcoming supplement? and while I'm asking anyone else got anything they would like to see in future supplements for RT/DH
  17. looks awesome, I just had a talk with my FLGS (while buying my copy of rouge trader none the less!) and offered to run the demo, and if it runs half as successfully as the Galactica Demo we ran, it'll be awesome.
  18. check GW's site under specialist games they have plenty and at tollerable prices.
  19. Man O'War would be an excellent reprint, whether FFG or GW does it, personally I think it seems like a ripe concept for a CMG, as the ships could be sold as semi random packs (maybe per fleet) with cards and plastic ships, heck maybe even modify the liscence to make this happen (I.e. GW produces the minis and boosters, and FFG sells the core rules as a boxed set with 6 imperial frigates and 6 pirate ships ala the original release. Thus GW has a new outlet for minis production and the minis are hardly as hard to make as say a marine platoon, or a landraider, in parts, and the collectable thing means repeat buys of the same product, making for a higher profit margin ( I many players hate collectable minis but if done right we would be able to make it tollerable by players and it's a good concession as it means higher profit for the game company) having FFG sell the boxed set as a gateway drug and letting GW handle the minis end could be a win/win (something we would all like to see)
  20. ghost81

    Dust As A RPG?

    I am not sure about the RPG, but I do know there is a minis game in the works and several model kits (i've seen em at hobby link japan) also curious if FFG is picking up the minis game.
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