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  1. 2 Jedi knights with Battle meditation + 4 blue squadron protectors. Anybody said action advantage?
  2. You pass lock to Arcs, not to torrents
  3. "Kickback" (33) Debris Gambit (4) Homing Missiles (5) Synchronized Console (2) Ship total: 44 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 3 "Odd Ball" (35) Marksmanship (1) Homing Missiles (5) Synchronized Console (2) Ship total: 43 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 3 104th Battalion Pilot (42) Synchronized Console (2) Ship total: 44 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 5 104th Battalion Pilot (42) Synchronized Console (2) Ship total: 44 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 5 Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Ship total: 25 Half Points: 13 Threshold: 3 Total: 200 You give opponent choice of taking 4 dice attack, or giving fully modded attacks to Arcs.
  4. Now I know why homing missiles was made increased in price
  5. With new changes to Republic points I decided find some broken stuff and abuse it One idea was make a chain of torrents with consoles and homing missiles, if it works. Rules question. If opponent chooses to take 1 damage, does the attack counts for the console ability to pass lock?
  6. 2x knights with battle meditation + 4 x blue squadrons is the new swarm. Having all list at same skill is one of best things.
  7. So they said Rebel Beef is dead... Wedge Antilles (55) Marksmanship (1) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 3 Cassian Andor (51) Leia Organa (6) Pivot Wing (0) Ship total: 57 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 4 Braylen Stramm (51) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Jake Farrell (36) Ship total: 36 Half Points: 18 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v7!s=200!5:125,,,,142:;32:,,46,,,140:;73:,,,,,:;50:,,:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  8. Ship for 19 points is a mistake....
  9. Vultures even cheaper? please god no....
  10. Where is link to PDF?
  11. I sad while I say that, but quadjumpers are currently well costed, problem is appearance of ion clouds, making jumpers ability weaker. Stuff that really need point changes are Kirghaz, Kimogila and Jumpmaster, all 3 are in evolutionary dead ends (also maybe few points off party buss, pretty please?)
  12. Extended tournament is coming around, and I plan to take this list to test the waters, it will be first tourney after points change, so its lands unknown. 99% sure none of the ships in my list are getting any changes. That leaves the most important question, how to spend 2 points? The is 3 options - R4 astro, synced console or tactical scrambler (and no leaving 2 points for bid is not an option). So need suggestions, what upgrade,and on who?
  13. Was doing same mistake, thanks for clarification
  14. 1. If Lando player has Bo'shek crew can he reroll same illegal cargo delivery die twice? 2 If player with 4-lom crew on his ship has bounty on 4-lom and attacks, does he still get extra ground combat die from 4-Lom?
  15. You can't have Jyn Erso as character and don't have U-wing. Period
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