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  1. Hello all: I've got a problem when morality is triggered (optional rule) and how to apply the "doubling" result. As I understand, it doesn't matter if morality was triggered due to emotional strength or weakness: the morality will double up increasing or decreasing no matter you did the right thing or succumbed to your fear, angry or whatever. Is this correct?
  2. I see, I have to rethink about this talent because the examples given obviously estate that my lack of faith in the talent was disturbing. Thank you all for your accurate answers!
  3. hello everybody, hope you can help me. Recently acquired force and destiny corebook. I noticed Reflect talent: you suffer 3 strain to reduce damage 2 + ranks in talent. Is that not a little bit underpowered? Is there any other way to improve this (didn't read yet force powers so I don't know if there's one that can affect this?)
  4. Tactician can be in charge of a vehicle platoon, like tanks. In my campaign one of the players is a mix of Driver/Tactician, and this talent will heavily help him to command his fellow vehicles. But I am not sure if there's something, RAW speaking, that will prevent him to do so. In the starship section, when you spend disadvantages you have the option to provide an enemy a free maneuver that can even exceed the limit of 2 maneuvers/round, and I understand this maneuver doesn't have any strain cost. I guess Field Commander is similar?
  5. Simple question: would you allow Field Commander (and improved version) to be used on vehicles? As written it looks like is only intended to be used with characters, but the tactic opportunities that it offers with ships and vehicles are great (and it's part of the squadron leader talent tree)
  6. Second game yesterday...and a doubt. Can a spell be cast on a character even if it's not in the same space as you are? Thank you all.
  7. Hi all , If a character draws a card and it' s one of those locations that makes you put 4 counters on it (craft, life, etc), can the character that draw the card pick one of this counters in ? We have ruled until now that yes, since per the rules you have to follow location's orders, but want to confirm this... And another maybe noob: evading it's automatic? Thanks all. daedel.
  8. Thank you all! Very accurate information!
  9. Hello, I have assumed that every object you can buy has a price of 5 (the number in the card). I haven't found any reference in the rules...also, can i buy an object in any space, given I have enough money to pay for it? Thanks!
  10. Thank you. I was confused because of the chart detailing the sequence of encounters: it says "follow instructions of space" before getting any stuff on it. Thus my doubt.
  11. Ok, but if for whatever the reason there are objects and golds in for example Tavern space, when do I pick them? Before or after following instructions?
  12. Ok, I am little confused about the order when you come to a space and have to draw cards. Let's suppose: 1.- The space is empty and orders to draw cards. Then you face every card following the cards' number. When you are finished with cards, then you follow any instructions of the space. Is that correct? 2.- The space has already cards and gold coins. You draw to complete, face cards and... when can you pick objects and gold coins? before or after following instructions of the space? Thank you, daedel.
  13. Thank you both! It's pretty clear now.
  14. Hello, Rules says a talisman card can be left on a space and has to be treated as any adventure card. If it is left, can it be picked up by any who stumbles into this space? Can it be taken from a character instead of a life as a reward? Thank you, daedel.
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