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  1. With the upcoming release of the SSD and other interesting stuff going on I thought Id come back in and see whats up. And to share some exciting news about a project, xant disclose too much atm, but working on a 1 for 1 scale of the battle of Endor with correct OOBs will be complete hopefully by SSD time
  2. Does anyone have access to the Children of Isha PDF, the link is down?
  3. Ohh? youve done some starfleet ships? I wouldnt mind seeing what youve stated them as.
  4. done any new order stuff? would be interested to know what someone would stat those new SDs as. I was mainly a reb and imp boy myself alot of the expanded universe factions didnt keenly peek my interest. I am working on a new system to combine multiple sci fi realms. and more importantly have a decent chance of doing a fully realised battle of endor in space. With full fleet compliments. sadly this was untenable in armada. Though Again im interested to see where they take it
  5. they were made to be potent. how do they compare to the new ships I wonder. Which I havent even looked at XD Or Foas kdy new creations.
  6. aww thanks for that guys. I never did get to show off my ideas for the executor ssds in depth. Glad to know you guys are inspired by the work I did though I dont play armada anymore but I miss the communitty which was one of the best aspects XD
  7. out of curiosity anybody ever use any of this stuff?
  8. what are the models youre using for the at ats if you dont mind?
  9. were just missing a scene. Its obvious the commanding imperial officers in space were so completely caught off guard by the attack that they did not know what the proper response should have been. They in standard imperial arrogance casually sought guidance from their Superior officers. This is why the imperials were so slow to act in space in pretty much every way. Initial engagement, fighter launch, destroyer engagement etc... or it was a sub par movie 6/10 and the writing was alright (despite the near endless praise i see for it) that Vader scene was tight though XD
  10. Unfortunately my sale with a community member fell through. So im making the lot available on ebay. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/152240912489
  11. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/206434-lurtzs-wip-carriers-gameplay/ You might glean some insight/ideas from my past foolings around.
  12. For those interested Im going to be selling most of my armada collection. please message me with inquires if it interests you.
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