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  1. I miss thinking up rules for armada XD I hope ervyone here got some enjoyment out of these.
  2. My Armada fighters are up for sale. Its really a huge collection with a ton of Mels fighters in there too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HUGE-Star-Wars-Armada-Fighter-lot/153846506562 Also some other pics related to my previous comments about a better legion scale XD
  3. Yes I would say its more for "Armada" style engagements. 7.5mm isnt actually that small, most of the fighters are this size currently. I think the current scale for FFG's game is good for very small skirmish engagements topping out at something like the battle that is depicted in the excellent Tie fighter fan animation. I think that animation emulates very well the upper size of engagements that can be played in armada. Done very well. Anything to much past this though and the game becomes incredibly erratic and unwieldy. It would be near impossible to do an accurate OOB battle of Endore using FFG's scale and system, where my own can do it in a few hours with just as much fun and far more "maneuvering". But the most important thing is that youre having fun.
  4. Ships are easy to come by and store at 1/20000 scale too XD not even half of what I have. what do you think this would cost if they were FFG models? O.O In addition I have a very large collection of Armada fighters that id like to sell if anyone is interested. Including MANY packs of each fighter type and Loads of Mel minis fighters.
  5. Not super good quality images but I just moved and had some major life changes. Probably do better pics in the future. Looks great in person though. Much better than armada XD
  6. I mean, my rules are just slightly modified HFB rules to be honest XD I recommend anyone interested in the "rules" that I use to go over to the HFB Facebook page (basically the unofficial home of HFB now) and check out the posts ive made on that topic. Im "Chris Smith" there https://www.facebook.com/groups/1884365661787920/ Yea, I mean theres lots of ways to interpret space combat, and everybody should do what they like. Armada just really isnt made for me XD
  7. My Shapeways Shop https://www.shapeways.com/shops/wakes-emporium https://www.facebook.com/groups/1682441262062813/ my Facebook page where I go over my latest designs (mostly 6mm ground stuff atm) That includes "The GMO Wars Line" atm that probably most of you would like. Ill put photos here for those interested. @Forty Thank you, Ive not made any CR90s yet but they are basically the size of the current fighters. You could base them however you like. I have my own slightly modified rules for HFB to handle my new star wars ships but also star trek ships for instance. Or other sci fis in the future as I wish. I like a set of rules that is robust enough to handle whatever I throw at it. Unfortunately due to school/work and real life I almost never get to work on these things. @Norsehound We seem to overlap in several interests, I am WakelessREX from the BGG forums and ive seen you in a few other places. As I recall you play Attack wing so you may like my star trek stuff. "This reminds me of what I wished Legion was- AT-ATs being "our" ISDs. Not re-skinned Imperial Assault. I've heard the complaints that Armada was "too big" since even before the starter kit's come out, so the sentiment isn't new. My way around it is to believe that an Armada is several players together for the vast campaigns FFG has been handing us. After all if you think 400 points is small, remember, the game was originally 300. ISDs sucked up a huge amount of points in that scale." Fair point, if this is what others are after im happy they can enjoy the game. For me I want to be able to do both large scale and small scale battles (both of which are doable in my set up, I can do any small scale engagement just the same as Armada. With just as much detail and probably more) However the most important thing for me is that it feels like maneuver and tactics are the most important thing. i guess maybe more "wargame" than "miniatures game" type deal. I dont get that at all from Armada but HFB did give me that. HFB was a great game, sadly the CEO of the manufacturer had some health problems and sold everything so its now as rare as gold. Still I really only make 1/20000 scale stuff for people to do with as they please. you can play armada rules with this scale if you wanted. Its up to the person. Everything I have in the photos (with a few exceptions) was printed by me at my house. I only have 'some' things for sale on my shapeways shop atm. Mainly things that would be hard for me to print like 6mm inf. However anyone is free to inquire about anything I have in my photos. I am a very poor college kid and am always looking to stay out of the red. Anyway i'll share some relevant photos then. And some stuff for Norse
  8. ohh yea? post em. I plan to do the full GCW range of fighters in that scale for my shapeways shop eventually. But life is always so busy I dont have time for much else than school and work atm.
  9. Someone asked about fighters scale, heres just a quick photo i did with 1/2256 scale fighters to show what it looks like.
  10. Ahhh still a fascinating takeaway XD Im hoping you guys start a thread about it soon to spread the truth
  11. Its actually 3.2 to 3.8km in Return of the Jedi. I researched this all awhile ago. Here is my old and long topic on the subject where I took a deep dive into it and discovered the real size and the reason why its now basically been unofficially declared its new size because of a clerical error. As for its implementation, here is a variant I was working on to handle just that. But really the best thing to do is to change the game completely so that it is of a scale where big ships make sense, the new SSD coming out had to be downscaled SIGNIFCANTLY in order to be on teh table and really strategically it doesnt make sense to have it in such small games. In addition the larger HQ home one should be a sort of nemesis to the SSD with its accurate size, its a natural fit where as in FFGs version there is no even slight equivalent. Using my preferred scale of 1/20000 the FFG Home one actually comes into about the right size, if you check out the photos in this post you will see its real size.
  12. I feel the 1/20000 scale ships look fine next to the normal ffg fighters. Some in the pics i posted. Though then the question is where is the cut off for size? such as 300meters? A better solution and one I am implementing is a transitional scale to 1/2256 most fighters will be this scale. Some in my shapeways store already with more to come. But things like frigates etc will be of a slightly larger scale. (based on length) up too the smallest ship that will be 1/20000 which if I recall offhand is CR90s. I think, id have to double check that. I have a master file around here somewhere. Coincidentally everything is for sale, and will proabbly make it onto my shapeways shop eventually.
  13. of course. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1682441262062813/
  14. Yes I agree, I have a remedy for Legion too. In 6mm hahaha XD https://www.shapeways.com/shops/wakes-emporium
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