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  1. Thanks for the response Buhalin, I reread it today and saw the bit I was missing. thanks.
  2. Yep, I got two of every card in my tantive expansion. Twice what the components list says I should have. Thanks for the replies and the advice... I'll separate out the decks and keep separate decks for my huge ships.
  3. I have two core sets. Is it okay to combine the damage decks? I got twice the cards in my Tantive expansion. Should I use both sets? I ask because I wonder if certain damage effects should be limited.
  4. The mines found in the H1 Evacuation Mission, that comes with the Rebel Transport expansion, confuse me. How do they work? When do they work? What's the effect of being under Imperial or Rebel control? Are they always active? Or are they once use items? And where in the rulebook is this all clarified? I feel like I missed a page or an explanation card somewhere.
  5. Thank you very much Master Jedi Adam, that was incredibly in-depth. I'll test it out and see if I have any greater success. Much obliged.
  6. Casual SWLCG player here. Played this challenge deck last night and got totally trounced. 2 dark side players (navy and scum) and together we killed one LS card, and destroyed 2 objectives and revealed 2 more. EVERYTHING we played was countered with events. The LS unit cards punished us. We didn't even find Luke. Which reading jus card I'm kinda glad we didn't find him. Is a DS victory possible possible? How?
  7. "If the balance of the force is with the dark side during the dark side players' balance phase, the dark side players may deal 1 damage to 1 vulnerable light side objective." Is that 1 damage no matter how many DS players there are, or is it 1 damage to 1 vulnerable light side objective per dark side player? 3 DS players, 3 damage.
  8. What would a grenade do to a land speeder if you threw it into the cockpit? 1 success = 9 wounds. So unless you rolled 2 advantages to trigger Blast (6) or the GM decided to auto-trigger the Blast quality because the interior of the speeder cannot evade the blast, the speeder suffers no damage. Kinda silly. Even with Blast, the speeder suffers only 1 damage, so... you're going to need 4 grenades to blow up a speeder. I'm not looking for verisimilitude, but that 1) doesn't ring true and 2) isn't very cinematic. Tangent on grenades... A character could hold a frag grenade, have it go off in their hand, and RAW on 1 success suffer 9 wounds (less soak), so... ±5 wounds. It hurt, sure, but it didn't take your hand off. There are no other game mechanics attributed to the frag grenade that make you roll for crits or lose limbs. It might be more of a problem with the frag grenade damage in and of itself than the vehicle scale thing, but the must do 10 damage first doesn't help with the one weapon you'd think would be very effective against a vehicle. I plan to solve these issues by keeping it narrative. If a player scores a triumph or critical on a vehicle (almost regardless of the weapon), he's going to hit the gas tank, the stabiliser armature, the oil valve, the brake line, a magnetic hyper coil compensator, what-have-you... which may or may not take the vehicle out of the scene, but regardless will have a dramatic visual impact as a result of their lucky hit. We've all seen it time and time again in movies, heroes blowing up vehicles with all manner of weapons, so it only makes sense then that it "should" somehow be possible, as we're recreating cinematic action for the mind's eye, without having to pull out a missile launcher to do so. Blowing up vehicles is fun! That should be reason enough. With a grenade, the vehicle's going to lurch off-course, catch fire, bleed fuel, full the cockpit with smoke, become harder to pilot, blow up to smithereens, eject a passenger or do something equally spectacular. (Unless of course the vehicle has armour and is designed to deflect grenades and the like). I'll most likely house rule an increase to their damage or give them breach. I also might separate planetary scale vehicles into 2 types. Big space ships that leave the planet can have the 10 to 1 scale (stormtrooper blaster fire ricocheting harmlessly off the millennium as it leaves tatooine), but smaller planet-bound vehicles should perhaps have a 5 to 1 scale (stormtrooper blaster fire that destroyed the tracks of a jawa sand crawler) to represent the danger of small arms fire. Sand People were shooting a modded slug thrower rifle to destroy pod racers in a single shot. The single bullet didn't blow up the pod racer, but it definitely hit something important which sent the racer careening into the ground at a very fast speed, effectively destroying it.
  9. Nope I made it. Glad you like it. Bought a 4' x 3' hard board, which I then trimmed to fit my table. Bought a bunch of spray can colours (matte black x3, white, azure blue, electric blue, fireman red, daisy yellow). Watched a couple of youtube vids on spray painting space scenes. Looked at some NASA photography Which boils down to: 1) spray lots of red and blue 2) hit small pockets of yellow 3) cover it all with black (you won't be able to cover all of it, so blues and reds will shine through) 4) use white to make milky ways (use torn cardboard to mask the spray so as to create hanging "curtain" clouds) 5) spray stars (buy lodging a small piece of prestik or blue tac (sticky stuff that holds up posters on walls, don't know what you yanks call it )) into the nozzle itself. this prevents you from pushing down too far, which limits the airflow and produces a fine spray of "dots" which work perfectly as stars. 6) cover half of it up with blue, red and black (to knock it back some) (layers are your friend, keep adding as many as you like until you're satisfied with the overall composition). the more layers the deeper your space. 7) add more stars. try for a mix of BIG ones and small ones. This too adds depth. 8) add detritus (black "stars"... looks like asteroids or space junk far in the distance)
  10. Great job. Looks awesome, and the thought into each species is why this is a must download.
  11. Well I didn't order enough sleeves. Noob math problem. So, right now the x-wing pilot cards are getting sleeved, while I wait for the back up order of 800 sleeves for netrunner and star wars LCGs. It does make them mighty slippery!
  12. Sorry if I waste your time with this non sw-eote post, but this is the forum where I'm posting and wanted to share my joy. There is an Age of Rebellion beta in there... so it "could" be related. Christmas came early. I went on a BIG ordering spree and got a bunch of stuff that I've been wanting to get, but being in South Africa, makes it incredibly hard to get locally. So, one has to order from overseas, pay not a small amount in shipping and then get hit with import duties. But gosh darn it.... I've been patient. (And in the end it actually works out cheaper ordering for oneself.) I had to order from multiple shops to get everything I wanted, and some stuff (x-wing expansions) I'm still waiting for, but here's the pile. It took me the whole day to unbox, pack away neatly and read the rules. Was an epic day! I've made my own star field surface for x-wing. Looking forward to my first game!
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah, the retro flat colour is quite distinctive. I'll see if I can do the droid like that. My Arkanian player is getting restless seeing everyone else's sketches. chuckle.
  14. Thanks for asking the question. It's exactly what I wanted to know too.
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