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  1. Understood, thanks a lot!
  2. Okay, but in the case of the board layout on the house/fortress map for the Union Objectives........would I move into position with one charcter...fulfill 1/2 of the objective and then have to move that character out of the way for the next one to enter the required zone to do his 1/2 of the objective? Because there is only one space that is adjacent to the union objectives.
  3. For main objectives on the fortress board, do EACH of your 2 characters who possess the required skills to complete the main objective need to be adjacent to the objective token in ONE game turn in order to fulfill the objective (as per the rulebook)? Because on the fortress map, Reich objectives all have 2 adjacent circles next to where Reich objectives are to be placed, whereas the union has only one adjacent circle to each of thier main objective circles. Does this mean then, for example.... I would move John MacNeal to a main objective, use his action phase to complete one half....and then i would have to MOVE john out of the way and then move another character in to fulfill the other half of the same objective? Is this a deliberate disadvantage to the Union on this map?
  4. I have a question about the "keep firing" ability. Can you use some of your movement and THEN excecute Keep Firing, and sacrifice any residual movement for that troops phase? Or, must your troop remain stationary (and thus not move at all) when using keep firing?
  5. Yeah, I kind of figured as much now I think it's just kind of strange that they would suggest the 2 heroes 3 troops option in the main rulebook, and not provide additional trooper miniatures & sheets in the core box. Do you have a link to where I could purchase some unpainted characters? I would love to try my hand at painting some! Have either of you guys used miniatures from other games as your own custom characters?
  6. Thanks for the welcome! But, how are you supposed to do it with the original core game?
  7. Hey there, just trying to setup my first game here. This question might be silly but I'm going to ask anyway. In the rules, it states that you must play with 5 characters per team. 3 heroes and 2 troops, or, 2 heroes and 3 troops. Let's say you opt to play with 2 heroes & 3 troops. How do you represent your troops? There is only one character sheet for each type of troop, and only one miniature. How do you keep track of which troop has used what equipment? Their HP etc? Also, there is only one minature for each troop, would you represent 3 troops by using one minature and 2 tokens? I'm not quite sure about this haha. Or do I just have this all ass-backwards and you use one miniature to represent 3 troops all together? I hope this is clear enough to describe my problem. Thanks!
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