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  1. this has to be the most aniticapted follow up we are all waiting for...
  2. Or a map of the moon of Yavin and Deathstar in the background!
  3. Man-I am so excited about this! The reviews sound great...Chambers+FFG+gorgeous minis, can wait! Boardgame in the future?
  4. For those who demo'd this, would a 3D trench (cardstock) work for these rules? You could place X wings in the trenches, avoiding obstacles like overhanging bridges while being shot at by ties and trench turrets, while trying to "focus" on launching torpedos at the target hole? Meanwhile, at the surface, Y-Wings and secondary Xwings could be fighting ties and bombing strategic targets and turrets?
  5. Check these mats out! These are perfect for X-Wing! Which one you like the best?
  6. Great review, I really appreciate the time you took in writing this and it sounds great. I especially love the comparison to Ravenloft, biasely because I have played it.
  7. I saw you guys in 2009 at San Diego Comic Con but not 2010, returning to 2011?
  8. How come I can't type in the "post" section from my iphone when attempting to post in forums?
  9. Hey Guys, I just started a gaming blog and my latest blog was on our first game of Horus Heresy! Check it out here: I posted a few pics and commented on a couple of highlights. I think this game is right up there with Battlestar Galactica as one of my favorite FFG games. Hope you like the blog.
  10. 1 Deadwood Game 2 Star Wars 3 Under World Deadwood- Arkham Horror meets Battlestar Galactica. Players vie for political clout and strengthen relationships with camp personalities while increasing their wealth and reputation. Players can freely roam the town of Deadwood on the board like Arkham-visiting such spots as the Gem Saloon, the docs, Bella Union, etc...each visit they can have options of activites that will capitalize their ambitions while creating relationships to screw over other players! Star Wars- For the first game of this Pipedream IP, Escape from the Deathstar! One team/player controls Han, Luke, Leia, Obi wan, Chewie, and the droids while the opponent(s) control the Imperial forces residing in the Deathstar. You could create dozens of scenarios to keep the gameplay fresh. -rescue the princess -free luke and Han from garbage compresser -confront Vader -sabotage the Tie Fighters etc... Underworld This would have to be a Dungeoncrawler with 3D gothic terrain board! I think we have enough creativity to imagine what this could look like without description! Well, there's my wish list! I would pay an extra premium to have a chance to own these exciting games! They could come to fruition, nothings impossible, these type games would definitely cross over populations not already in the gaming community! Great bridge games. Whucha think?
  11. Hit me up, I live in South Torrance Torrance!
  12. Anyone have room for one more in So Cal area? I live in South Torrance. hit me up!
  13. Hey guys, anyone have room for one more in So Cal area? Hit me up, Im in south Torrance:)
  14. Any one plan on running a group in So Cal? Hit me up! Im in South Torrance:)
  15. Forgive me for repeating this question but has there been any mention at Gencon or any other venue that FFG have plans to expand their stores/centers out? Thanks:)
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