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  1. I’ve tried road to legend but it’s lacking. If they put better campaigns in it then maybe you’d be right.
  2. I’m 100% fine with an app being optional but don’t make it mandatory.
  3. I’d be perfectly fine with an expansion that just removed the OL and introduced a reveal as you go dungeon.
  4. Has anyone developed a campaign that foregoes the objective based races and utilizes a reveal-as-you-go based on LOS dungeon? I want 2e mechanics with 1e style quests. Does it exist on the vault? If not I’ll make it myself.
  5. Exploration and the reveal as you go is the number one aspect second edition is missing - agreed! First edition was so much better in this regard. As for going co-op, I am just always the overlord in my group because I'm the only one who actually knows how to play lol, it would be nice to be a hero now and then.
  6. Because I have so much invested in 2e, I’d like to see third edition leverage the loads of existing 2e content. My suggestion would be to take IMO the best of first edition and second edition and merge them. I’d keep 2e as is but I’d automate the Overlord similar to what Gloomhaven and Sword and Sorcery have done. Basically remove the 1 vs many aspect and go full co-op. This would also ensble true solo play without needing some homebrew variant. Secondly, I’d bring back the reveal as you go nature of first edition. All campaigns going forward should be reworked to eliminate the race aspects and put more emphasis on exploration and interesting decision making. Utilize those skill checks! Make the town in between quests slightly more interesting. I’d remove the two scenarios and have one big quest Honestly I don’t even know if you have to call what I’m asking for third edition. It could just be a new expansion introducing an automated overlord AI system featuring a campaign focused on exploration and more hack and slash/loot instead of racing to complete objectives. If these two changes were implemented into 2e it would be the ultimate dungeon crawler IMO. Call it 3rd edition or a 2e expansion, I don’t care
  7. Ok, please add an edit feature. I've had to delete my quests several times in order to correct mistakes. This by far is the only thing preventing this app from being a home run. I would like to be able to modify total threat, modify skills, modify money, modify items, modify plot cards without having to delete my quest results and start over. And even deleting a quest does not undo a mistake in spending experience points. My campaign is sort of screwed there.
  8. I guess it's not that expensive when you compare it to other options. It would be a shame to have painted minis with flocked bases ruined. I'm new to painting so for those that are more experienced, how hard is it to construct a custom foamcore case and how much does one typically cost?
  9. I love this but I did notice one thing that could be fixed. I started a new campaign and chose the wrong class. There was no way for me to edit my campaign and switch that. I had to delete the campaign and start over. I did see an edit button but it did not work on my iPad.
  10. Hey everyone, I came across the citadel crusade case today at a store. It looked pretty great and holds 400 minis. I checked out some reviews and they were mixed but a lot of the drawbacks were based on people with metal minis and people who need to do heavy traveling. Since Descent are plastic minis, maybe this would be a great alternative to foamcore? http://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Citadel-Crusade-Figure-Case?_requestid=18106084
  11. Steve-O, everything you just said sounds perfect.
  12. I'm really looking forward to trying this with the RAOV since it will likely be a solo adventure for me.
  13. I would also like to see a co-op campaign and/or solo/co-op rules to play the existing campaigns solo/co-op. I have been researching some of the fan made variants on bgg and am itching to try them.
  14. 100% agree. I'd just like to see the rest of the monster/hero packs come out and then focus on campaigns. And I agree, that everything can be incorporated into base-game-focused campaign books except the extra tiles. If new campaigns can incorporate all the tile sets then they'd be perfect.
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