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  1. TimJArtl

    Life Gain

    Upon discussion with our group, I'd agree. We played it that you can't get anything out of that Text Box if you are at/over your starting Life Value.
  2. TimJArtl

    Life Gain

    There are 2 spaces on the board that state: "Gain 1 Life. Then you can buy LIfe at the cost of 1 Influence each. Your Life cannot exceed the starting value." The question: Do you get the 1st free Life even if you are at/over your starting Life value? Possible ways to play the space: 1) Gain a Life no matter what your current value is. Then you can purchase Life if you are below your starting value, but cannot exceed this value through purchasing. -or- 2) You cannot gain a Life or purchase Life if you are already at/over your starting Life value when encountering this space. What do you think?
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