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  1. I have one of the most complete collections you'll be able to find. I'm short probably 10-12 cards of having a complete set of the entire game. E-mail me at thesonofireland@gmail.com if you want to try and work out a deal.
  2. well.....it's from set 4, but it doesn't work that way anymore
  3. from dictionary.com: hyperbole: 1. obvious and intentional exaggeration. 2. an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.” any idea how that might have been used? I get your point, I do, but FFG doesn't care enough about the game to actually pay someone to be in charge of the rules and really focus on that and quite frankly thats fine. They've been pretty clear with their intentions toward the game and quite frankly the best we're gonna get is what we've currently got. Sure it sucks, but what are you gonna do, stop playing? As far as your points about the cards, all those points have been brought up before, so, no offense, this isn't accomplishing anything. I mean if you real feel like this is a great injustice, e-mail Jaffer, I gotta agree with Troth though, you're prolly getting ignored, regardless of what you may have done in the past.
  4. so your contention is the deck isn't broken because a deck can be made specifically to beat it? I was going to write out a whole post here, but you're missing the point, so I don't care enough to.
  5. you know dut, I kind of felt the same way, like why is this taking so long (of course I didn't realize they were still working on it, foolish on my part) but what you have to realize is a) they're not getting paid, so they're not exactly going to drop everything and focus on this and b) everyone on these forums seems to have a different opinion on what should be done. Now, since the people on this forums are, I assume, 90% of the playerbase for the game, it stands to reason they would want to really think about it.
  6. yea, I think a lot of people don't realize that a ruling was made to make the cards work the way they do right now. I know I didn't realize it at first, so it is more correct to say that the original ruling needs to be reversed, not that it needs further errata (although that would make the cards more usable, not that that really matters). I'm not sure you can really say that the mechanic will probably get more play in the next set, the original designers of the game didn't seem to have any real cohesion in mind when they designed things.
  7. oh yea, I'm not trying to give you guys crap, I mean if you were getting paid that would be one thing, but since you're just doing it for love of the game, I definitely don't wanna give you guys headaches. I was of the impression that, apparently wrongly (and I do apologize) that the fix of event 1 was supposed to be the end all solution. I mean, I will say I don't see what it is you guys need to debate, but I totally understand not having a lot of free time and not wanting to make a rash decision. My whole point here was that it's one thing to talk about this in a theoretical sense of what it could be, I wanted to give you some actual hard results to show that in practice it is as bad as it seems.
  8. DARY! So I get it, I do, you really don't want to nerf lamp/pegasus because it would be a blow to decks that only sort of abuse them. The problem is that's not good reasoning. If the most broken iteration of aggrobah wasn't that bad, I could see not changing the cards for the sake of those few other decks, but this version of the deck IS that bad. It's not just a power level thing either, the deck takes a long time to play and most of that time your opponent is just sitting there thinking about how much more fun they'd be having playing magic (or whatever, insert fun activity here ______). Even without that though, the deck does create serious power level concerns. I didn't spend any time trying to optimize the deck for the new ruling all I did was this, from the original deck: -3 moogle -2 aladdin level 3 +1 valor form +1 goofy level 1 +1 winnie the pooh level 0 +1 pinnochio +1 stealth sneak Why those changes? Well as I've said a number of times before, aggro is naturally unbalanced vs world racer, so if that's how I'm going to kill them I need the extra damage valor form is going to give me. I went with goofy level 1 instead of the goofy that tutors because then I could always play him and it stood to reason I'd be able to draw into both of them easily anyways (I was able to). Winnie level 0 was to keep valor form in play and was another way to guarantee aggro couldn't beat me. Pinnochio was key because no longer would they only be getting 1-2 turns a game, so I needed to be able to get rid of any cards they kept. Finally stealth sneak seemed like the best way to beat a world racer because if I just play that every turn, they probably aren't running enough answers to knock it off every time....right? (not the best plan, again this isn't optimized). So we drove up. Round 1 vs dark aggrobah you know what the funny thing is, I just coincidentally run equipment hate. I mean I don't care much about their equipment, but abu's there anyways. So I never really got to see what he could do because the turn after he played his lamp, I knocked it off. Every time. Other then that I got valor form going, played some event 1s and uh, won. 1-0 (2-0) Round 2 vs ansem deck I think he was a world racer, that's the theory I'm going off of anyways. Turns out monstro is terrible for him. So is stealth sneak when he has at most 3 answers (and I don't think he ran all 3 creeper plants). Otherwise it was the same story, 3 damage a turn will win you games. I stated to think a kingdom key may have been a good addition. 2-0 (4-0) Round 3 vs light world racer game 1 was of fairly little consequence. Game 2 on the other hand, I almost lost. Or rather I was in a position where I could have lost. He was one world away with a stealth sneak on it. If it made it back to me I could kill him, but if he could deal with stealth sneak and move he had the game. He couldn't do both of those things as I had stripped away his entire hand. So it got back to me, event 1 and a valor form challenge sealed it. 3-0 (6-0) So as you may have read, me and Fairbanks were the only undefeated, he at first felt like he did stand a chance. I said "tell me the exact combination of cards you think you can get that will allow you to win this game." I started with, so you're an aggro deck, I gain infinite life, and go! Now that's not an entirely accurate way of describing the match, but between the life gain I have and the poohs, I should be able to take it pretty easily. He ended up agreeing. So what's the point of all this? Fix wishing lamp! The deck I built was not optimized and still had only 1 close game out of 6 and even in that game I'm not sure I played it perfectly, so it may not have even really been close. Plus game 3 woulda been mine, so. What more do you need? The deck 1) creates serious power level issues 2) increases tournament round times 3) creates a non fun playing environment. I'll admit, the deck is now more vulnerable than it was before, but it is still so powerful that you really have to either run the deck, or run a deck designed to beat the deck. That just seems silly. If you want to come up with reasons that I'm wrong, I will be more than happy to refute them.
  9. well, I guess it should be in the errata thread as a clarification, but, it was ruled quite some time ago cards with whatever world symbol (for example, agrabah) are that type of card.
  10. haha I think it was you, though in fairness my memory is terrible, I do know that it came up and that's what I was told by someone, though maybe it was the leprechaun....
  11. and again, this is not a system that rewards someone for stalling out in a single game
  12. I don't have any idea how you're interpreting roxas to say if he was a friend you could use twilight town friends. I mean in the current errata text it clearly says Only Twilight Town Friends and Samurai Nobody cards can be played as Friends cards if this card is your Player card. apologies if that was changed after you posted and troth didn't post that it was updated
  13. reallllllllly fairbanks? the ideal way to world race is to do it in the fewest number of worlds possible? I somehow missed that.... : D
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