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  1. So I played the Star Wars system and really like the dice mechanics. I learned later that it was derived from WFRP 3e. So long story short, if anyone is thinking about getting out of the system and would like to sell their stuff for a reasonable rate -- let me know! -David
  2. Hey guys, I am relocating to San Antonio in the next two weeks (where my brother happens to live) and we have both recently gotten into Warhammer: Invasion. We would like to find other people to play the game with on a semi-regular basis. Is there anything going on there? If not, would anyone like to play? Regards, David
  3. My order of recommendation is as follows: PLAY THE BASE GAME A LITTLE BIT FIRST! You won't believe how many idiots there are that $200+ on this game with all expansions and then end up here on the forums (or at BGG, especially) complaining how Descent isn't an RPG, and so on. Try the base game out before pulling the trigger on $200 worth of expansions. After that, if you feel that the heroes are having a rough time, Tomb of Ice adds a nice mechanic that buffs heroes slightly. If the Overlord is taking it hard, then Well of Darkness and Altar of Despair are nice. The advanced campaigns are separate from the other expansions (for the most part) and provide a (slightly) more narrative approach to the game with character/OL progression and item acquiring.
  4. Steve-O said: Excuse me? The advance campaign is a "quick theme game" while the vanilla game might take too long? Are we talking about the same Descent here? Last I checked the campaign expansions were designed to take several game sessions to complete, even going to far as to include a save game mechanic on the assumption that you won't get finished in one night and will need to tear it down and set it up again later! Don't get me wrong, the advanced campaigns are loads of fun, I'm with you there, but I really don't see how the campaign can be considered quicker than the vanilla base game. I tend to give people a bit of slack before haranguing their post. I'm pretty sure Warstrider was referring to the PER SESSION time, not the cumulative advanced campaign time. In that sense, he is correct and you are wrong. A dungeon card level takes much less time than a full blown vanilla Descent scenarioyou know that. Give people a break.
  5. I recommend using a technology tech-tree or checklist with the stats printed on it. That way a player can mark which techs he has researched and can add his bonuses easily instead of shuffling through a bunch of cards. My friend suggested it and it is brilliant. He has his laminated and uses dry-erase markers to make them re-usable. It really speeds up combat resolution!
  6. mws2, If you don't mind high shipping costs, I think two of my FLGS have copies on the shelf right now. Send me a PM if interested. Every man, woman, and child deserves a copy of JitD. If I were a beauty queen (ahem!) that'd be my wish over world peace.
  7. I'm the one who recommended Boardgame Revolution (they did indeed sell their copies thanks to this forum). Glad some of you got a copy. I know for a fact that at least one or two of my FLGS have copies left. I could take a look and we could do a BGG transaction. Send me a PM and I'll look around.
  8. The Shattered Empire expansion has a version of the Imperial Strategy (Imperial II) that fixes this problem that many of us see with the vanilla game. Imperial II (8) Primary Ability: The Ancient Throne (Choose either a) or b).) a.) During the upcoming Status Phase, you may qualify for any number of Public Objective Cards. Also, if you control Mecatol Rex, immediately gain 1 Victory Point. b.) You may execute the secondary ability of this Strategy Card for free. No other player may execute this secondary ability. (Secondary ability is the same as the original card.)
  9. ddavidc

    Card Sleeves?

    sigmazero13 said: I admit, though, I've been considering getting the FFG sleeves for the Fate cards. Not because the Mayday cards don't work fine (they do), but the Fate cards get shuffled A LOT, and I've heard that the FFG version may be a little more condusive to that heavy usage. But the shuffling amount of the other cards in the game isn't enough for me to warrant paying extra for those. Even the Fate cards is just a consideration, and I'm not sure I'll go through with it. Go with the Mayday Premium sleeves for those then.
  10. I live in Provo, Utah and would love to find fellow TI3 players.
  11. ddavidc

    Card Sleeves?

    I'll second the recommendation for the Mayday sleeves, they fit well enough and are half as expensive as FFG's sleeves. You'd need the Chimera regular size sleeves for the larger cards and the Mini-USA for the smaller.
  12. To be clear, the tackle boxes and cards are also inside the JitD box.
  13. I actually have JitD and the first four expansions all within the JitD box EXCEPT for the miniatures, which I have all in the RtL box. All my tokens are sorted in two small plastic tackle boxes and all my cards are sleeved in Mayday penny sleeves. My Descent collection only takes up the space of JitD and RtLI consider that an accomplishment. Heaven forbid I ever buy Sea of Blood or another expansion... and thank goodness my parents let me play Tetris as a kid.
  14. I've seen three copies in three different stores within the last week. I suppose it might just be a matter of cracking the phonebook open and calling game stores until you locate one. I also found it odd that they allowed a game as (seemingly) popular as Descent run out of copies for most online retailers.
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