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    suva_kos said: am i getting this range thing right, i cant shoot enemy with heavy weapon,that is just 2 circles away? thank you Every time you double post, god kills a kitten... Now, about ranges: Handgun/pistol: 1 free circle between you and your target Automatic gun: 2 free circles between you and your target Heavy weapons: 3 free circles between you and your target
  2. The Sundance Kid said: An interesting concept would be a German Heavy trooper. Heavy body Armor with 2 MG 42s on the sholders with an ammo canister on the back. This kind of unit already exists in Field Ops. Don't forget Tannhäuser is mainly a skirmish game so there should never be über units in it, except legends of course
  3. Darthvegeta800 said: I read about a campaign system... how does it work? The only one official campaign available is in the Daedalus box but it's nothing but a list of scenarios... Anyway, you can build scenarios and furthermore campaigns using the objective tokens (main objective requiring 2 skills, secondary objective requiring 1 skill) provided in each "big box"... or not. Some equipment tokens have a year on them. If your campaign respects a certain timeline, you can say items aren't available until the year they appear in the game's history Dunno if what i've said is clear...
  4. Darthvegeta800 said: It was for the fluff i considered getting into Tannhauser, if that's going to be dropped i fail to see why i'd bother with it... Unofficial fluff exists, even all isn't translated into English and if FFG really doesn't care about the former official fluff, it will reappear on some french TH fan website.
  5. No new mini, no new faction, just the Daedalus map (a circular labyrinth) and scenarios
  6. Prophecy said: I dont like the story mode, its boring and there is no story. The most games with my group are capture the flag, Domination and King of the hill. Objective tokens allow you to create your own story & scenario, just like if you were creating a RPG scenario. And furthermore you can make "story" campaigns but it requires imaginating you're in different places as there are only 4 maps (basic maps, novgorod & deadalus) Prophecy said: 2. Every team has an BEWARE! Token. When a charakter moves and does nothing else, he can put an BEWARE! Token on his figure. Whenever an enemy Figure moves on the Path of the BEWARE!-Charakter this charakter can make a range attack (only Pistols, Automatics and Heavy Weapons are allowed)The use of an BEWARE! Token costs a Victory Point If used with the Schocktruppen, this token might be really deadly (beware + keep firing + mad minute = master blaster erazer combo). In the past, i suggested TOY to create a sentinel-gun token... that's quite close from your "beware" token
  7. Panzerfaust II would be fine and furthermore it's less cumbersome than the first version. Have you thought about a combat value malus due to the crude aiming device ? I agree such a weapon would deal automatic damage but as it's difficult to aim when using this weapon, there should be a malus imo.
  8. What about naming the unit Panzertruppen ? There are 2 kinds of german rocket launchers: - Panzerfaust: very basic one, single use, no aiming system, 30 meters of optimal range, was distributed to Hitler Youth (Hitler-Jugend) and basic soldiers - Panzerschreck: more sophisticated one, with a piece of shield, multiple use, better range, was distributed to elite soldiers
  9. Your Panzerfaust unit would be more suitable for Field Ops as the Panzerfaust weapon is an anti-tank rocket launcher therefore more adapted to fight vehicles than infantry. In Tannhäuser, characters use mainly close combat weapons as well as anti-infantry kits. Concerning your Fox (Fox standing for Foxtrot ?) Commando, i'd gladly see a troop with the trenchgun as a standard issue
  10. I guess Plageman would be pleased to host all of your fanfics on his BlackSheep Archives
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    Any news

    Well, that's not so lame... nothing you could compare to the average french trying to speak english
  12. If we consider FFG as a profit making structure, we customers should show a massive interest in the game's background if we want them to react.
  13. Nasher

    Any news

    Drop Bear said: Is this Good or Bad for our chances of geting a RPG? Dunno what FFG's gonna do with the Tannhäuser license but if you want a Tannhäuser RPG, I'm working on an amateur version with some other french players (TOY allowed us to freely use the game's background, characters and art). If you can read french, check www.tannhauser-jdr.org; if you can't, you'll have to wait for us to translate the game when our final version will be completed.
  14. Sergey said: I don't even say about texts from TOY site (I was translating them into english by google translator - and should say these ones are really great despite the quality of translation!). As for me, as FFG now has rights to Tannhauser universe these texts should be translated into english and placed on FFG Tannhauser page. I think, it will attract more people to this game's universe. Hi Sergey and thanks for your answer. Texts you are talking about here are players submissions and TOY allowed them (sometimes after some corrections) to become official (fan)fictions. That part of the game is going to disappear from what we, french players, have been used to for years as well as - i guess - the Community Board Game.
  15. Chimaera said: Interesting news for Tannhauser. I wonder what the French players think about this and indeed what will happen to the French site? We didn't get any piece of information about this from Take On You staff. In fact the french team is reported missing since a while. Last news we had were the Field Ops FAQ around the end of may and Community Board Game (JPC for Jeu de Plateau Communautaire in french) scores have not been updated since the end of the january-april campaign.
  16. For some aesthetic and "realistic" reasons, i would be pleased to see a few names slightly changed. Hermann Von Heïzinger --> Hermann Von Heizinger (there is no dieresis on i letter in german) Yula Korlïtz --> Yula Korlitz (same reason) For some simplicity reasons, i would also replace "add a X-point bonus to the result of each die (except Natural 1s)" by "reduces by X points the Combat roll Difficulty Score". The amount of successes is the same but this replacement would be a real time gain.
  17. Hem said: as many french games, it sucked, it was wordy, amatorish, childish, it did really suck. So I read the full FFG ones, and yes, I definitely saw it was a translation from the french rules because wow, jokes were so lame, and tone was unusual from FFG (like "kaboom", "ouch", all that craps). Ouch... from what i see here, i can guess anti-french feeling seems to be still vivacious on the other side of the Atlantic... **troll off** Italians say "traddutore tradditore". I dunno the exact quote but it means translating is betraying (the original sense of words). If the translation is poor, any text would look crappy to you (and that's somehow normal). A real good quality traduction requires a lot of work and a good knowledge of both languages because word-to-word translation is way far from being enough. I guess french games published in the US just have their rules translated by some tool or website... and the result is often lame.
  18. Too bad i can't edit my posts... I've just taken a look to FFG's Novgorod's rules and they miss: Imperial Okrana's Prime Investigator Anatoly Golovko's missive (page 4 in the french manual) Discussion between President Edison and one of his counsellors (page 11 in the french manual) Conversation at Teutonic Sabbath Lodge's Berlin Fortress (page 21 in the french manual) FFG's version of the main Tannhäuser rulebook is a clone/translation of the french version. Luckily, background elements have been kept ! Furthermore, TH's french player community wrote many quality background texts, which are actually available on the original website... what will happen to them ?
  19. Torbal said: I would imagine the reason for no background fluff in the 2nd edition rules is a matter of price: the rules update is going to be a FREE pdf download here at the FFG site, or available in hardcopy for just $5 USD. At that price, it makes sense to make it just about the rules, and not the background. In the original (french) version there are 3 pages about the world's background (Lt Gal Patton's report, Eva Krämer radio report and the scientific speech about Ilirium) and 10 about the characters available in the first box... does it really represent a massive amount of pages which don't help understanding the rules ?
  20. Hello As a french player, I'm concerned about FFG owning Tannhäuser. Tannhäuser has a very rich and detailed background but in your upcoming version of the rules, i heard there will be not a single of the background documents that exist in the french version (and maybe the english one, I dunno the english version...) These documents bring a particular ambience and give the game a different taste. I mean with these pieces of background and informations about the factions' organization, players can create kind of "roleplay" scenarios and campaigns, making Tannhäuser more than just a fighting game. Depriving this game of his background will turn it into a void nutshell. Please, think about it before releasing your "V2" rules.
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