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  1. If there aren't any to be found that would indicate at least some market interest, although I know the base game was marked down significantly. I think this is part of FFG's overall trend to just focus on making games from outside IPs (Star Wars, Lord or the Rings and now Marvel).
  2. Well that was a bust...😩
  3. 1) After all players have drawn their Home Systems, find the Mecatol Rex system and place it in the middle of the table. Then randomly determine one player to be “first player.“ Give the “Speaker“ Token to the first player. 2) Yes play with the three player rules. 3) You still play the other strategy card. 4) I believe they have the same movement restrictions a grounds forces, but can be transported by any ship, including fighters. not 100% on this though. 5) Yes. 6. Good luck. :)
  4. Mixed signals on Descent. This seems to not bode well yet it looks like they just reprinted the entire line in their "upcoming" section of the website.
  5. I'm going to try and print it. I'll post some pics and give you some feedback if I'm successful.😉
  6. As per the Unbreakable Bonds rule book p.4 under Parties On your turn, before or after any action, you can offer to form a party with one or more heroes who are in the same hex as you. Up to four heroes can be in the same party. All heroes in a party move together. You do not have to spend any extra terrain dice to move the party; if you move, all other heroes in the party move with you.
  7. From the rule book "A player engages a foe when he or she enters into combat with it." So it's only when combat begins, not after each round
  8. It makes sense, I mean he is a millionaire....
  9. From the wiki......"+/- 2" tokens must be treated as two separate "+/- 1" tokens for all intents and purposes. (e.g. You cannot remove a -2 impairment token if an effect states to remove 1 impairment token of your choice; you would instead flip the token to the -1 side.) http://eldritchhorrorgame.wikia.com/wiki/Skills
  10. Looks. awesome.. but link is expired.
  11. Anyone notice at least one new monster figure in the new mansions of Madness rule book? I think it's the star spawn. Maybe we will finally get the 4 missing figures from the premium figures.
  12. Right that is how I see it. However, his argument is that since it is the location he chose as his agenda and the agenda states that the card gains those words all copies in his deck would have immunity not just the first card in play.
  13. If the location chosen for House of Dreams is bounced back to hand or discarded from play and another copy is played, is that copy still "Immune to opponents' non-plot card effects?" I can see both sides of an argument for and against here. Is there a ruling or something in FAQ that would make this clear? Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. Not sure about how card text works in the dead pile. Does the text on Knight of Summerhall mean it can be played from the dead pile or is another Knight of Summerhall meant to pull another one from the dead pile into play?
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