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  1. hink fire works, the small ones thats what i imagine, could be heard be someone near by bit like a lound cap gun
  2. trouble is I think it comes down to the good old "depends on the world" line, most average imperial worlds will probably have a basic education system but will only teach to read and write low gothic, more feral or feudal worlds will definatly not be that literate especially the peasntry/lower classes.
  3. Id start each carachter with a bucket load of experience maybe about 10,000 and use the normal career paths, at the end of the day all inquisitors where once acolytes it will also give them some depth and back ground, there is a section in the Inquisitors Handbook for advanced career paths
  4. awsome well its part of the plan that they have to find various artefacts of chaos and they will get special abilities but along the way they will gain mutations and coruption points, Im looking forward to starting it www.avenuegamming.proboards.com is the site im running it if your intrested on joining!
  5. Ive given my inquisitor Stats more for the fun of working it out than to actually be used, plus if my Inquisitor ever has to use them than he has them but generally he will only interact with the player characters during briefing/debreifigs so doesnt really need stats
  6. After discussing the mutations and coruption in the Index Teriblis I made a decision to run a Dark Heresy game where the players are a group of cultists trying to gain power through the dark gods! Im ging to be runing this online at the same time as my normal campaign Ive been running for a while, almost thinking about running the two games parralel, Could be fun!!
  7. they look good, I made up some using publisher which I use makes combat alot easier will put them into pdf or image file some point for people to gander at
  8. ive created a forum for online RPGs if your intrested, I may even run a Space Marine game www.avenuegamming.proboards.com its not much ATM but it will grow as people join so spread the word
  9. true there is nothing quite like sitting around with your mates preteding to be a group of zelous acolytes of te imperium!! though i never played dark heresey before I GM'd it, most of the game i improvise for, its good fun. id recomend looking to people yu know first though
  10. My acilytes are curently maqurading as a guard kill team and where forced to take ranks by the leadership, but theur not followed that strongly, sepends on the party.
  11. well if an inquisitor of the order xenos caught them the best they can expcet is the weapons confiscated, but carrying could put them in danger of being shot by any of the ordos of the inquisition and many of the adeptus forces. my inquisitor would expect them to hand them over unless they had a bloody good reason to use them
  12. if your intrested ive just built a forum for online RPG gaming (its for my roleplay group sadly in he UK) Ive also got a game system on there i wrote myself. www.avenuegamming.proboards.com yes I know about the spelling mistake!
  13. Artemis Fox Artemis firmly belives his only crime was being caught, he is in his late twenties pale skin long black hair black robes, in fact it was his hair that got him caught one singly strand of hair one DNA match and he was whisked of to prison, where his expertise on "removing" poeple without trace got him noticed, the only link between him and the mysterious deaths where the victims arguing with Artemis. fox found himself in a penal legion before too long he doesnt talk to anyone those who try are given a count of three or the find them selves unable to talk. the only other response is "my name is fox, now give me orders or go away, sir!"
  14. its not a question ive really thought about myself, collective sounds good if not slightly star trek! and light bringer i managed to laugh at your post!!
  15. how about a Void Born Pilot (Guardsman but with pilot skils)
  16. my group has only done one adventure and im pretty sure that they will enjoy continuing as they are running of to join a rouge trader wouldnt suit them, though games involving rouge traders could be fun!!
  17. Cifer said: I think I would just like my players to take more notice of what their character would know, as opposed to what they [the player] read in a book. In my opinion [and it is only that] a guardsman would not sell his lasgun for a "better" autogun. Likely he would keep what he knows, especially as there is likely to be some hellish indoctrination in the merits of a lasgun when someone signs up to the guard. If said guardsman subsequently witnesses an autogun being so much better in gameplay, or a realistic backstory event, I would have no issue. Im hoping some of this makes sense? That depends on your take on the "experience" of your group pre-game. If the guardsman has some experience in war outside the guard or spent some time in regiments not using lasguns (yes, there are some of these), I'd fully expect him to know about the virtues and flaws of different weapons. After all, "weapon nut" is pretty much the job description of guardsmen in the Inquisition. I can see no reason, on rules alone, to ever pick a lasgun over an autogun as a first choice gun. As a backup, a lasgun has far more merits due to its incredible reliability and low running costs. Two basic weapons are pretty cumbersome. First of all guardsmen are suposed to be able to use any gun, after all thats what there life is all about so id expcet them to be able to pic up a gun and within five minutes know how to fire and reload it, plus how difrent can weapons be!! secondly I limit my players to one riffle sized gun on a back strap so they have to choose what weapon it is the havealso its more realistic
  18. i never use hidden checks unless im rolling on creature/npc stats i think its just a case of punishing meta gaming
  19. well heres ALOT writtenm about the galaxy but not in a single document, bear in mind most comman people in the imperium know noting more than their own homeworlds, they will know nothing of chaos or the great heresy (unless there from a world like Cadia) most wont even know what a space marine is, and its oly rouge traders who will know about alien races like the Tau or Eldar so really tell them about the god emperor and that its in his service they work, the rest they can discover as they go along, infact they're luck as they will get a true civilians eye of the galaxy
  20. well to be frank if you ask your party to roll perception and they all fail the players should carry on as normal, to go "oh we had to make a check, lets all be more careful" then thats meta gaming and they should be punished for it, i have a great set of players, if they fail they carry on as if they never made the check, even if other players passed. but remeber to many rolls make things dull, its better to wait until they ask to make a per check or unless theres somthing that might make the characters actually pause and look around for a minute
  21. thats a good point, people tend to overjuice marines and their weapons, a basic brother-marine can be killed by ten guardsmen, a bolter will kill anyone in flak armour but it still has its limitations, plasma & Melta guns are actully more effective at dealing with armoured foes otherwise why would marines use them, i think you have to be sensible, theres a lot of veiws on this, if taken from the core game codex then a tau fire warrior pulse riffle is actully better than a bolter and a las gun is that much worse its a case of leveling things out and remembering the most important rule, to keep things fun and exciting!
  22. asfar as it goes any Xenos race conicdered to be High Level Sentient (in other words can rival humanities grasp of civilisation, education and technology) are concidered threats to humanities dominance of the galaxy and should be destroyed, its just a shame that these races prove to be hard to wipe out (like the Tau and Eldar) Mid level sentient races (can talk but have a very basic level of civilisation) can be utilised to serve man kind but if they show signs of insubordination they are wiped out and finally low level sentient beings are widley used on many wolrds in the roles that would normally be filled by horsses, dogs and other such pets working or not
  23. Im still largely using the core book, i find that to many rules make things confusing and boring for the players, though one of my party is playing a sister (mostly beacuase she wouldnt play otehr wise and i wanted the fun of having a sisster in the party)
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