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  1. But, that's exactly what FFG does, isn't it. They take old, bloated, outdated games and improve on them. They take old ccg's and make excellent lcg's. Netrunner, AGot, CoC (previously), L5R (pending), are all examples of how they could easily take the decipher version of Star Wars and greatly improve it with the LCG model.
  2. ...why oh why can they not just PLEASE bring back the old decipher game in an LCG format?!?
  3. Just the fact alone that you can never have all of your leaders available to you in any one game, will increase the replay ability of this game. Different combinations of heroes attempting different missions every game will add plenty of variability.
  4. Two teams. Players taking on the roll of either admiral or general for their team. Player sheets are two sided, one side for the two player game, and the other side for team play.
  5. You were not deceived. This game definitely plays up to four.
  6. Yeah, going to purchase this one as soon as it hits the shelf.
  7. Yeah, I noticed that too. From a military perspective, the Empire looks like they're ready to go with Vader and the Emperor. As it should be. But to use them to move fleets and ground forces, they aren't available for mission cards. The potential for some really tough choices is exciting. Can't wait for tomorrow's preview.
  8. I'm getting very excited for this game. Recently got the new Dracula game, Warhammer Quest, and now this will be out soon. Good times. Most excited for this one though. I have wanted a full on Star Wars board game for as long as I can remember. Finally!!!
  9. Yeah...this game is really hurting. LOL
  10. High Elf Swordmaster and Empire Witch Hunter would be awesome. Also a Dwarf Trollslayer!
  11. Well, looks like they kept it a 4 player solo game where there is no to significantly little interaction with other players. I was hoping they would change this. That's a no buy for my group and me. Maybe next time.
  12. I love the premise of this game. Adventurers traveling the land and completing quests, getting gear, fighting monsters...classic stuff. The board is gorgeous and makes you want to play on it. The combat system seems unique and interesting. So far so good! But... I played the previous version. Just the base game without any of the expansions. It felt as though all of the players were playing their own solo game at the same table together. There was no interaction. There was no way to effect another players game. We could have easily all played our own game without saying a word to eachother. That made for a long, and honestly, boring game for everyone. I know not every game has to include direct conflict. No every game has to be a co-op. But, this game feels like it should be epic. With 3 other players just going about their business and not interacting with eachother, it didn't feel epic. Did any of that change with expansions? Home brew? Will this edition be the same? I want to love this game.
  13. Dear game gods, and devs, please oh please do not recreate the Star Wars LCG and give it an L5R skin. Pretty please. Amen.
  14. I'm absolutely looking forward to this release. Two core sets pre-ordered. 3rd set will be purchased from FLGS.
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