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  1. Evening People. Probably some ridiculously simple questions to answer, but I would appreciate your expert clarification. Tallon Roll, Force Rejuvenation and Trust your feelings - is there anything prohibiting me from using these in an attack to allow my character/fighter to attack a 2nd time against the same objective? I can't seem to see any reason why I couldn't? They just seem quite strong in that case and I'm wondering if I have missed anything? Old Ben's spirit scenario - I played a game the other night where I had 2 Defence protocol active during my turn and my opponent had a jedi in hiding enhanced with an old ben's spirit.. I targeted the Jedi with both of the protocols (reducing my reserve value accordingly). I believed the jedi would die as the first protocol would resolve, removing the old ben spirit and then the second one would kill the Jedi. My opponent objected and stated that both should be applied at once (like blaster icons on a character). I believe I was correct. Was I? If any of you have the time to explain the timing of the second question (using refs if possible) it would be very much appreicated. Thanks guys!
  2. "I just picked this game up this weekend and I live in Portsmouth/Southsea. I'm pretty new to LCG and FFG. Osiris - where do the three of you play" Hey dude, usually at my apartment (as we are all mtg players of old), but I am going to approach marshall from Southsea Models and games to see if he is interested in running it alongside his fnm in the shop
  3. Yeah obviously I meant 'look at it after it is randomly chosen'. I presumed you could, as it says nothing to the contrary, but wasn't sure. And regarding my opponent, last night I flipped 2 cruel interrogations at the beginning of the game and captured 2 cards. Later my opponent wanted to check what was under each one. We agreed he couldn't as otherwise there seemed little point in capturing them facedown. Seem right? Thanks
  4. Evening. When I flip Cruel Interrogations (objective - capture 1 random card from opponents hand) do I get to look at the card? Does my opponent? The rules state that it is captured facedown (which is in relation to how the card is positioned under the objective), but I can't find anything to tell me if I can look at it or not? Thanks!
  5. Have 3 players down here in Portsmouth, Hampshire
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, appreciated. Interesting take on Boba Fett. We've been playing it as he kills the intended target, UNLESS he doesn't deal enough damage to kill them, in which case he captures them. Can I ask a further question: wookie Navigator - If Wookie navigator survives an engagement 'you may engage the same objective again'. I presume this means another unit may engage the same objective and not Wookie Navigator as he would be focused….? Thanks again
  7. Hey guys, had the game for a few days now, loving it, but have a few rules questions to clarify please: 1.) Boba Fett - Boba Fett can capture any character that he damages. If he produces enough damage to kill them, do they die? Or are they still captured? 2.) Timing question - I play an advisor to the Emperor, which is a character than supplies 1 resource. If my opponent has a Heavy Blaster Emplacement in play, can they kill it before I use his resources? I presume the answer Is yes, as players alternate actions, but on page 13 under deployment actions it states that a card can use its resources ' immediately'. 3.) Trench run - can it be damaged if the light side has control of the force, again I am presuming not, but would like clarification. thanks guys!
  8. Very nice thank you. Also good point about paying for the ICE installed in front of other ICE, I didn't consider the credit costs there, so your answer will help, thanks.
  9. Awesome dude. Although I had no idea that the runner doesn't auto draw! What a difference this will make! Thanks! Further questions: 1.) If I make a run on HQ and access 'Snare!' I presume I can't trash it before it's effect's happen. It seems fairly obvious that I couldn't do that, but I just want to check 2.) Rabbit hole - Can I search for another one, but NOT install it (say I have no credits?) Thanks for the assistance.
  10. Hello peeps. Last night I was fortunate enough to have my first few Netrunner games, and rather unsurprisingly a few rules questions popped up that I'm hoping you can solve. The answers are probably really obvious, so I am looking for guidance and clarification, thanks! 1.) If Djinn I have a Djinn in play, and somehow it is removed, do I lose any programs that are installed on it. I presume I do? 2.)If my chosen runner is Noise and I install a virus I get to trash the top card of the corp's R and D. Would that be face-up or face-down to the Archives? 3.)Wyldside - So I effectively draw 3 cards at the beginning of my turn (1 natural and 2 from Wyldside)?# 4.) Cell Portal. If this is the out-most piece of Ice and I encounter it, and fail to break it's subroutine it unrezzes and I encounter it again right? Therefore it does little if placed far away from the server. Am I correct in assuming this should almost always be placed next to the server as the last piece of ice to be encountered? 5.) Shipment from Mirrormorph - I can install 3 cards, ignoring all 'click' costs but paying other costs? What other costs? I assumed that the corp installs cards for nothing other than a click? Is this for cards in the future or have I mis-understood how to install cards. Thanks, and I'm sure there will be more. Appreciate the help.
  11. The Decipher Star Wars ccg was pretty amazing to be honest. But this was mainly due to the fantastic rules and mechanics that Decipher invented. The use of the cards themselves as a resource was a fairly new idea, and the customisation of both light side and dark side decks was pretty infinite. However, many of the cards were busted to hell, and forced the printing of multiple 'silver bullet' cards to control the metagame. In fairness to Decipher, they did this fairly well, and kept tournaments pretty fresh. After the Star Wars ccg Decipher used the same 'mechanics' to create a new ccg called 'Wars'. This was sweet too, and played in an almost identical way to Star Wars, but it never really caught on. I'm extremely excited to give FFG the benefit of the doubt in creating new mechanics for their game, and can't wait to play the game itself! Will the mechanics be as good as Star Wars ccg? doubtful. And I think that's why many old vet players are wondering about the purchasing of the Decipher rights. However, I don't think anyone is bashing the new Star Wars lcg yet? Perhaps we're all just a little bit too nostalgic?
  12. Was only talking about an expansion with my gamers a few days ago and….BOOM! It's announced. Fantastic news guys, looking forward to this immensely!
  13. I'm pretty sure I can get myself and maybe 2/3 other players interested. I'm from Portsmouth so it's not that far to come by car/train actually. Keep us informed!
  14. vermillian said: Please follow me to the land of "off topic" discussions where we can chat about all things MtG (specifically, what our big deal with MtG is all about). An open mind is good. Discussion of the pros and cons of a game is too. But, we're kinda stretching the OP's topic with the MtG bashing (and the explanations of the MtG bashing). lol. Success breeds contempt. Mtg is by no means perfect, but doesn't deserve a bashing. a critique perhaps, but show it some respect for what it has done to the genre in general.
  15. DB_Cooper said: Totally agree... Fortunately, this game seems to have nothing to do with Magic...I don't say magic is just ****, but as an ex-magic player, I'd say without ANY doubt that EVERY LCG here is better than magic, for lots of reasons: flexibility, choices, moltitude of decks (at least as far as I can see) and, last but not least, depth. More than once, while reading the WI rulebook and taking a look to the spoiler list I had some "perceptions" about how it can be deeper than MtG or, at least, VERY DIFFERENT. I don't know if I can afford this game too (I'm already in AGOT), but that's a thing I'm thinkin' about...and if there's something I'll never hope is to find something that can be really similar to Magic here. Hey why all the hate for Mtg? I am still a Mtg player and I love the game, playing it both casually and competitively. WI is a different game, it can be compared only by the use of cards, and doesn't deserve too much of a slating considering it is practically the grandaddy of most ccg/lcgs's.
  16. Spot on. Nice one Dormous for getting this done. I think we can all agree it's the best outcome for the ruling. Osiris.
  17. dormouse said: I do want a clarification of the rule though. Even when I don't play a game at a tournament level I do want to play it the way the designers intended. Absolutely. I wouldnt like to gain an advantage or exploit a sketchy rule; I'd rather play it exactly as it is intended. Post up the reply as soon as you receive it Dormouse; it will be most helpful
  18. To an extent I agree with the OP. Compared to some other card games that I play the theme of the cards doesn't sit well with the function of the cards. I mean sure, as Dormouse has proved you can spin anything to make sense as long as you fluff out the backgound enough; but for players unfamiliar with the WH universe this could be confusing. A majority of them do make sense, but troll vomit..... NAH!
  19. vermillian said: However, after being declared as an attacker or defender nothing prevents that unit from continuing to attack or defend... Absolutely. So if you're looking to corrupt a unit to stop it from attacking or defending, make sure you get your timing right
  20. ChaosChild said: Tallgeese said: ChaosChild said: Of course, assuming this isn't on sale at Games Day I assume you'll have no problem selling me 3 copies at the release? Well as long as there are 3 left after I've bought my trio
  21. The sensible thing to do here would be to compile a list of questions that seem unanswered by the rulebook (or are extremely vague) and at some point if Nate does pop by he can hit as many of the questions as he likes in one thread. Reading the forums in their entirety would probably be asking just a little too much
  22. dormouse said: I personally don't see it as a major issue no matter how they rule. Right now there are what three or four cards that may cause this to happen in a game. If they picked the worst possible way to rule (and I have no idea what that would actually be) I'm likely to see it no more than once every couple of gaming sessions. It isn't going to affect my enjoyment of the game. I just want it to make sense after some fashion when I teach new players the ropes. Some people don't just play the game for fun though do they? Some people are very competitive and will attend tournaments and other sanctioned events that FFG will arrange. In those instances I would like and need a definitive ruling just IN CASE the situation came up. Now I'm totally and 100% all for people having fun playing cards, but if there are serious tournaments for serious players who take the game seriously then rulings such as these need to be addressed and FAQ's/errata produced. If the game isn't designed to be competitive, and therefore just played around a kitchen table, then sure, go ahead and make your own rulings, your house, your rules.
  23. dormouse said: The ruling that comes down may be that any unit removed from the quest is no longer a questing unit and even if it is killed it does not remove the resources from play. I'd fully support that ruling as it seems logical.
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