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  1. This and the concept art book coming out in October have me really excited. This is a good year for Star Wars (with the exception of the apparent death of 1313)
  2. I don't see it anymore either. Switched to a Galaxy S3 from iPhone, so wanted to get the android version of the app, and not there anymore. A couple days ago, I tried the link from the App's news page (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3517) and it would show the app. But when I tried to purchase it, the play store said it was not avalable. Now the app link from that page returns not found.
  3. Daycare just fell apart for Monday due to a family emergency, so I cannot go to Game Parlor on Monday after all.
  4. Jedi Chuck and I are hoping to be at Game Parlor on October 8th around opening time. Tables are $2/person for all day.
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