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  1. I had a good read-through of Terrinoth after the PDF dropped, but I haven't had a chance to run any Genesys since. I was just wondering if anyone was using it as a more generic fantasy toolkit for Genesys, and how's that working out for you? I'm especially interested if anyone's had a lot of luck running dungeon adventures, and any tips or tricks you might share. Honestly, if this thread turns into discussion for things GMs and players learn about running fantasy adventures in Genesys, I'm cool with that. I'm just interested in what's going on with the game and looking for inspiration to run Genesys Fantasy/Terrinoth myself.
  2. Yes, please. The only thing holding this game back is the limited number of scenarios available in the app. Throw open the door to UGC, and this would be my favorite boardgame ever made.
  3. I think there's a lot of conceptual space for campaign packs (maybe about the size/content of the X-Wing Most Wanted pack) with rules, upgrade cards, and scenario/target ships/stations for Armada. I know I'd love several four-to-five game story campaigns to play with friends. Let me play raids on BFF-1 convoys like in the flight sims, and I'd be all in. Seriously. Two or three copies of that pack. I think there's a lot of room for such campaign packs in X-Wing too, honestly. In fact, by including upgrade cards with the campaign booklet and any models, FFG would have even more opportunity for those little "ship fixes" they like to do.
  4. I appreciate that this thing is a love letter to the old flight sim games, too. The cockpit layouts and some of the sound effects were drawn from those old games. Having played Tie Fighter the most of any of them, that's pretty much how badass you could be in the game. Even the bomber can dogfight when loaded with concussion missiles...as you learn in a mission when all the assault gunboats on your carrier are out of action and they stick you in just that situation.
  5. The TIE/sh variant of the TIE/sa Bomber hull replaces the armament pod on the TIE Bomber with a passenger pod that holds 4 passengers in comfort and incorporates a shield generator. Imperial captains and officers use it as a ship's boat to move from ship to ship in a fleet battlegroup. No hyperdrive, but it is Sillhoutte 3 and would be plausible to find on an imperial vessel. But it also serves as a precident for Sil 3 shuttlecraft/ship boats. I'd say if the TIE/sh doesn't suit your needs, stat something up in the "slower-moving, bad handling" starfighter range and tack 2-6 passenger seats in it.
  6. Sorry to necro this thread, but I have a question pertinant to the topic. Since I'm running an Edge of the Empire game at the moment, my main interest in Age of Rebillion for the immediate future is the expanded gear and starships. Based on the EotE beginner and core rulebooks, how likely is it that the AoR beginner rulebook will have all the gear and starships from the AoE core rulebook?
  7. Okay, for those new to how this goes with the Gencon/General release of a new 40K core rulebook: Gencon gets early printings shipped over just for the con. General release gets the rest of the printings shipped by the slow boat from China. The way this has worked in the past is 1-2 months after Gencon, the core rulebook hits stores. Going off memory here, I believe that Deathwatch finally hit in late September and Rogue Trader hit in mid-October. I could be misremembering and off by a week or two. Those of you saving a few bucks by ordering from Amazon, expect to get your books 2 - 4 weeks after those of us who buy from a FLGS do. I don't know why, but that's the usual time range. I'm sorry. Now, that said, this is the first time that the corebook was already listed as "On the Boat" on the Upcoming page during Gencon, as far as I recall. That may mean we get Black Crusade earlier than Deathwatch. I wouldn't hold my breath on that, however - too much chance of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Just watch the Upcoming page, and it'll hit stores somewhere around 1-2 weeks after it hits "Shipping to Stores". The thing to remember is that just because some lucky con-goers already have Black Crusade, don't expect to have it yourself anytime soon. Try not to get too impatient or worked up about it - I did that with Rogue Trader, and it's more anguish than it's worth.
  8. Too add another fun layer of uncertainty to all this, can we really assume that any map of the mostly uncharted Koronus Expanse is actually to scale?
  9. The "stability" of Warp travel that allows the Imperium to function is provided by well-charted, semi-permanent Warp routes. For example, the Scintilla-Cyprus Vulpa Corridor A may allow travel from the agri-world to the hive world in 3 days reliably, while the return trip usually takes 7 days. This is stable enough to allow for supply of the hives of the sector capital. The Scintilla-Cyprus Vulpa Corridor B may be another stable route that requires 18 days either way, but is wider than A, allowing for safer traversement by Navigatorless Chartist vessels. While at the very same time, going from Cyprus Vulpa through the open Warp rather than either corridor may take anywhere from two hours to 150 years subjectively, while in realspace you may arrive anywhere from a thousand years from now to a week ago. The Warp itself is chaotic, relying on rules unknown to Mankind, if any exist at all. But Mankind can and has found semi-stable pathways through it, allowing for the construction of a galactic empire with reasonable reliable shipping times. But, when you go off those beaten paths, there is literally no telling how long it might take you to get somewhere, if you make it at all. Here be spacial-temporal disassociation. Off the charted routes, ships move at the speed of plot, not by some defined system. That's why one of the steps in the navigation rolling is the GM sets the base time that will be adjusted. The GM can set that base time at whatever suits the needs of the adventure, and the Navigator takes it from there. And sometimes, the Navigator may spot a current flow through the Warp, take it, and after several trips the Explorers discover it's a stable route. That route may be a more valuable treasure than anything that lies at either end of it, as such stable routes allow reliable shipping and supply and - if the travel time is low enough - could provide a good location to set up massive operations on the scale of a hive city, assuming the route also has worlds which can supply it along its length.
  10. There is an optional Warrant Path section in Into the Storm, with which you can create the history of your Rogue Trader dynasty. At least one of the options allows you to an Archeotech component when building your ship.
  11. US local game stores that use Alliance distributing should have it now. I picked mine up from the FLGS on Thursday.
  12. Are your players having to make Command checks to co-ordinate 10-30 people moving about and performing the assaults featured in Into the Maw? Start asking the players how they're going to get that many people to, say, assault one woman and two servitors in cover on a bridge through a narrow bulkhead door. Don't let them say, "We send in the troops," make them tell you how the troops are deployed. Require command checks to get the deployment to work as intended - with failed checks resulting in (for example) the first wave of five getting mowed up by the servitors. If they send everyone to the fore, have an assassin sneak up behind and engage the party directly during the assault. Require a fairly difficult command check to avoid a locked stand-off at the bridge bulkhead doors if the characters aren't actively leading the assault. When the troops take losses, require command checks to avoid the rest routing, and if that's failed, have the troops run off leaving the party to face the threat alone. Basically, require the characters to actually work to use that many men. And if someone has the Command abilities to make them work - great! They invested xp in being able to do so, so they should get to. But also do subtle things to remind the players of two things: (A) co-ordinating lots of people, even trained soldiers, is hard - especially in tight spaces, and (B) even elite troops are NPCs - these are the Star Trek redshirts, and generally incapable of the sort of proactiveness required to get important jobs done. The characters will have to do something, even if it's barking the orders that keeps these guys from getting killed when a lictor gets attracted to their numbers and slips into the rearguard while you're exploring ruins on a jungle planet. And one instance of having the Master Sergeant breaking a priceless Eldar artifact because he was the first in the inner sanctum and decided he'd pick it up and take it back to the characters should make them start thinking about going in first themselves, on occasion. And I guess my final advice would be to watch some episodes of Star Trek (the original series) and watch how the issue was handled there. The bridge crew rarely went anywhere without some redshirts - but the exciting stuff always seemed to either happen while the main characters were split off from the rest of the troops (who were usually sweeping the area) or happened to a redshirt, to highlight the danger of the situation. Nothing wrong with learning from great examples of the genre, after all.
  13. Are there rules for how to upgrade the quality/skill level of your ship's crew?
  14. I feel for you guys. This is pretty much exactly the kind of anticipation anguish I went through a year ago for Rogue Trader.
  15. Do Explorers take a point of Fatigue in addition to any damage they take, or is that a rule that was dropped from Dark Heresy?
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