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  1. latro2

    Game Balance

    The Thing In The Attic said: Kingtiger said: Oh and one more thing: At the breaking point should not have been the introductory scenario to the game! If a highly experienced German player, plays a novice US player, perhaps then it could be fun, but not for two beginners. This scenario was indeed my first game of this game and I got creamed. I loved the plight of the German dilema but it didn't put me off; in fact it did the opposite. I was attracted to the unbalanced sides and increased difficulty It taught me two things. 1) War games don't need to be balanced, when presented in a Historical context, to be fun. 2) Not to take this game for an easy ride; It's gonna make you sweat and pay for every victory you win. Then again, you might end up (as an experienced player) playing the "easy" side and basicly wasting an afternoon doing nothing even remotely interesting … If this imbalance is intentional (which in some cases I highly doubt), it should be mentioned in the scenario itself.
  2. I'll second that! It was a very fun scenario to play with lots of fast paced action all around the map. 1. I do recommend playing with the optional rule giving the extra squads. It adds extra tactical options and doesn't slow the game down. 2. The current scenario rules/set-up have the major flaw of giving a guaranteed very easy win to the UK player if he occupies the german reinforcement hexes. For any self-respecting player this should be no problem though, simply don't do it … problem solved. 3. Because the whole scenario is all about a UK column trying to escape a trap, it would be logical that all UK units are allowed to exit the map and not just the trucks. I would certainly recommend this extra rule. 4. I agree with Kingtiger that the Pz IV's would be better off being a more historically correct version (buffed up by a few Operation Cards). Balance-wise they are fine, just for flavour.
  3. Grand Stone said: I haven't played it jet, but its definitively on my to do list. Play test this one with an aggressive US the three first turns. Ofcourse, you count the normal effect of fog in addition. But you gain it for both sides right? 13 dices at LONG range versus 5 in armor. In average 2.16 hits versus 1.67 saves. But you might be lucky and no damage. Unlucky and get a lightly damage. But heavily damage is very unlikely at long range. Don't forget that the 88 has a range of 9 against vehicles, so any US vehicle that moves into range to take a shot will always be at normal range for the german op-fire (or normal return fire). Due to it's massive range, basicly the entire area around the objectives will also be in normal range when deployed in the rough terrain near the bridge.
  4. Kingtiger said: Grand Stone said: Yes, the germans have better troops and with the extra cover granted by fog the quality of the troops is amplified. And maybe you are correct that an aggressive US player would cost to much. But, if they could sacrifice one half-track to remove that AT gun, that might be worth it. However if you sacrifice two or more, its probably not. But it would atleast be a far more fun scenario if the US could play aggressive the two first rounds… I don't entirely agree with latro (He was my opponent). I played the scenario partially before with another friend and he was more successful as the US player. He played more aggressively; that is, he didn't flee, he stayed put in the entrenchments and op fired every advancing German unit. Boldly charging forward, I agree with latro, is something the US should NOT do. … my frontline units never left the entrenchments. The reason that they didn't do anything with op-fire is because they were supressed (and eventually routed) all the time by the germans. Again, the -2 cover against suppresive fire and no additional cover at all against AoE attacks made a big difference. So regardless of how your previous opponent may have played/rolled it, realistically the frontline US units can only sit and die for a few turns while the rearguard US units and reinforcements position themselves and wait for a few more turns untill the Germans are ready to make their final push. It played kinda balanced (bit of a guestimate after just one game), but very boring.
  5. Grand Stone said: But back to the scenario, I read it that the AT gun is kept alive during the entire game? And yes, if its alive and kicking when the germans gets their tanks, it would most definitively be a major factor. And most importantly, scare the US from making bold moves. With a bit of luck and somewhat aggressive US player it may be able to take out the AT gun in round two or three without to heavy cassulties. It greatly depends on what you sacrifice, but would it be worth it playing the US aggressive the three first turns? It would atleast make the game completly different if the AT gun is removed in round 2 or three. Unless the german player makes very big mistakes or the dice are very much US-biased, I don't see the 88 going down anytime soon: - The US-player has almost no option to form agressive squads (all green) or deploy agressively (the green bordered hexes must be filled). The german-player has plenty elites and freedom of deployment. - The US units will be advancing in the open, the german units will be firing from cover. - The special fog-rules will give the germans 2-3 extra cover, while the cover for the US units can be negated by supressive and/or area attacks. - The german MG can profit from op-fire, the US can't. … did I mention the 88 will have something like 6-8 armour/cover?
  6. Yemzpoopoo said: Hello your local idiot again. So, do if you have the clear tank traps card and you have an fresh engineer unit, can you move your engineers into a hex with the tank obstacle and remove the obstacle provided you still have two movement points left? No, because removing obstacles counts as an action and not just a few movement points. So moving in and removing the obstacles would be two actions ... though with a little help from certain cards it can be done in the same turn of course.
  7. latro2

    Concealed squads

    San said: Latro said: Small detail: A concealed squad within LOS but in cover-providing terrain, remains concealed ... and can't be fired upon. Just think of the nasty things you can do with that ... Not really a lot: spotting mortar crews and off-board artillery. What have I missed? ... a concealed squad can choose to become active and show itself by attacking anytime you want it to. Combine that with the fact that a lot of scenario's are decided by controling locations on the map within a certain time-limit and concealed squads can become a very dominating force if played correctly.
  8. latro2

    Concealed squads

    San said: What is the practical usage of concealed squads? To move closer to the enemy? But the concealed squad is revealed as soon as it moves into LOS. The opportunity of hiding in buildings and woods? Any other ideas? Small detail: A concealed squad within LOS but in cover-providing terrain, remains concealed ... and can't be fired upon. Just think of the nasty things you can do with that ...
  9. A few short answers: - 22 scenario's, 7 of which need the Days of the Fox expansion to be played (note: at least one of the "base set" scenario's needs two sets!) - the scenario's are not linked, they can be played in any order you want - opinions on the quality are mixed (as always) ... I think some are great, some need a few house-rules, but none are a waste of time
  10. Grand Stone said: You cannot place a specilization ability on a squad with a heavy infanteri weapon. Thus, an anti-tank MG gun is not allowed. ... which is a good thing. because the game does not need flamethrowing mortar-teams.
  11. Hefsgaard said: Engineers can dig foxholes as an action, så why could mechanics not fix a track or similar to make a vehicle combatative again? Because creating a protected firing position can be as easy as setting off an explosive charge and fixing something as "simple" as a broken track takes a heck of a lot longer.
  12. 4lterego said: Out of the various scenarios available it would be nice to get a more or less definitive list of the playable vs the broken ones. Play them and you will find out soon enough for yourself: - what some find broken, others find an interesting challenge - sometimes there's also an obvious and easy fix to find
  13. Memoir '44 has dice with cute little coloured symbols on it ... Tide of Iron has regular dice! (PS: No, I'm not a big Memoir fan.)
  14. VolksCamper said: If a squad begins the round already adjacent to an enemy MG squad which is in Op fire mode, if that squad is activated to do an Assault action, is that considered movement that allows the MG squad to Opt fire first, or is the Assault action combat resolved first? Op Fire is triggered by an enemy unit moving into a hex within sight and range of the unit in Op Fire mode. In the case of an assault, the movement does not happen until after the fighting has been done and the attacker (if victorious) can consolidate into the asssaulted hex ... but that movement does not trigger Op Fire according to the rules (page 34). If the MG squad is in the hex being assaulted it can shoot back of course, but if it is not in the actual hex it can no longer interfere once the close combat has started (to great a risk to hit friendly units I guess).
  15. beresford said: That wasn't difficult, was it? Yet the tone seems as if he was having his teeth pulled. I'm not sure how you can manage to make something negative out of a quite neutral four-word-answer ( + smiley! ), but if you mean that he regularly smiles when having his teeth pulled I guess you're right. Other than that, the clearification is welcome so the rules as written for Balkas were correct.
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