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  1. Having checked your example I understand where the comparison is coming from. However, as a ruling, it feels fairly poor. I feel the card could have done with being a little clearer in both instances. Would anyone else like to chime in? I presume that this WILL be the ruling, but I feel this muddles things somewhat.
  2. Afternoon all. Having searched the forums/net I'm having no luck having a questioned answered - hoping one of you kind souls can help. Both Hades and Eden shard are limited to 1 per deck, and are able to be installed after a successful run on archives/R&D respectively. The issue is this: - You can only have 1 of these cards in your deck (either installed or in your grip, for arguments sake). As cards in your hand are inactive, you would have to have Eden/Hades installed for the text to take effect, but as there is only 1 per deck, there cannot be a situation where either Eden or Hades shard are in your hand AND installed, so thus you cannot take advantage of the text. Can anyone shed some light on this? We've tweeted Lukas to get a response, but I'd be keen to hear what the community has to say. Thank you in advance.
  3. takes a little shaving with normal allied infantary sadly denied, but its doable. A solid grip and a good dexterity bonus solves that problem. Do be warned about that.
  4. a pleasure. Best of luck Amigo. Ive sent a friend request via the forums.A pleausre, sir
  5. please do amigo. Im always game, even if its just sharing battle reports
  6. canterbury gamer here. Welcome down my end for a pint. http://www.westwindproductions.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=130_181 - all your british head needs.
  7. indeed my undead friend - british paras are astoundingly hard to use due to 12 inch from foe deployment. Phasers ignore armor, sure, but dont put out as many dice as youd want, and cannot soak fire particually well being a tier 3 non jump non damage resilence unit. The fact is they are good vs tier 3 and some tanks, yet suffer from a lack of support and range. Pro-tip - couple them with air-dropped recon rangers. Inb4 - double shots with a sustained action & hurp derp but phazors rule
  8. spot on joe. id say the ugl's are your "ignore cover" weapon, but you arnt wrong, they help vs tier 3 very much so due to extra dice. Even with recon boys only now having 2 ugl's, they are still pound for pound a valuble unit. Pro-tip - assult rangers are also tastey, but try to mix them up. Nothing is a replacement for good ol 16 inch range rifles and 12 inch ugl's
  9. big up to the UK massive, Nivanti. If you are interested, ive converted all of my allies into uk "tin hat" models. I can send you a link for the helmets.
  10. cheers Felkor - not bad work atall. I admit i wont be using them but a few of my players are keen. I owe you a pint of bitter. Dave
  11. Im with connor on this - as a UK based gamer, the real sign of changing times and popularity is the local shop running out of stock to go ahead and commit to ordering many more copies. Im glad its going well. Certianly ive convered 8 players so far on the strength of whiskey and a free games table at my flat. They all seem alarmed at how clear the game is and how pre-measuring stops arguments.
  12. happy to lend my experience. Ive emailed ahead requesting concepts for articles.
  13. what you will find with experience is that most allied units are vs specilist. Phasers are tastey due to ignoring armor, yet find it difficult to fight unsupported due to air dropping or being on a light walker. As for allied infantary being average-rubbish vs walkers - that is the axis advantage. Their infantary can do reasonably well vs any walker, the allies do not so much, yet they tend to have UGL's.
  14. its all about the weapons the bring. You sacrifice dice vs infantry due to rifles in exchange for either more dice vs inf (i.e machineguns) or anti walker capability. The more games you play, the more you will see the difference i find. I too found little difference between tier 2 infantary until i played more games. On the plus side, it means all infantary are atleast average vs other similar infantary
  15. you may indeed take two of the same entries. Each support slot is seperate, its perfectly fine.
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