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  1. Well there it is in the flesh. See everything comes to those who wait, lets just hope it lives up to the hype! I was getting a bit worried as I had heard the Emperor had had the lot burned because of Heresy!!! Also my I add I am very impressed with the maturity my topic was handled, I expected to be shot down in flames. So it's nice to know there are other sympathetic souls out there.
  2. Come on guys give ‘em a break, I expect they are as annoyed and disappointed as us. Do you think they want the book delayed, do you think they don’t want your money. I don’t expect part of the business plan was to delay the release or annoy its potential investors. Also after the grief your giving them I wouldn’t ever give a release date again, in fact I probably wouldn’t even tell you about another game or supplement till it’s printed and in my warehouse!!!
  3. I don’t understand why people are so up in arms I play/played first edition WHFRP and yeah it’s a good game and a nice world, but it’s far from perfect. I think it’s good for a designer to want to update things and stamp their own mark on the product. Yes the cost is fairly high when compare to other rpgs, but it seems to contain a fairly expansive list of items and when you compare it to some of the larger board games or games that require multiple books to run the divide is not so big. People winged and moaned about 4e, but 1000’s of people still bought and are playing it at this very moment and so it will be with WFRP 3e.
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