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  1. when? How? I missed this or is this a fan made thing?
  2. One of those Aptitude tests for the new players to find what clan they would best align with like AEG did of old?
  3. exactly. This game is much more involved than any MTG could hope to be. Just look at the choices given to any player on any given turn. What in MTG even come close? "Oh I wait to play this instant until???"
  4. Just no comparison lol This is a better game by far
  5. wow so getting near everything for this game SEALED for $60 is a heck of a deal
  6. I see it is no longer on the ffg site? had to search this forum on google? Lots for this lcg are going extreemly cheap. Whats going on its just over 2 years old no?
  7. its not even able to be found on the FFG list had to search it on google??? I see this game going on sale for VERY cheap. Cheaper than Ive seen for any LCG product ever! What happened?
  8. my god the FFG booth is once again becoming the main must stop local!
  9. YES PLEASE!!!!!! That aside, They did the ccg thing for awhile and now with both the exp of there ccg days and there currnt exp in LCGs Im sure FFG will do right by the genre
  10. Cost will be a factor But I never bought into the hype of buying wins. If YOU the player know how to PLAY Your deck then someone who just dropped the cash to netdeck will 90% fail... Will it cost money to play YES! Will it be more than any current LCG, YES! Your paying for the thrill, the community, The Game itself! 3 more days until WE find out if its the game we all want it to be. Let the gameplay decide for you I know I will once I sit down at that Demo Table! oh and come join up here the First Facebook Fan group!
  11. Im all ok with it. I mean heck they have done this before with UFS and with Kingdom Hearts so Im sure with there exp in both this game will be handle right!
  12. That the reason your going back into the collectible blind pack market is because your new Parent company Asmodee wants you to? Im not against it, but the question has been asked.
  13. I assume it means its the 2nd printing but on my most recent core set buy the cards were in bags with a blue dot on them (the box cover even had a blue dot inside of it) Whats it mean if not 2nd printing?
  14. out of the core set box Brath and Greyjoy are really overpowering to the other houses. Kneeling and stealth can be really hard to stop/come back from. Either way its a fun game. Now it really depends on IF your group is fine with playing 1 house maybe 2 for some if your good at 1 or 2 houses per player (keep in mind there are only 8) then 3 cores for the group should do the trick (keeping the neutrals at 2 each per house deck) otherwise 3 cores per player would be best. As for chap packs 1-2 for the group share or if everyone wants a chance at all houses then 1-2 each player...
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