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  1. I think we are focusing on differing aspects of this discussion. I understand that FFG deviates from GW in some aspects. In some cases this is probably for the good of the game, and in others it might be indicative of not understanding the history and canon. You are correct in the placement in Imperial hierarchy, but not in Imperial history. The AdMech is an Adeptus, and organized into Imperial life as such, but its history is much different than all the others. All the other Adeptus were created by the Imperium to serve a function, while the Mechanicus joined the Imperium prior to the kick-off of the crusades. The Emperor discovered the Mechanicus on Mars, and chose to ally with the Fabricator General instead of attempting to conquer Mars. This milestone is an important marker in the creation of The Imperium. The Treaty of Mars is illustrative of this history, and no other Adeptus has this kind of autonomy. The difference I am trying to illustrate is this: The Adeptus Mechanicus background makes a Tech Priest. The Forge World homeworld does not. There is a difference between a -/AdMech/Sage, and a Forge/-/Sage.
  2. To illustrate further, the Skitarii are a military legion, with many different aspects. Not all of them are warriors, as they have support staff, scouts, heavy infantry, vehicle operators, etc. This can be represented by all the roles as such: Forge/IG/Assassin - Skitarii sniper/scout Forge/IG/Chirurgeon - Skitarii medic Forge/IG/Sage - Skitarii intelligence officer This works in the same way as it would for any IG character using a role other than Warrior.
  3. I disagree with this assessment. A Forge/AdMech/Warrior is a warrior Tech Priest, as it gains the Mechanicus Implants. It is a full robed member of the Mechanicus. A Forge/IG/Warrior is not a full robed Tech Priest, but a menial citizen of a Forge World in a military role. This, to me, is the amazing subtlety of this character creation system.
  4. I was very disappointed in the Forge World homeworld description, in that it states over and over that Forge Worlds tithe to the Imperial Guard. This is simply not canonical. The Treaty of Mars granted political autonomy to the Mechanicum of Mars and its Forge Worlds scattered across the galaxy as well as an exception to the Imperial Truth so that the Cult Mechanicus' adherents could continue to practice their faith. Forge Worlds supply technology, weaponry, ships, and tech priests to the Imperium, in exchange for navigators and astropaths; and that is the extent of their obligation. In regards to the DH character creation system, this could create some very interesting character customization. The big one being that the Imperial Guard background could be used to represent Skitarii characters, the militant arm of the Mechanicus. For more on the Skitarii: The Skitarii, also known as the Tech-Guard, are the cybernetic military forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Imperium of Man. They are used to defend Mechanicus Forge Worlds, manufacturing installations elsewhere in the Imperium and often accompany high-ranking Tech-priests and Magi as their bodyguards. Skitarii also serve as the armed forces that defend the Mechanicus' Explorator vessels that explore the galactic frontier. Skitarii safeguard Titans on campaign from boarding actions and prevent hostile forces from reaching the war engines' dead zone, where its main weapon batteries are useless. A number of Titan Legions maintain their own Skitarii detachments for this purpose, and if they do not, their Mechanicus masters will provide ample forces to protect the God Machines. The term "Skitarii" is formally applied by the Tech-priests of the Mechanicus to all of the military forces under their command, including infantry and armoured vehicles, save for the Titan Legions and the Knights. However, the term colloquially has often referred solely to the Adeptus Mechanicus' cybernetic infantrymen.
  5. At first, I really liked the idea that Parry was a skill. Before, it seemed like a hand-out defense to me, but as I have playtested the rules, some thoughts occurred to me. Before it was a skill, anyone could parry with anything at any time at full skill (+/- modifiers based on the item; balanced, unwieldy, etc). This means that even without any training on how to use a sword a person could pick one up and Parry at full WS +10% for the balanced weapon trait. Doesn't seem right, does it? But, now that it is a skill, there is another disconnect. If I take the talent to learn how to use a melee weapon, I don't get parry? All my training in fighting with that weapon didn't include how to defend with that weapon? I have to buy a completely separate skill in order to parry… who just trains to parry? And again, the issue arises with untrained parrying. With the purchase of one skill, I can parry with any weapon, even ones I am not trained in. That must be an interesting class to watch, people just picking up various objects and parrying with them. Next we have the skill level issue. I can become better at parrying than I am at using an item (widening the gap of untrained weapons). I may be -20% to hit with that Power Sword, but I can parry with it at +30% (Oh, and another +10% with balanced). So I looked at the reasons it may have not been a skill before, as compared to Dodge. A) It is only effective in melee combat, where Dodge is effective against everything. B) You would only ever choose to Parry in melee if your WS was better than your Dodge skill (Agl+Skill Level), so this made it a viable option only for melee based characters. I move to take Parry back to its roots, while dealing with the issues I brought up in the second paragraph. In the combat section, discuss parry as a defensive option, stating that Parry is available to all characters and uses the weapon training rules. If you are not trained in the weapon you are parrying with, you take the untrained penalty to parry as you would to hit. The balanced/defensive/unbalanced weapon traits make up for the skill levels, as parrying is equipment based, unlike dodge. What does everyone think?
  6. Page 28, Regimental Homeworlds, Penal Colony Under the Honour Amongst Thieves entry: one of the talent options is Pity the Weak. Pity the Weak does not exist in the Only War rulebook, it can be found (if I recall correctly) in Black Crusade.
  7. Page 161, under the Push rules: "However, regardless of the Test’s result, the psyker will automatically generate a significant disturbance in the Warp and must roll on Table 7–2: Psychic Phenomena, applying one or both results, depending on the psyker’s nature as described in Table 7–1: Psychic Strength." There are no situations listed on table 7-1 that force more than one Perils of the Warp roll, so the wording is confusing.
  8. tkis said: Somehow i just have a feeling the rulebook release was postponed in order to be simultaneous with the collectors edition. Is just a conspiracy theory of course, but nontheless, as long as FFG does not talk to us, and makes no statement whatsoever, one can only blame them for bad customers relations in that particular case. Those that bought a CE got an email that it is supposed to ship 8-10 weeks after the release of the regular book.
  9. With all this discussion about 'Veteran' marines I do wonder where the basis for comparison is. The only solid comparison that can be made is to the tabletop game. (Novels have too much Mary Sue influence from the authors) Comparing to the tabletop gives a RAW equivalent to go off of. Marines in Deathwatch start with a good allotment of skills, talents, all their organs, power armor and proficiency in their weapons. So, lets compare... Besides named characters, the Deathwatch marines have way more than their miniature equivalents. A veteran squad on the table can use their weapons with proficiency (a little better than a regular squad) and have special issue ammo... both exactly like a Deathwatch starting character. Where in the tabletop rules do Devestators have any special abilities besides being able to shoot heavy weapons? Where in the tabletop do Assault Marines have anything more than the ability to use Jump Packs? To me, a run-of-the-mill marine would have a slimmed down list of starting talents and skills (taking out Deathwatch specific skills like Lores and such, removing Killing Strike and the like). Veterans would have 1000xp worth of skills, talents and stat increases (just like Deathwatch starting characters). Deathwatch marines get the lores and special training, like auto-confirming RF against Xenos. All the talent abilities that are in the RPG are what make the marines truly exceptional. Talents are what the named characters of the Tabletop have, the special rules that make them unique, and this is where all Deathwatch marines go. They go from Veteran (No rules, just beefed up stats) to Legendary (special rules). That is my two cents, I can see where comparing them to the other 40RP games one would want them to start with more. I am perfectly happy with the starting level of Deathwatch, though.
  10. Another question for the sacred book holders: What does the talent 'Killing Strike' do? Since it is a starting talent for Deathwatch, thought I would ask.
  11. Varment said: KarmicCycle said: I have seen it mentioned in a couple places that each Chapter gives a bonus to starting stats. Could someone who has the book expound on this? Mainly, how many stats get a bonus and how big they are? Most Chapters get +5 to two stats. I don't remember the exact breakdown of who gets what except that Ultramarines can choose 2 stats to apply it to. That's all I needed to know, thanks!
  12. I have seen it mentioned in a couple places that each Chapter gives a bonus to starting stats. Could someone who has the book expound on this? Mainly, how many stats get a bonus and how big they are?
  13. ItsUncertainWho said: Hellebore said: Well, the bolts themselves are pretty big. If you assume that a single heavy bolter bolt takes up ~3cm space diameterwise, then 50 rounds in the belt hanging out the side of the gun would translate to a 1.5 metre belt. Then that would leave 200 rounds in the backpack. Seems pretty reasonable, given the approximate size of the ammo belt and backpack. Hellebore Not to nit pick, but .75 caliber is just under 2 cm or 3/4 of an inch. Your calculations are not really thrown off at all. There has been quite the debate on bolter shell size, from the 'life size' replica that GW produced (.75) to fluff stating that they are 1.0 caliber (1 inch diameter). Add this to the separation of human-sized bolter from astartes-sized bolters. But, regardless of all this, the .75 and 1.0 sizes are for standard bolts. Those used in Bolt Pistols and Bolters. Heavy Bolters, as evidenced by their damage vs standard bolts, use much larger rounds. Anywhere from 1.5 to 2.0 caliber, I would guess. Still doesn't throw everything that far off, 250 rounds in a backpack is quite a lot of bolts.
  14. MILLANDSON said: KarmicCycle said: Hey Millandson, thanks for taking the time to answer question. Got a question in regards to gear: Is there a sniper rifle in Deathwatch, and if so; what are its effects against hordes? There is a needle sniper rifle, and it has no effect against Hordes other than the damage (given that Hordes are used in running battles, where you are probably better off with your bolter). That is very disappointing, seeing as sniper rifles are demoralizing weapons. A single sniper can pin down and break even large units, as evidenced in Viet Nam and most urban warzones today. How much unit cohesion is lost when you take out a PDF units radio man, and how much morale is lost when their heavy weapon is silenced in one shot. Not to mention taking out their leadership. I smell a house rule coming up on this one.
  15. Hey Millandson, thanks for taking the time to answer question. Got a question in regards to gear: Is there a sniper rifle in Deathwatch, and if so; what are its effects against hordes?
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