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  1. What... no love for the ladies? looking forward to Amazones. Is it because they are such dodgy characters? Seriously though, I also would like to see haflings, goblins, vamps, lizardmen, norse and undead... Here's hoping
  2. Hello all, Just finished reading the rules and was wondering about the improvements pile. I don't have a copy of the game and the topic of upgrading seems vague. When you add an upgrade, does it become a seperate deck or do you just place it in front of you face up to use accordingly. Also, the 'roster' is mentioned but not specified. Is the roster your 'player' draw and discard pile? Thanks in advance and have a good day! Serge G
  3. Got a response from James...he said from opponents resource pool. I guess the strategy to slow quests still remails to kill the ba***rd on the quest
  4. Hello all, just wondering if I can use hate to steal a resource token off an opponents quest or unit since it does not specify someone's resource pool. Getting ready for regionals this weekend and would like an idea if the strategy works. TTYL...
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