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  1. Thanks Dave, Looks like will have to be Exeter if they run an event. HH (appologies for duplicate posting on Antics forums )-saw your reply after posting.
  2. Just wondering if there are any Soul Calibur pre-release dates for the South West ie Plymouth/ Exeter ? Thanks, HH
  3. R(4+) Wondered if any one could tell be how this kind of response works -does it require a control check of 4 to play ? Thanks, HH
  4. As there are no Tekken starter decks i was wondering how many boosters people think you would need to buy to get a "starter deck". Obviously at least 6 (assuming 10 cards per pack) - starting to look expensive ! HH
  5. Thanks Dave, Just picked up this reply. Did come over to Antics and met you - father and son early on Saturday -you gave us some promos (thank you) and we bought some street fighter decks. Son is keen to get involved in some tournamnets so if you are running a beginners one like you suggested would definately be interested. Thanks, HH
  6. Thanks - that was my take on it. HH
  7. To prevent getting a humilating defeat (again) against another newbie using Fury of the North. I wondered if someone would clarify how this works. 1)Comit all cards in staging area - ok. 2)When calculating the +1's for the commited cards do you count ALL commited cards in the staging area that are applicable -foundations and assets or ONLY the ones NOT previously commited. For example opponent had attacked and commited 2 cards to get control check, then when playing enhancements played Fury of the North and ended up with five other foundations commited from the card action. Does he get +7 damage(just adding up all commited foundations in the staging area) or +5 (just from foundations commited from the action of Fury of the North.) Many thanks as this seems to be my opponents main line of attack with his Ragnar deck! HH
  8. I posted a similar question a few days ago in the Q&A forum -"Multiple Character Cards". Some other interesting replies there. HH
  9. hairryharry


    New to the game and just wondering when Teken would be available in the uk. Is this weekend pre-release and does this mean will be able to buy cards this weekend ? Particularly interested in Antics in Plymouth and Clifton Rd games in Exeter as these are my nearest stores. Thanks, Hairryharry
  10. Ah I see so all you are using them for is blocks and control checks (if you are lucky). HH
  11. If I am being really thick asking this question -please do tell me ! HH
  12. Just bought first deck of cards -Astrid -two astrid character cards in deck. Having read full rules now (several times) cannot see advantage to this -is this just a spare card ? If not how can extra charecter cards be used as identical character cards in the staging area behave as one and character cards cannot be destroyed unless specfified. can a deck have several different characters ? Thanks, HH
  13. I agree -as a newbie I could check out all the cards -fantastic. Just want to now start recording cards as I collect then and have ability to keep record of decks. HH
  14. Just wondered if anyone has come across good collection/deck building software for UFS - java/linux in preference. OR is there any card lists for each set and image sets so I can see if I can get any general deck building software to work for UFS. HH
  15. Thanks rC() Seems a bit obvious now ! - thanks for your help. Hairryharry
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