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  1. Just yesterday I painted 2 of investigators thinking "well I guess this is the end of MoM". I'm very excited. Having 3 scenarios for this expansion means they also know that this game needs more scenarios than equipment. Arkham setting is a great choice, most of all the University! Hopefully we get a hostpital one day. A new type of puzzle is a nice bonus. I know that puzzles aren't very popular but my playgroup likes it a lot! Some of my friends are better than the others but we all are crazy about puzzles! It's like a mini-game within a game. And the ability to boost a skill is an important addition. Investigators need some buff. It is a tough game. (which is OK)
  2. It depends. Most likely it's a flavor text. Just for entertainment and getting into the story. If something is written like "move your character/monster 2 spaces away", "remove this monster from the board", that should be done on the board. The app clearly clarifies what to do on the board. If it is not clear, it's flavor.
  3. My wife did not know anything about boardgames or cthulhu when I met her. She is a permanent member of our investigator team now. I suggest that you ask her to play with you once. You can translate her everything she encounters. You can help her decide which move she makes. Perhaps she enjoys the story and both of you have a fun time together. Just like watching a movie. You can control 3 investigators and she can have one. Just a suggestion. I'm not a fan of solo playing boardgames but this game is perhaps one of the games that can be enjoyable solo. Have fun!
  4. You mean there are variations to the scenario, right?
  5. I'm looking forward for this scenario. I think it's a different take on how you experience the game. I'd like to see more scenarios like this where you get to interact with npc's and less super-natural at the beginning. Also I would like to get more item cards. With current releases, I think I have enough monsters and tiles. But my playgroup definitely needs more scenarios with 2-3 difficulty and short-medium playtime. Designers can implement the application more by adding more npc interaction, events and randomness. Anyway, so far so good.
  6. After reading Sinis' and tinmonkey's posts, I thought again and come to this conclusion: In our games with my playgroup we actually don't disobey the hardcore rules. However, eye-contact and secret talking or planning are actually not fair even if no specific information is given. It belongs perhaps to a role playing game. This is technically a roleplaying game. And I am a little bit "controller" type, giving orders everyone and waiting them to obey in order to win. Because the cylons had so many victories in our games, perhaps I wanted the humans win so badly. So, it is perhaps the best not to allowing players to plan secretly, or even give detailed orders. All of these were never a problem for our playgroup. Our games are in terms of Cylons-Humans are balanced (Cylons win 3 times more than humans but humans are often very close and I think it is meant to be like that ) No player ever argued that it is not fair to planning secretly or order another player ( of course everyone is free to make their one choices, but sometimes free-choices end up in brig ) As a conclusion, even my playgroup has no problems with our games, I will not allow secret planning and detailed orders, just to be fair to the other team and to be fair to low-experienced or not-strategist typ players. But eye-contact and any in-game mimics and messaging will be allowed because it is fun and we also like role playing games. All of these are for my playgroup. I think everyone should play how they like it. This game allows different people to play it differently. Even if u bend the rules a little, the game stays balanced and most importantly, fun!, which is our aim, isn't it?
  7. With talking secretly I meant: What to do in next turn. Jumping early or fight. For example, In our last game, I knew we had a lot of population, so I told the other humans to do early jumps twice(we required that much to win). That was nothing specific. If cylons heard that, they would focus our population or ftl drive. Of course if u r against experienced and smart players, there is no difference between saying the plan openly or secretly. But sometimes it is best not telling the other group. Of course talking excludes specific card informations and anything that is illegal. But, u r right about one thing, the other team cannot control if u r cheating or not. For our group it is not a problem. For us, cheating is a mood killer for both the other team and the cheater. Another situation: In our last game, My sister wanted to look the destination card via launch scout and I was the admiral. We both knew we were human (all cylons were revealed). I knew she could not tell me what the destiny card was. So I explained her before she looked the card that if it is a card with 2 distance and -1 fuel to keep it and otherwise discard. I think that is not against the secrecy rules. She's not giving me specific information. She has the choice of not doing what I've said and I don't know if she obeyed my order or not. What is your opinion about that?
  8. Sorthlador said: My look is that as long as no matter what your not outright talking about what super crisis you have, hints or suggestions that basically are the same as saying I have this card, you can say what ever you want. You can do what ever you want as long as you don't say skill check numbers. Even if its code that everyone knows its still better then saying one or two. because a low amount could one OR two. I also agree that people can talk or communicate in any way they wish as long as other people can see it. I.e. passing a note doesn't work cuz not everyone sees it, but saying "i'm ready when you are!" everyone can see. I totally agree. But I'm not against if cylons or humans plan their next action in secret if all cylons are revealed. Sure, it slows the game and could be boring for the other team but sometimes it's essential. (mostly for the humans) I do also eye-contact most of the time. Like poker you have to fake your mimics, bluff and study your pal by looking him/her waiting for a response and then analyse this response. It is fun if you know your playing group well.
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