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  1. Armand23 said: General conjecture is that it won't be available at GenCon. I think that it will be since they are looking toward doing a fall release. Yeah, I got spoiled with the last 3 core books being available at GenCon that I waited at the door closest to the FFG area, so I could dash in and pick them up as soon as the exhibitor hall opened. Doesn't seem to be much need to be in a hurry this year.
  2. Looking at all this, does this mean that Only War will not be available for purchase at GenCon this year?
  3. bmaynard said: It doesn't actually mention armor. However, if your GM is okay with it... I don't see a problem as he is one of my pre-gens for a everybody-starting-out scenario. bmaynard said: As an aside, our game/s champion has found that Terminator armor comes with its own inherent penalties. He's a huge target. He draws fire from just about everything which is fine with the rest of us. Takes the heat off a bit. Poor quality armor imposes a -10 penalty to all agility tests so he's now at a -30 to any of the agility skills (Acrobatics, Operate, Stealth). As well as the talents that are impacted directly by this like Assassin Strike, Catfall and Rapid Reaction. And any of the talents that allow for additional movement, bonus charge, etc are indirectly impacted due to the reduction in movement. Thank for the quick explaination, and I sorry if this goes off-topic, but the scenario involves taking over a voidship, where the CSM in terminator armor gives the other players time to take over critical positions and systems.
  4. merashin said: First off, the chainfist can only be used when you are terminator armor, which you can't get at char gen. With the Ancient Warrior trait and Poor quality, a CSM player can start with Legionaire Terminator Armor. It's just a question how much of an effect the -10 Agility will have on game play. Is there something else I'm missing?
  5. I went with the Apostate, as the +10 Command start and rolling up a high Fellowship just made it more feasible for this Rogue Trader scion, second-in-command, to want to take over the ship and the warrant. I was thinking that one of the catalysts that made the mutiny possible was the discovery of the Psyker navigator. The rest of the characters would be co-conspirators. I'm still creating a Heretek and I can fill out the warband with BC versions of the RT classes. I also created a CSM Forsaken that was able to start with Legionaire Terminator armor (poor quality, though) due to the Ancient Warrior trait. Still trying to figure out how to bring him into the scenario. There had been dicussions in another forum about using Breaking Chains, and just changing the state of the ship to be more intact.
  6. nethru said: Can you share how you setup the Navigator and Rogue Trader archetypes? thanks. With the Navigator, I started with the Psyker archetype, and with the 500 points for psychic powers I bought from the divination power list. With the last 1000 points I bought Navigation(Stellar and Warp), Operate (Aeronautics and Voidship) and Trade (Astrographer). It seems Chaos can create navigators without needing the gene. For the Rogue Trader, I don't know if it is better to start with the Renegade or the Apostate archetypes, as both give starting access to Command. Apostate gives the character the possibility of starting out at +10 Command, but the flavor of the archetype discription doesn't seem right, though that is my interpretation of the archetype. With a little work I think it is possible to get close to many of the Rogue Trader careers.
  7. Well looking over the Character Creation rules and the Renegade and Psyker archetypes, I was able to build a "Rogue Trader" and a "Navigator", and it looks like the capability is there to build the rest of the bridge crew for a raider warpship. The question is, how to aquire that ship? Looking at Table 9-12 it is possible for a starting character to have enough starting Infamy to be a commander of a cruiser-class vessel, but how would he start with one. Is there someting I'm missing about a warband being able to pool Infamy? I have the Rogue Trader rulebook as well as Battlefleet Koronus, and I want to start this warband off as either a raider crew or a group of mutineers that have taken over a voidship. Any direction you can give me would be appreciated.
  8. Cervantes3773 said: TheDarkeldar said: The Flower of Avern is a Sword Frigate, an ancient and wise starship with some Xenos weaponry. She was built on 56 Ship Points and is ready for any endeavour. That sounds pretty bad ass. /Hey are you TheDarkeldar from TTG? Yep, for some reason I lost my Darkeldar name here from the old forum, and by the time I re-registered it was taken (but there has been no activity on that name since it was registered, that I may later ask for the name later). Yeah I gave you a couple shout outs in your introduction on the TTG site. I have been trying to drum up more RPG topics, with a Rogue Trader and Eclipse Phase thread there, so feel free to add to them. I made the rolls myself, including the two for the ships character. The ship is one of the things that's helping to create the entire backstory for my group.
  9. The Flower of Avern is a Sword Frigate, an ancient and wise starship with some Xenos weaponry. She was built on 56 Ship Points and is ready for any endeavour.
  10. To show that someone more than Terminus Est has read the Books of the New Sun, my RT captains The Flower of Avern I like the idea of dueling with plants, and I have as part of the family history that they cultivate them. Would fighting with Averns be covered by primitive melee weapon (universal) skill or would I need specialized training. Can I get training free, as it is part of my RT's family history?
  11. While trying out character generation for the various careers, in creating an Explorator I have no problems till I get to the end and the special abilities. Are there any limitations on what the "two additional common-Craftmanship bionic implants" entails? We are directed to the start of the Cybernetics section of the Armoury, starting on page 147, so does this mean we can pick two of any system listed? Are we only allowed implants or bionic replacements? If we have been "Judged and Found Wanting", can we instead use this to upgrade a common-Craftmanship implant to good, without spending experience? Are Mechandrites not available as starting implants as they start at good-craftsmanship? I'm still reading the rules, and I have quite a bit more to do character generation, before I delve deeper into the system.
  12. FFG Ross Watson said: If a character with an untrained basic skill gains that skill from another source, it becomes trained. If you have a trained skill and gain that same skill again from another source, you gain Skill Mastery (meaning a +10). Starting Wounds are generated during the Home World Phase and are not changed thereafter except when specifically noted (i.e., the Endurance Motivation). Thanks for the clarification. I was only at GenCon one day to run a tournament, so I missed a few opportunities to meet you. You know stats for the Hunting Rifle are missing from the Armory. I just pulled out DH and got the info from there.
  13. So tell me if I got this correct, as I was rolling up characters last night. According to page 24 a noble born origin character gets High Gothic as a untrained basic language skill (since all language skills are advanced, normally). Now a Rogue Trader has language High Gothic as a starting skill. Does this mean he now gets either a 'trained' level or a +10% level? Another question, You generate starting wounds during your home world origin phase, but some of the later choices could lower your toughness bonus. If toughness is lowered in the following origin choices, does it change your starting wounds? I'm of the mind that it doesn't affect starting wounds as no mention was made to change them, and that wounds were calculated at the home world phase.
  14. DocIII said: TheDarkeldar said: If the booth manager had just paced how many copies were being sold per day, Doombot may have gotten his copy Saturday. Sorry man, but this is just ridiculous. Yes if they'd done it that way Doombot might have gotten his. But then someone else (oh maybe drgabe, perhaps) wouldn't have. Your solution would not add to the number of players who got the book, it would just move around who was pissed off. Not fix anything. If they did it that way we'd be here reading from someone who went the first day, got told "we sold out of the ones alloted for today try tomorrow", then got told "Oh the last one went 5 minutes ago" the next day. FFG can't control how quickly things will sell. They have to guess about how many to bring to the con. This is restricted by how much time and space they have to ship them, printing, and everything else. They sold out. Guess what, sometimes that happens at the local gaming store, or Amazon or any other vendor. But I did miss out on picking up a book I wanted to get as well, because I went for Rogue Trader first. I only missed out totally because I was only at GenCon one day. I would have been at the doors the next day if I could have been there. But now my FLGS will order the book for me. Waiting for the doors to open is part of the "Con" game.
  15. What makes me think that the Tau are possible in this sector, is from the little tidbit in the description of the Kroot Rifle, that "someone" modified the rifle. Still hoping for Eldar rules myself.
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