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  1. So, it's been a couple of years, but just wanted to say: thanks for putting this together! It's a great fan resource!
  2. Great advice. Thanks very much!
  3. I started running a game of Warhammer with a 6 player group, expecting a bit of attrition with players being unable to make it out every session, etc. So far this has not been true, and after playing through Eye for an Eye with a 6 player group, they easily defeated the cultists without much trouble. I'm still trying to get a good handle on the monster difficulties. For GMs who have run large groups through published adventures, do you have any tips on scaling up difficulty appropriately to keep it challenging for players? Thanks!
  4. Found it - many thanks!
  5. I was looking at the new hardcover Creature Guide and I couldn't find the rule for Henchmen I read in the original Tome of Adventure, plus it seems like none of the creatures are marked as Henchman. Did the concept of Henchmen go away in this iteration of the rules?
  6. Aha! Thought something was amiss! Yup, the defence dice used was incorrect. That makes much more sense now! Thanks!
  7. Hey there, Played through "A Day Late, A Shilling Short" as our group's intro WFRP adventure tonight. Instead of the default characters, we did random character generation which ended with a Human Apothecary, a Dwarf Coachman, an Ironbreaker, and a Dwarf Ratcatcher. A few comments: Gromril Armor - This seems extremely beefy, to the point where the Ironbreaker can "tank" a tough opponenet almost indefinitely. During the encounter with the Wargor, the monster kept pounding on the Ironbreaker put couldn't get enough successes since he had to roll 4 challenge dice each time because of the armor properties. In the meantime, the players (even with assists), only got the Wargor down to half-wounds. The Wargor ended up getting frustrated and running off into the woods because he couldn't hurt the Ironbreaker. Is that right? Ungors - Are these treated as henchmen, in that they share the stats of a single unit? If so, the Coachman's blunderbuss (with "blast" quality) made short work of both groups of them very quickly - leaving the first group with 1 remaining wound and killing the second group outright. Is that right? Small, But Viscious Dog - Everyone loved the dog. Cheers!
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