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  1. Hi all, I have read some different answers on different forums and people seem to disagree on this. Does the Melange Mining contract ("When an event card is resolved, if threat does not increase by at least 2, gain 3 capital") trigger if an event card places figures that move to the root? In one other thread people seemed to suggest that that it applies only after the top part of the event card, but when reading the rules reference ("Event cards are resolved from top to bottom. Each event card contains three elements") I understand it to mean that if threat increases by placing new components that move to the root, Melange Mining shouldn't get capital from the contract since threat increases by 2 "when an event card is resolved". Do we have a definitive answer on this?
  2. _Deebs_

    Question: Padawan + Blue Weapon + Destiny

    And K-2SO where such a ruling would be to the player's advantage.
  3. _Deebs_

    Question: Padawan + Blue Weapon + Destiny

    And in your opinion, what does the card instruct me to do? Destiny tells me to remove a combined value equal to the cost of a dice. Padawan tells me that the cost of the dice is one less than the printed cost if the padawan is the target. So do I take into account that the Padawan is the target when I play Destiny or not? I agree that I think they forgot about Padawan in the FAQ but I don't think we can automatically assume that ongoing abilities don't apply. The FAQ only tells us we can't use triggered abilities in combination with Destiny and there's a big difference between triggered and ongoing abilities.
  4. Hi,If I want to play a Lightsaber (3 cost) on a Padawan (without any upgrades) and use Destiny to do it, do I remove a combined value of 2 or 3?I know the FAQ says: DESTINY (101) •“Before” effects that decrease the cost of a card cannot be used in combination with Destiny to play a card with a higher value. But as far as I can tell the Padawan ability is an "ongoing" ability and not a "before" ability which is a "triggered" ability. The cards read: Padawan: While this character does not have an upgrade, the cost to attach a weapon to it is decreased by 1. Destiny: Remove any number of your Blue dice. Play a card from your hand for free that costs equal to or less than the combined value of the Blue dice you just removed.
  5. Thanks for all of your suggestions. The price+shipping to Sweden really makes it not worth it. I guess we'll have to wait and hope that it doesn't take FFG too long to get some more core sets out.
  6. Has anyone heard any news on when the second print run will be arriving? The game is out of stock almost everywhere (at least in Sweden) and I'm trying to get my friends into this game. I'm kind of reluctant to introduce it right now because if they get hooked they might lose interest again before they can't purchase their own copy.
  7. I recently acquired Descent which contains the 8 hero figures from the Island of Dread expansion, and I want to use them in Runebound. So, I would really like to get hold of the hero cards for these heroes, but I have no intent on getting the whole expansion. I really don't want to make proxies of the cards. Instead, I want to purchase your 8 hero cards from the Island of Dread expansion. If they are in excellent/very good condition I will pay $10 + shipping to Sweden. (If they are in a not-so-good condition I will probably want to see images first.) Let me know (either by replying here, or by pm-ing me) if you're interested in making a deal.
  8. The game still hasn't reached game stores in Sweden. Is anyone else going crazy waiting for their copy, or am I the only one?