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  1. 4 ISD's. 3 ISD II's and 1 ISD I Total composition padded out with 1 VSD, 1 Interdictor, 3 Arquitens, 1 Raider and 3 Gozantis For reference, I played Rebel
  2. Interesting, the Hammerhead models are the Rebels' model, not the Rogue One model. Those had an extra engine on top and weapon turrets midship. Looks like they were designed before Rogue One
  3. That's the Braha'tok or Dornean Gunship Soon to be seen in Rebels as well (And has appeared in the mid season Trailer) Fun fact: It was one of the background ships in ROTJ http://screenrant.com/star-wars-rebels-rogue-one-connection/
  4. MC30 with Foresight and Mon Mothma! ...at least that would be my favourite if it weren't for Imperial-class Star Destroyers
  5. Anti ship punch is the weak link in your squadron superiority list, there is no way to argue around that. I don't think there are many ways around this... Empire doesn't have many aces that can do both jobs well. IMO, only three fighters can be pressed to multi-role (in ascending order of firepower): TIE Advanced (black battery), TIE Defender (Stats, bomber keyword) and the VT (AA and Battery stats). The TIE Phantom is a bit too tricky with 4 hull to feel reliable, but it could also count. Out of all of them only one has the Bomber keyword. All of these fighters are also more expensive than the X-Wing at 13 points, which is a great squadron attack ship that also has bomber. In fact, Rebel Xs and Bs do squadron attack and bombing very well when mixed. It's a bit iffy with the X-Wings, but four dice is better than standard on the attack, and B-Wings with a standard 3 make up for it by having the strongest battery out of a squadron in the game, with Bomber (beating out, IMO, the VT). I mention these things because I still feel it's easier to make an all-comers fighter attack squad out of the Rebellion than the Empire, which has wider ramifications for squadron superiority. *shrug* The TIE Advanced costs 12 points though... And although the TIE Defender does cost 3 points more than an X-Wing, it literally does everything better than an X-Wing
  6. Given the Hammerhead is originally from last season of 'Rebels', I'd be very surprised if it wasn't in the next wave, for sure. (Ditto the Imperial Light Carrier) MC75...too soon, I think. FFG seems to have barely gotten enough information on the fighters to get out 2 models for X-Wing, and it's been pretty well discussed how they did a rather poor job on matching in-game characteristics of those to the new ships (like: how is K-2SO not a pilot, and where is the bomb slot on the TIE Striker?) I'd guess, on that one, that it's rather the wave after the next wave. But ya never know... To give credit where credit is due, the Hammerhead Cruisers were first seen in the very first Knights of the Old Republic video game (Summer 2003) by BioWare/LucasArts. The game player actually starts the game on a Hammerhead Cruiser, the game's tutorial level takes place on it. The Hammerheads from Rebels are inspired by those of KOTOR, but they're not the same. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/2/2d/Endarconcept.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080624043154 http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/c/c5/Hammerhead_corvette.png/revision/latest?cb=20160121200715
  7. Hey dudes, I'm from Ghent and an Armada scene is beginning to pick up steam at the World's End Comic gaming store here. I have been playing Armada since it came out with three buddies of mine
  8. Imperial Assault is placed under Board Games and not under "top 5 non-collectible miniatures games" See: http://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/32098/top-10-board-games-spring-2015
  9. Yes, The Force Awakens Incredible Cross Sections mentions this. According to it they are rotated 90 degrees from old TIE models to increase maneuverability
  10. I grew up on the computer games. Only the heavily modified title ships like the Falcon had any speed to them. Besides the fighters of course. This isn't any of the computer games though You can't divert power from gun systems to shield systems in the miniature game either to regain them.
  11. The Falcon was also travelling straight towards Starkiller Base, so gravity wouldn't pull the Falcon out of Hyperspace since the gravity from Starkiller Base is pulling the Falcon towards it. If you don't exit Hyperspace, or if the failsafe doesn't exit Hyperspace for you, you just smash into the planet's Mass Shadow. The way I envisioned gravity stopping ships from jumping to Hyperspace is that the pull of gravity prevents a ship from jumping to lightspeed because gravity holds the ship back (Basically gravity is a negative acceleration on the hyperdrive's required acceleration/velocity to lightspeed.) Now for an Interdictor, I always envisioned that they projected gravity wells, basically spheroid shapes in space (like in the West End RPG diagrams, see below). If you have a working failsafe, it cuts out in front of the gravity well, if you have it disabled, besides it being super dangerous, whenever you pass through a gravity well sphere, when you try to leave it (not when entering it, since gravity would pull you the center of the sphere) gravity starts pulling back on your ship and pulls you out of Hyperspace. Maybe this would damage the hyperdrive as well due to stress.
  12. Lore wise though, the other half is the Unknown Regions and remains largely unexplored due to not containing any known reliable Hyperspace lanes
  13. It sure doesn't sound like it uses Forbidden Stars' mechanics (Which are refined StarCraft mechanics).
  14. Uteedi? Wtf is that? do they mean Utinni?
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