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  1. Fantasy Grounds is a good online game system coupled with Skype. javascript:void(0);/*1283382312848*/ We've been using for the last 4 years or so and it is very good at being a virtual table top, with dice rollers, characters sheets and such built in. It is also able to be customized if you know some programming to fit other games. But there are many "rulesets" built by the community or that u can purchase the fits different games systems. It's default is D&D 3.5 and 4th edition. but there are rulesets for call of cthulu, Dark Heresey, Castles and Crusades, and some others. Some are free (like Dark Heresy that would work well for Rogue Trader) and others like Cthulu are actually made by companies and cost a small fee. As mentioned earlier, we use skype along with it and it works very well, though the person hosting a session of Fantasy Grounds shouldn't also host the Skype call. Fantasy Grounds requires the GM to purchase the full game with gives them access to more functions, while players only need to purchase the lite version for making characters and connecting with the GM.
  2. this is straight from Into the Storm. 5 million on the station with roughly 5 million more in the surrounding asteroids and such.
  3. Something I should note though that I caught my players trying to do during creation. If you get certain trained skills during character creation from your Career Path, you cannot buy those same skills again off the rank 1selections to gain a +10 skill mastery. I had to correct 4 out of my 5 players. As mentioned else where on the boards, all 1st rank skills, including ones gained automatically, are listed for completeness.
  4. It applies to both situations, buying advances in a skill to improve it, and also if you gain a skill twice during character creation. You gain skill mastery basically anytime u improve your skill to where your gaining the +10 or +20 to your roll.
  5. I hate it that u can't edit your post. There's a couple of typos I'd like to fix above. For example the second chart is suppose to say Roll instead of Stores on the top left corner. In addition, for some reason during pasting, the two paragraphs between the charts got smashed together
  6. As the game is set up, the Rogue Trader class has a warrent of trade at the start of the game, with most being handed down through the family over many generations. In addition, he/she could be a fairly new trader, only recently given their warrent. I'm sure it could be fun to run a game describing how they obtain their warrents, but the 1st rank rogue trader is set up to be an established rogue trader.
  7. I set down and wrote down what the players had as far as ships before we played the first game. I gave them 1 larger guncutter for their main personal shuttle (none warp), 3 smaller shuttle simular to the aquilia, but of a diffrent design, and 30 arvis shuttles. In addition, I gave them 3 other warp capable ships as part of their fleet. 1 is a small cargo, 1 a small passenger, and 1 is used to hold the exploreres attached imperial guard regiment (in which I had stated out their resources too). The three smaller ships have no weapons and all have a slower movement than the explorers raider.
  8. These are some rules I've been using in my game for ship supplies. I'm tweaking them a bit, so any advice is welcome. SHIP STORES The following are for a more detailed set of rules for The Deep Void Run rules on page 227 of Rogue Trader. They are to be used in place of the rules as written there. The Explorers ship holds enough supplies and fuel to last usually at least 6 months without restocking, though some smaller hauls have shorter durations and larger ships can remain in the void for a year or more. The ship stores are represented by a scale of 100 thru 0, with each point representing a number of days (depending on hull type) of travel away from port without making acquisitions to resupply. As the supplies begin to dwindle, misfortunes can happen that hamper the ship and crews efficiency and moral. To resupply, the explorers must find a suitable anchorage and spend time and money to resupply. While in anchorage, a ship does not draw off its own stores. The amount of stores obtained are determined by the anchorage type and population and detailed on the chart below. Any damages to moral and crew population must be replenished by the normal rules on page 226 of Rogue Trader (though ignore the restocking supplies rule in the section) A ship that is in fear of starvation and lack of a proper anchorage may ration its ship stores to stretch the ships resources. A captain my order a ship on rations and increase his Ships Store value by 2(for example, a ship that loses 1 point of stores for every 4 days now loses 1 point of stores for every 6 days). The side effect of this is that the crew’s moral still falls over time. If a ship is on rations, for every point of ship stores lost while on rations, the ship suffers a 1d5 loss in moral. A ship that has the Extended Supply Vaults Component increases the amount of time a point of Ships Stores equals by 2 days. Hull Type Ship Stores Capacity Hull 1 point equals Transport 4 Raider 1 Frigate 2 Light Cruiser 6 Cruiser 8 Anchorage Resupply Capacity Anchorage Type Acquisition Test Stores Gained Max Stores obtained Uninhabited None (Exploration Challenge) * 8 per week 16 Inhabited Undeveloped -30 10 per week 20 Inhabited Lightly Developed -20 20 per week 40 Inhabited Heavily Developed -0 30 per week No Max Orbital void station +20 40 per week No Max *The GM uses an Exploration Challenge to determine if any useful stores are found. A simple challenge gains 8 stores per week/max 16, a taxing challenge gains 5 stores per week/ max 10, and an Involved challenge gains 2 store per week/ max 8. As ships stores dwindle, it can have an effect on the crews moral, health and performance. For every 20 points of ship stores lost, roll on the table below and determine if an effect happens. Add a cumulative +1 to the roll for each roll already made on the chart since the last resupplying of Ship Stores (for example, a ship that lost 20 points of stores since it last resupplied would roll 1d10 +0 on the chart, but if they lose a further 20 points before port, their next roll would be 1d10 +1 with the +1 coming from the roll already made on the chart) Stores Effect 1-5 Normal Operations onboard ship. No effect 6 Shipboard Sickness: A successful Challenging (+0) Medicae Test or ship suffers 1d5 crew population and moral loss. 7 Weary Machine Spirit: A successful Challenging (+0) Tech-Use test or the ship suffers a damaged component. 8 Damaged Goods: The ship suffers a loss of 50 achievement points 9 Shipboard Sickness: A successful Difficult (-10) Medicae Test or the ship suffers 1d5+1 crew population and moral loss. 10 Weary Machine Spirit: A successful Difficult (-10) Tech-Use test or the ship suffers a damaged component. 11 Ammo Shortage: The ship may only fire each of its weapons 3 times before the next resupply stop. 12 Shipboard Sickness: A successful Hard (-20) Medicae Test or the ship suffers 1d10 moral and crew population loss. 13 Weary Machine Spirit: A successful Hard (-20) Tech-Use test or the ship suffers a damaged component 14 On Reserves: On a roll of 97-100 during Shooting, the ship runs out of ammo until resupplied. Reduce Moral by 1d10 15 Bottom of the Barrel: Out of ammo on a roll of 85-100 during shooting until resupplied, Moral reduced by 1d10+5 per each additional point of stores loss. A ship reduced to 0 Ship Stores is in a very dire situation. They can no longer move or maneuver and have no ammo left for defense. In addition, the ship suffers a loss of 10 crew population and a loss of 5 moral for every day the ship is a drift in the void as the crew either starve or devour each other. These ships usually are never heard from again until their hulk is found empty of all but ghost.
  9. Achievment points are more of a way to track when certain milestones have been achieved. In addition they allow the PC's to influence how much profit they make from an endeavour by equipment and side quest that can lead to greater profits. No matter how many side quest are taken or what equipment is possessed, the individual side quest and equipment boons should never be able to complete the endeavour on their own. There are certain steps that are mandatory requirments (the big achievment point award objectives that are most likely solved by in game mechanics and roleplaying unless the endevour is running in the background) that are used to move an endeavour in a logical directions as directed by the GM. All the Achievement points do is show how much longer until the end, but unless the basics as set by the GM aren't meet, the endevour will never be completed, or the end results will at least be greatly different than originally planned. In that respect, I think the achievement points system works pretty good. But I think your system can work as well.
  10. It's always been my interpretation that your ships speed represents what ever the current speed is. So if your speed is 4 vu, you can move that up one or down one using the adjust speed action. From that point on your speed is now considered either a 3 or a 5 until u take further actions to change it. Half speed would represent turning on the retro's to slow the ship down for manouvers, and then if u chose to move full, than the retros are switched off. as far as turning, smaller ships like transports, raiders and frigates turn 90 degrees, but larger ships can only turn 45 degrees per turn (standard turns without special manouvers).
  11. I've ran one session so far and everyone is having a blast. The only side rail thing I've ran into is that the PC's choose not to touch the gene encoded stone until they got on the ship so really changed the flow of the game and caused me to do some thinking on my feet. I applied them for doing unscripted things for after all, players can always wreck the best laid plans. THe end result as actually been a little more fun I think then the original outcome. The PC's captured lady ash, not knowing she's a psyker, and brought her aboard, Then then invited Fel on board to talk about why he attacked them, and lady ash silently read their mind and got the information from the stone while Fel talked to them and kept their minds off her. He also parked his large cruiser next to their small raider, gun ports open, more for show than anything. After fel left, he went to one of his other fleet ships on the otherside of the station, leaving the cruiser parked next to the Explorers ship, and quitly left for the morgoros system. Meanwhile they though he went to the cruiser and waited for him to leave. The cruiser set there for 24 hours before leaving, giving Fel a head start without the Exlporeres even knowing it.
  12. The rules allow for hexes or squares. It's your preference
  13. As I recall (books not with me right now) the npc raiding party or a player character plus npc raiding party make a piloting roll modified by the turret rating of the ship they're attempting to board within 5 VU. If they succeed, then they get aboard and a command check must be made (don't recall what modifies the command check) to choose a ship location to set off explosives and causes damage to the ship that avoids armor. (After the attack, they must flee back to their ship for a small raiding party would never be able to go against a crew of 20,000 over the long run). I don't remember if it can be any location, or only those known to the players (a enemy ships componets can be learned from a scan using the players ships instruments) If the original piloting check to board is failed, then the raider returns, and if it fails by several degrees, it is blown up and all aboard killed, including of course the player. Again this is all from memory, so there may be a few errors, but that's pretty close.
  14. The book certainly addresses Inquisitors being with a Rogue Trader. Can't remember right off hand the details as my books at home and I'm not. The Rogue Trader is still captain of his boat, and unless he's doing something heritical, theirs nothing Inquisitor can do once the ship's beyond Imperial boundaries, because for all intents and purposes, the Rogue Trader is the Imperium once he's traveled beyond the borders. Now that doesn't mean the Inquisitor can't suggest that the Rogue Trader take certain ports of call or anything.
  15. As of right now, there are no actual rules in RT for fighters and bombers. I have set about trying to design some rules for smaller fighters and guncutters. I'm working with a damage conversion factor of 10 as a base for having ships both character scale combat sized and void ship combat scale sized. Seems like it might work. If a guncutter carrying a lascannon does 5d10 +5 damage, then even on max damage hits, thats only 55 points of damage for character scale combat, which would be only 5 points of void ship scale damage. 5 points wouldn't even scratch the armor on most void ships which have ratings around 10 to 14 armor points, and that is how it supposed to be. That is good for when the characters really want to get in their guncutter and take the fight to the enemies own guncutter. I've also set about a secondary set of stats for using guncutters and smaller fighter/bombers in void ship scale combat in otherways than just the Hit and Run extended action. My group of players have a regiment of Imperial Guard on board as well as a couple of small wings of fighters, (though they are lightnings and ill suited for space combat). For the lightning secondary void scale stats, I stated that for each squadron in flight around there ship (they can only occupy the same space as their own ship because of their limited space flight), that the ship is provided 1 extra turret rating. Other types of fighters could provide different space combat abilities (like fighters being able to knock out an enemies own fighter support group providing the extra turret rating protection)
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