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  1. Flyndad, I'm an old player of WFRP 1st/2nd and… sorry, here in Italy it's a ghost system. Only few and far in between know about it, fewer play it.
  2. Thanks boys for all the suggestions. Unfortunately try will mean buy, and honestly it's too pricey for just a try. For now I think I'll pass on this one.
  3. Hi everyone. Recently I'm considering running a new campagin in the WH world. I already own all v1 and v2, and I love them. Though… I've approached this new version. I'm in need of light in all this darkness… I can't wrap my mind around tidbits. No way. I know of the new P/GM handbooks, are they useable by themselves? Expansion: there are so many expensions, and so focused, that they give me the impression of buying and unfinished product. Are they available without tidbits? Are useable ignoring tidbits? How much "ground" is covered in the PH/GM books? I "need" some expansion? Thanks SdG
  4. Well, I don a lot of armours, from chain, to plate, to leather, passing through brigandine, scale and lamellar and various roman lorica. I've simply added something to your points. You are free to ignore my additions or discard them as untrue Just one last thing: In my experience joints will not produce much noise in plate armors, and can be padded with leather and velvet (much higher cost and maintenance), but the overlapping plates of various pieces: an arm hitting the breastplate, the spoulder on the helm, gauntlet on the tight, the buckle of the armpit, the armored skirt. Every movement you'll do that isn't walking very carfully, will make klank. Good luck for your rules
  5. Armour is a long debated point in RPGs. While I will not judge these house rules, I can't refrain from adding some points to the ones expressed here. 1) Noise. Plate armor is noisy. Very noisy. Even a careful step will have some buckle, spoulder, kneecop to "ding" on another piece. 2) Size. Clad in plate armour you are much more cumbersame. Try walk in-house. You'll start hitting all sorts of things. Try it! 3) Kneeling or retain crouched positions. Your muscle will start hurting A LOT after small periods. 4) Stand up/crouch times: while good armours will allow you to do these things confortably, you will be slower nonethless, and you will need at least one hand to standup or crouch/go prone. In either case check point 1. 5) Visibilty is the last concern. Blackened armour was known and often used. 1) Well padded chain is like a glove. No sound at all. 2) plate will klang a lot. 3) Oiled leather is very quiete. But alas… no one gone in battles with leathers armour. That's an RPG novelty. leather was a complement to chain. Armor will hamper you. While fitted armor are mobile, STR isn't a mobility factor. You simply can't do some movement since armor will lock in place and limit your agility. No way to reduce it. Expecially raising your arm up is troublesome, since spoulder can get stuck somevere. Not to mention gothic armor with bevor, gauntlets and sabaton. Definitely you can climb a wooden stair, but a tree, while possibile, is not routine at all. Swimming in armour is possibile, but expecially tiring. You will sink, exhausted, in seconds.
  6. James Sparrow said: commoner said: What are they really adding to the experience of roleplaying that was missing before? For you, what they really added?
  7. Ralzar said: For me, what WFRP v3 can be summed up like this: It accomplished what D&D v4 tried to do. Perhaps more and more people are growing tired of the direction D&D has taken? Consequently aren't satisfied by v3? Who knows.
  8. shinma said: I'm thinking I'm beginning to see your problem with the system. Without insulting you in any way - it looks like what you find enjoyable in a game isn't really what WFRP3 stresses. My experiences with Harn were few and far between (I looked at Core and played some Gold edition). Essentially like hackmaster and other systems of the time, it stresses extensive tables to try and simulate the handling of interactions. Instead of 6 simple stats you have substats for all sorts of categories (eyesight, attractiveness, manual dexterity versus balance etc). And of course there are pages upon pages of skills. What harn seems to stress (and what you seem to appreciate) is great sets of rules attempting to simulate a realistic experience in a medieval fantasy-type setting. Nah, HM use four (4) mini tables, just in combat, but can totally play without them. I think you havent' begin to understand the point from what you have written. I like games where I, as a GM, can play with a couple of dice. Even here, nothing more far from truth. A sturdy skill base that will cover the majority of the situations. The point of the background story is an old and trited one. Even my chess piece can have a rich and interesting background story. That will add little to a chess game. I don't have to drew anything or "create" anything. I tell a story with my players. That's all. I don't need anything rather that the PCs sheet. The added tools are our minds. Mana counts? Memorization ? I'll rather say "fatigue"... Even here, misconceptions abounds. There are systems were combat are detailed and not slow or where miniatures aren't required. In v3 I substitute miniatures with a tons of gadgets that, while limiting the players/gm add little to the situation. I do battle reenactments and... the last time I've saw a single fighter (player) taking care of a squad (even of totally inferior foes) where... never. Overall I can see why you don't enjoy the system. Its amazing, its flexible, and it hits alot of points that people crave (integration of narrative and system, story support, easy streamlining of plusses and minuses without pages of rules to handle it), but all the things we actually love about it take it further away from that pinpoint realism you seem to crave in your rules systems. My english is poor and I don't have the capacity to exaplain myself but, I assure you, that flexibility isn't what I don't like. That's enough!
  9. boggle said: In my view this is the game i have been searching for my entire life... Wow! How old are you? Just to get an idea...
  10. First I'll not mixing the setting with the system. I'm talking about the system itself, the mechanics. Saying the the mechanics is low magic isn't correct, imho. The Old World isn't V3 and vice versa. When I say that players characters are a little shallow I mean that they have little "personality". Few skills, limited talents and actions cards, a "short lifespan" in growth. I'm accustomed to a HarnMaster, the Burning Wheel and many others (enough with DnD ... ). I have PC's sheet with 5/6 pages of skills, perks, qualities and deficiencies, family background and physical/mental limitations and/or deformities. In Harnmaster there is fatigue but...hey, it's used as you like, it's so open ended that you can really create dramatic effects as you desire... blending combat/narration seamlessly. I can create whatever injury I desire in whatever manner I desire without a tons of cards... it's all in the core system. Magic and priests... deep mechanical differences. They really feel different ... and I'm just talking about the "rules". Combats, I like very believable and earth-based situations. I like that players can use their real-world experiences in the game. In v3 I've found many tidbits that detract from the immerions. Recharges, actions, cards... abstract movement, minions that acts like one ... leaving tactical maneuvering alone, in a corner. This is personal opinion, of course, and can differ from group to group.
  11. Honestly we have bought the Core Box, Adventurer's Kit and GM Kit and... this is all but Holy Grail. The game is an all-and-nothing miscellanea. PC are a little shallow and limited, combats are so distant from believable situations that I seldom can imagine the action, dice, imho, add little or nothing to the narrations. Difficulties, encounters, etc., aren't well calibrated or tought, Actions cards really limits options and add rigidity to the player's actions while leaving hole in non-tactical situations. Other RPGs accomplish more with much less and more fluently. What I see in WGRP v3 is a RPG with a boardgame template casted on it. There is more. The sheer numbers of "gadgets" compared to the thin and narrowed contents of world informations lean too much towards extreme marketing rather than quality assuarance.
  12. Mal, I've had a strong reaction (too strong perhaps). My fault . Ok, that's enough.
  13. First I don't hate anyone, just to be clear. Second, perhaps I've misread Mal post, in this case I apologize to him for my fierce response. But if it's a second time his posts are misunderstood he should making some thinking on how he writes these posts. Coincidence, of course. The third time it will be statistics, though. Third it's not the first time, on these boards, that the price "issue" (for some at least) is discussed basing on personal income. And, imho, this is wrong.
  14. I can't care less if he's capitalist, communist or whatever. We are discussing a product on forum... and every opinion is equal, not based on how much money you get or how much your state help peoples to be addicted to "luxury" goods. You buy the product (as obivous someone do this with some sacrifice) and express your opinion. You can disagree but it's not less relevant if I have a thin bank account... quite the contrary. From a purely quality point of view, someone that must carefully what to buy, will be more "demanding" from the selected products. So, to make a long story short, only some very shallow guy could write such a post.
  15. Mal Reynolds said: Arsaghar where are you from? I am from the filthy rich Norway, yet I find some of the WFRP products a bit costly. So I get your problem. Still its a luxury problem, afterall its our own fault for picking such expensive hobbies. In my country you can get free help with gaming addiction from the state, maybe I should apply to get help with purchasing of these games... the government sponsor my game addiction....(at least that is my understanding of how the "gaming addiction" help works). Good gaming Sorry but I can't refrain from posting... this is one of the most stupid, insensitive and nonsensical replay I've ever read on a post. You are discriminating who writes and posts on a public board based on "bank account". "afterall its our own fault for picking such expensive hobbies" Tell me Raynolds, do you like a sunny and warm summer, with a pristine refreshing sea? Ohhh, it's your own fault if you like south countries, with good weather, sun, little rain where you can dress t-shirt and sandals 11 months an year. I don't know why any moderetor deleted such a stupid sentence (and posts). FFG if this is your "average" customer ... and ... good way to go Reynolds, from filthy rich Norway ...
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