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  1. SWEET! I like it so much more than the other one. I wonder why it was dormant for so long.
  2. Yes, sorry -- that's the one I was thinking of.
  3. I just wish the fire rune fired often enough for me. That blue die isn't my friend.
  4. Wow, it's up against a new 40k edition? Seems like apples and oranges -- a brand-new creation vs. a mere revision of an existing game. (One could argue about how extensive the revision is, but still -- GW already had a lot to work with, including factions.) I do hope it wins. In many ways, Runewars is what Warhammer Fantasy Battles should have been.
  5. Agreed. Have them set the dials just for one round. Wouldn't take long. Then they can watch their decisions play out.
  6. I've got a match tonight against an opponent with a blight machine, and all the while Mauro is regenerating trays. What can I do?
  7. Check this out. They don't appear to link up, though, the way official trays do: http://www.litko.net/products.php?product=Rune-Battles%2C-Proxy-Movement-Trays-(2)#.WbSZ0dN94UE
  8. Man, there are so many locations I can't find that I can't even begin to talk about consistency. We'll just have to wait and see.
  9. So the Spearmen Unit Expansion info mentions: Rhynn soldiers wearing green and black -- some connection to Greatwood and its bears. Kell (atop Hernfar Isle and the Ru) wearing purble, gold and silver with an owl for a symbol. Carthridge warriors wear orange, silver and black with an upraised talon as their shield symbol. Vynelvale soldiers wear a fiery red eagle on their shields, but no other colors are mentioned. Frostgate soldiers have a white lion on their usual ice-blue shields. My problem: I can't find Rhynn, the Greatwood, Hernfar Isle, the Ru or Carthridge on any map -- though I'm a bit of a Terrinoth Noob. Any help appreciated. I may just take the color schemes from the various cities from Runebound 2nd edition and call it a day.
  10. Would it be fairto say that RWM is a game for gamers and AoS (along with others) is a game for painters and modelers? I'm too inexperienced to know.
  11. Fair enough. Something tells me you've spent a lot more time in this hobby than I have! I guess I'm not at the "starts to wear thin" stage yet.
  12. Considering that the attacker decides which models to remove as casualties, I assume he/she can eliminate a full tray off the bank rank before moving on to assign remaining damage? No need to take models off the back rows of multiple trays first? (I'm thinking Warhammer Fantasy.) Am I doing this right? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I'd think that playing an objective mode where each side races to get something might be more fun than a death match. What's your city?
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