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  1. Most of the above post have been funny, except the gay butt ****** tech priest. What a way to re-enforce negative sterotypes on a public forum, not only gay, but a rapist with AIDS, complete with a camp lisp. How very NOT funny.
  2. Noel Oxford, united kingdom (yep i am a brit) Looking to play and/or GM, DH,RT,DW (when it is released here) Flexible about time/travel, within reason. Check the boards often, so conntact me here or by message.
  3. Been roleplaying since i was 12 (now in my late 30s'). Played the original rouge trader and first edtion 40k, then became more interested in roleplaying games. Playing Dark heresy for over a year ( campaign came to an end recently). Live in Oxford, England. Plan to start a DW campaign once the book is released, and then plan a campaign that uses all three 40k rpgs.
  4. Theres also a difference in the plasma pistol the rebel general uses. It does 2d10+8 Pen 6, with no mention of overheat or recharge. I wonder if this an indication that in deathwatch plasma weapons will be improved.
  5. Best thread ever on Ascension. Well done Graver . Best laugh i've had in an age .
  6. I have had this problem with some players, and my solution was to bring the adventure to them, so that they have to react and do something. Not the most gracefull solution, or even original, but it can work. Have the refugee camp attacked by the narco gangs, looking for some one hiding there, or after the medical supplies. Have the mooks you gave your players removed, killed, so the players characters have to do something. After all it is a role playing game, not 'Sim of daily life in the imperium'. Just my suggestion, which worked for me.
  7. Um, this 'unknown' poster has the same trick on the other posts he/she posted on, so something is going on here. A troll poster possible, or a very clever bot. Its a bit weird, glad i am not the only one to notice this.
  8. This is really good. One of the best pieces of fan fiction i have read. Please write more.
  9. Nihilius Thanks for the attack on my skills as a GM, such a nice way to open a comment. If you had read my second post on this topic, i explained i have no problem with players creating characters who are good at what they do, and become powerful through role playing the character and making the right choices with the spending of their experience. This thread was to find ouy how other players/GMs felt about this, and the posts have been very interesting to read.
  10. Hobo Hunter. If a player, through roleplaying their character and a little luck, ends up with a powerfull character, then that is fine. I have in my current group a gunslinger with maxed out BS and all the talents to make him utterly deadly in close range gun combat. He got that way by role playing the character, not mini maxing to create such a dangerous character. If he had tried to power game it, he would of no longer been part of my group. I realise i am very lucky, my current groups are my freinds, and decent roleplayers as well, but i have had friends who were/are power gamers, and dont play in my groups, but we are still friends, we just accept that our approachs to role play are different.
  11. Having read many posts and threads on this forum, i have to ask why so many GMs allow the above type of players in their games. I have gm'ed various systems for 25+ years, with many groups. The groups that worked well did not have these type of players. So why do gm's still allow such players? I have no problem with players creating characters that are good at what they do, but those who mini max/power game just spoil the game for everyone else. Its meant to be a role playing game in which all involved contribute to the story, and have a fun time, not some stupid competion between the GM and players (which the player will always lose), yet often on these forums some experienced GMs still seem to have problems with these type of players. Yes i have a dislike of power gamers and munchkins, so i simple dont tolerate that type of player, but it seems that others do. So i ask why? Does it make your games more interesting?
  12. In my current Dark heresy campaign we have; A guardsman, now a veteran storm trooper, who has been cyberneticaly resurrected after getting in the way of a multi laser. He is also very faithful to the imperial creed. A tech priest (technomancer) with a interest in xeno tech and weapons ( to better understand the enemies of the imperium), and a unhealthy obsession with demostrating the weakness of the flesh. A metalican gunslinger, who favours using his two bolt pistols, and since they where scimshawed by the tech priest, never seem to miss. A pysker who became too interested in forbidden lores, and was then killed by the guardsman when he became possesed. When ever he used his powers, they either worked really well, or brought forth perils of the warp that often endangered the party.
  13. Sounds really interesting, i would be willing to contribute to this project.
  14. I think that this template idea of Varnias Tybalt is going to be a very usful tool for my DH games, and i have no problem with 'blowing up' the maps to a scale suitable for 28mm minis, or any other scale of mini i use. I thank Varnias for implementing a great idea, and then making it a pdf for all to use.
  15. You could actually use both scales, if that does not complicate things. The 10x10 size would be good for larger areas, like plazas, churches, the manses' of the hive nobles, and rural areas. The smaller scale, 5x5, would work well for tighter areas, like lower hive tunnels, ship access ways, lower hive hab units. I dont think generating the templates would slow things down, i would think that most GMs would generate a few areas in advance, and then add to when needed. The idea of dividing the templates into categories is a very good idea, making the templates very versitile.
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