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  1. Where from. I can't find it at all. JB.
  2. How does one get delve to work on the app. JB.
  3. Thanks for your interesting lists. John B.
  4. Any thoughts on a 100 point squad using 2 K Wings?.
  5. I am still having trouble getting my head round the slam move and dropping bombs. Can the K Wing drop a bomb move x" away then Slam a further x"?.
  6. Thank you both for the replies I think you have both made it clear to me now. John B.
  7. Can someone explain how bombing with a slam move works please. Am I right if I make the first part of the move, drop a bomb then move away with the 2nd of the slam move?. Or can I only drop the bomb if I have advanced slam card. John B.
  8. Is it ok to mix scum and rebels/imperial ships?. John B.
  9. Can a ship with an Ion token do a boost move after the compulsory 1 straight ahead?. John B.
  10. Complete novice here (just opened the box). Am I correct in thinking that familiar's do not have defence dice?. Thanks in anticipation of your answers. John B.
  11. Thanks for the replies they are extremely helpful. John B.
  12. Can any of the co-op expansion be used with the basic Descent game to make it Overlord free?. John B.
  13. Thanks for the prompt reply. John B.
  14. On making a deck does on have to use all the influence points allowed on the identity card?. Thanks in anticipation. John B.
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