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  1. Thank you for the clarification, Abyss.
  2. Hello everyone, My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but the "search" function is not working for me. With the advent of the new rules, our player community is somewhat confused as to how focus actually work. Easy example: Obi Wan rolls a 2 Focus and a blank. Can he use the 2 Focus side to change that very same side to 3 Melee and the blank to another 3 Melee? I don't think you can, because you must remove the 2 Focus side to resolve that effect, but still... Thank you!
  3. Thank you all for confirming this. Happy-crazy Mythos hunting! ^^
  4. Hello everyone, I was thinking about what would happen if an investigador dies or is driven permanently insane during a campaign (i.e., by accumulating trauma). I play with a friend, so imagine we start the new Dunwich campaign and by, say, scenario 5, my investigator is permanently down. Am I expected to start scenario 6 with a new "level 0" investigator and continue? Obviously we both want to play the entire campaign, but having one player to coninue on their own while the defeated ones watch is obviously a no-no. And starting with a level 0 investigator mid-campaign would make it more difficult, not having access to any experience... What are your thoughts? Would you house rule that a new investigator gets a certain amount of XP if he or she starts mid-campaign? I guess I'd start with 0 XP anyways. Because we play not that often, starting a campaign anew after having reached an advanced scenario would be disappointing (unless both characters die/become insane at the same time, that is).
  5. Hi everybody, I would like to know if you've found any more erratas or errors than those found in the official FAQ? Thanks!
  6. I was wondering whether the good folks of FFG are keeping to themselves some unannounced or secret new products to be unleashed at Gen Con? It seems there is no buzz or chatter about surprise products... but surprises should be surprising! Unexpected announcements would be nice to look forward to? What do you people think?
  7. Big boxes would be welcome, and I'm sure we don't really need to pray for them but more stories using/combining the already existing components would be cool. I still haven't played, but it feels many of the materials you use for one adventure are not used anymore, unless you replay it with a different storyline. Taking into account that here in Spain the game retails at 80 € (115$ !!!!), replayability is a big issue, and since having to buy independent one-shot PoD stories may not be the best distribution method overseas, I certainly hope there could be small sized expansions with more scenarios and a few new tiles and colorful cardboard pieces, just like Arkham Horror. I understand that "a few new tiles", given the size of the rooms, may not qualify for "small expansions", but a 29,95$ expansion with a couple of investigators, some cards and a tile or two PLUS, let's say, an additional 3 stories, sounds fine. Then the 49,95$ (at least ) expansions could include more monsters and bigger tiles, just like the big AH/Descent ones. In any case, I wish the game great success (though I would have liked more dice use!).
  8. "Now I don't know how feasable any of these suggestions are. Some more than others i suppose. But you know. You could always dream, right?" Indeed, let's dream!
  9. I'm not sure if this game is suited for expansions, other than, let's say, additional factions. Could there be some other possible expansions to "enhance" the game (more units, more tiles, more technologies...)? I still haven't played, and I have no doubts it looks promisingly replayable, but it would be nice to know the game could grow in the future. Any thoughts?
  10. I'm quite surprised the last Chapter of the current cycle is merely a month away and we have no news about the next series/deluxe expansion/something. Also, whatever happened to the House Stark resin card? Why is Baratheon coming soon and Stark isn't (not even on the schedule)? This is such a great game; it certainly is "the only game that matters"!
  11. Hi there! So, where did you get the book from? I've looked in Amazon and it is nowhere to be found. I live in Spain, so I need to buy it online. Enjoy the book and thanks for your help!
  12. A Game of Thrones LCG Card sleeves featuring characters other than Jaime and Cersei would be welcome. You see, I will never use those, no matter how cool the artwork is One iconic character design per house would be fine. I was disappointed the new sleeves featured Cersei, since the previous ones had Jaime... Warhammer sleeves would also be neat, for sure. Regards from Spain!
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