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  1. Both look great. Opined over at BGG as well
  2. I completely understand that. I got relic but was a bit lost in the 30k setting. The generic fantasy elements of Talisman do make it easier to connect with new players. Those same mechanics make branding easy too. I could see Talisman going the Steve Jackson Munchkin route with the right marketing. Talisman: Oz Talisman: Lord of the Rings Talisman: Legend of Zelda Talisman: Wonderland and the Through the Looking Glass expansion Talisman: Marvel with Infinity Gauntlet expansion Talisman: Mad Max with the Road Warrior, Thunderdome and Fury Road Expansions Talisman: Arkham Horror any other you can think of?
  3. Just curious, @Artaterxes what didn't you and your group like about Relic? I thought Relic was OK. I was actually looking forward to more expansions for it. I was hoping Nomad Games was going to make a digital edition, but they created the Horus Heresy instead. Which I found a bit harder to get into than Relic. Perhaps Relic got sidelined (besides the obvious FFG/GW split) because of the anticipation 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000.
  4. @PzVIE Been a 40K followersince 2nd edition. That being said, sometimes I liked what GW did other times not so much. I've always done more collecting/painting than playing though. I did manage to somehow not get into Warhammer Fantasy Battle but did like the Old World as presented in the RPG. I was really surprised when the killed off those world and brought in Age of Sigmar. The Stormcast Eternals were designed to be like Space Marines and the whole redesign was intended to make things easier to play. Personally not interested in it at all. The new Warhammer Quest is problematic for me because they changed the game formula which IMHO is what everyone was hoping for and set it in AOS. I don't fault them for trying though and at least we got the Warhammer Quest card game for a season. At the end of 8th Edition I was considered seeing Bretonnia or Ogres but now Bretonnians have gone the way of the squats. Sad. If I do play a fantasy miniatures game it will likely be Kings of War. I wish GW the best and hope Talisman will remain 4th Edition revised and AOS'd. Perhaps they'll consider Remaking Relic and the other games. Though I would think Nomad's Horus Heresy as a board game dead tree Edition more likely
  5. Just saw the news over at Bell of Lost Souls. I am glad it will be back in print, but am curious if this will be Talisman or Talisman: Age of Sigmar
  6. Ah well...one can dream. At least there is the Community Realms project coming at some point.
  7. I was fortunate enough to pick up the entirety of Talisman 4th edition revised over the course of the games duration with FFG. That being said, I suspect (well hope, wished and dreamed might be a better term!) that there were a lot more expansions planned by the FFG design team that was handleing the Talisman line. As it is now the end of the line (for FFG at least), is there any chance we could see the official "what could have beens" that were in the works by the FFG team? Or perhaps by someone in know? I understand if there were/are NDAs involved. Perhaps we'll still see these unknowns one day via the DE fromNomadCarl and Nomad Games. Maybe they make print form with Games Workshop or another company that gets the Liscenese from GW. If it is an NDA please let us know. Regardless, I think it would help out the fans of the game offering them some hope for to see what came after Talisman: The Cataclysm.
  8. @magicrealm Likely you won't read this, because you quit it. Regardless I wanted to post anyway. I can see you're passionate about unique art and don't want Leavon to focus on miniatures but simply the board terrain. I appreciate that and do want him to do more terrain as well but not exclusively. ultimately my opinion and yours is just that. It is up to Leavon totally his choice. from your comment upthread: 1. I forgive you for cursing and insulting me 2. I wish you the best and hope you continue to enjoy playing Talisman 3. May all your hopes and dreams come true and that fear leaves you. 4. I bless you with tact, wisdom, energy and capability to accomplish what you set your heart to do. 5. May peace fill so you no longer have to feel upset about what I or anyone else says or does Stay Awesome!
  9. Leavon I may have missed this up thread, but Slev makes an interesting point. We know your hard at work making the terrain and experimentating with the unpublished characters. All great, but another idea is if you considered making figures for some of the cards? Like companions - the guide, the unicorn, pack mule, horse, cart, pixie, prince, princess. Though what also might be cool is making figures of the strangers that give you spells, or perhaps the fountain, where you can place fate or life tokens in the mini similar to what your thinking of for the warlock.
  10. Leavon The Exorcist model looks great! Just curious on a couple of points. 1. The picture shows the Exorcist with a mustache, but the model has a full beard. 2. The cross is held by a rope in picture, but you placed the cross in his hand I'm curious why you made those design choices. Regardless, it looks amazing and would welcome an opportunity to add it to my collection. Personally I think the cross in hand looks better. I assume that this is your model and Creative Liscenese as an artist and/or IP variance. But could be that it making that rope and beard would be in too hard category. Lastly - what's in hopper for the next terrain piece and miniature?
  11. Up Thread you had mentioned for someone to send you the dimensions for Sleeved cards as the Card Holders you use are designed for cards without sleeves. As I didn't see that anyone ever send you the dimensions on the sleeved cards, I figured I'd post them. Length: 2.25 inches; Width: 4.15 inches; Height: .50 inches. FFG has Mini American Card Sleeves they sell and recommend, which is what I use for my Talisman collection Here is the blurb: Here is the link: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/fantasy-flight-supply/products/mini-american-board-game-sleeves/ Hope this helps and please let us know if you adjust the dimensions. Would really like to have these for my games. Thank you!
  12. Leavon, All these sculpts are pretty amazing. Thanks for doing this, hope to make a purchase from you at some point. It reminded me a little bit of a custom sculpted Talisman Board I saw on YouTube. Well I did a search and found the video! I do suspect that Talisman Island has seen it! But if you haven't check it out, it is really cool! I hope not only you, Leavon, but all the Talisman finds out there find some additional inspiration as they incorporate your pieces into their Talisman Games. The YouTube Blurb is as follows: Here is the Link
  13. The season pass that exists now will have those expansions added to it when they are released. So...If someone wasn't able to get a hard copy/dead tree version of Cataclysm, but did happen to have Talisman: Digital Edition and the season pass, would that said person, be seeing a Cataclysm expansion in the future for Talisman: Digital Edition by Nomad Games? Yes, Nomad is going to make all 4th Edition Talisman products into digital versions, all of which are covered by the existing Season Pass. Also included in said Season Pass are all Mephisto and 2nd Edition character remakes. The only thing that is not included in the Pass is the fan created charity character The Shaman. This is correct. I'm quite saddened by the announcement. I think FFG have done a great job with Talisman and it's shame they won't be making more expansions, but all good things must come to an end I suppose. ....Happy Dance.... Nomad, this is great news. Despite the end of FFG's journey with Talisman 4th Edition Revised, I'm am glad to see it continue Nomad's Talisman Digital Edition. I do enjoy a face to face game, but it is wayyyyyy easier with Talisman DE (i.e. no set-up or clean up). I'd like to second Nomad and fan collaboration expansions. The fan created charity character could serve as a template.
  14. The season pass that exists now will have those expansions added to it when they are released. So...If someone wasn't able to get a hard copy/dead tree version of Cataclysm, but did happen to have Talisman: Digital Edition and the season pass, would that said person, be seeing a Cataclysm expansion in the future for Talisman: Digital Edition by Nomad Games?
  15. I do agree a connector between Highland and Woodlands would sort of wrap 4e nicely. Though seeing Timescape (love it or hate it) and perhaps a Return of the Dragon 3d Crown of Command would be helpful. @Oberon - and not to be remiss...the Ocean project we've discussed in other threads is a must do. In regards to pricing now...I have most of the expansion save Cataclysm. Thought about buying it the day the FFG/GW Divorce went public. The next day or two it was up up from like $31 to $65. ugghh..Now it's floating around $60.
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