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  1. At this point it should be as simple as a dev license and a few tweaks to the existing code. Something like 270 million users with access to the Windows store right now! Also, at some point, that means it'd show up on Xbox, which would be *awesome*.
  2. The Fimir are mentioned by name in the 8th edition WFB rulebook from last year. First time they've had a proper mention in more than a decade, as far as I know.
  3. The current books give a very good, functional, overview of the world. Where they may lack in detail, they make up in atmosphere and a good "in-character" viewpoint. The link in my signature has a slightly dated guide to Warhammer novels. The "essential" stuff there still holds true though; there's really no better entry point than the Gotrek and Felix novels. The first omnibus, in particular, helped create and define the current incarnation of the Warhammer world.
  4. Rorschach Six said: For the record the tabletop battles game also reset the timeline to before the Storm of Chaos with 8th edition IIRC. Yep. For the most part, all mentions have been removed from 8th edition (no Valten, Esmer, Archaon is still a rising warlord, and Volkmar is the Grand Theogonist) and Storm of Chaos is no more current or "real" than the Age of Reckoning timeline (or the forthcoming Throne of Tamurkhan timeline).
  5. simpatikool said: Hey guys, Since I started playing Warhammer 3rd edition, I have sort of gotten into the whole history of the empire and how they got to this mess kind of thing. In support of that mess, I have started picking up the occasional Warhammer fiction (always used off of ebay...) for reading purposes/theme, back story and all that. The point is, something I don't understand is Karl Franz and the Chaos invasion with Archaeon. (That Chaos guy who almost but not quite sacked middenheim) With respect to where we are in the current setting of the Empire, how long ago was that, and what is the approximate year the empire is in, with respect to the product that FFG is putting out in relation? The Storm of Chaos began proper in the summer of 2522 IC. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th edition is largely set in 2521, during the lead-up to the Storm. WFRP 3rd seems to be set in 2521 by tone and most events, but there are a few references to 2522 in the core set - it appears that the intent is to match the 8th edition WFB timeline. The newest releases dial back before Archaon's invasion, leaving Chaos as a looming threat, rather than a defeated (again) attacking army. Personally, I like rolling back all the way to the 1st edition time frame of 2512. Karl-Franz is only a decade in to his reign, and generations of relative prosperity have led the Empire to grow soft and largely dismissive of Chaos' threat.
  6. On one hand, I have shelves full of this information. On the other hand, I have shelves full of this information and think I could use lots more. Especially if it had some new art, a little bit of crunch (maybe the odd NPC), and an in-character viewpoint. It would also be great for new players or GM's. Kind of like a new version of this.
  7. James Sparrow said: where are the fans? Busy playing a game that's still in print, of course! Really, you can't base much off of internet communities. Especially for a tiny niche hobby like roleplaying, the percentage of people posting online is so very low that any volume or trending you take from it might as well be random.
  8. monkeylite said: Endevor said: Do you think it will be short like Edge of Night or longer like The Gathering Storm? We played c. 12 sessions for GS, 4 for EoN and 8 for tWS. In practice, how does The Witch's Song play? It looks like it could be quite a bit of fun and would be very tolerant to very different play styles. Was it enjoyable?
  9. Keeping in mind I haven't run any of the adventures or read them through completely: Compared to the episodic Gathering Storm and open-ended Edge of Night, the Witch's Song seems quite a bit more focused, if not linear. I don't see a lot of forced fights in there (maybe some potential ones, depending on PC actions); the tone and themes of the adventure appear to be more investigation, mystery, and a little bit of suspense/horror.
  10. Amani said: No rank two spells, believe rules said witches can only use rank 1 or lower. Yep, looks like I was remembering incorrectly.
  11. Two careers; a Witch and the advanced version, Warlock. There's about a dozen spells at most, Tier 1 and 2 if memory serves. I've been reading through the adventure so I haven't really assessed the spells in detail, but there seems to be a wide mix of utility and combat stuff, some of it very powerful (with nasty side effects). The Talents work just like a college wizard; there's a "Witchcraft" order you slot in there. The part that's really struck me is the adventure; great backstory, great "twist" (if it can be called that). I'll avoid any more details here to avoid spoilers, but I'm looking forward to running it quite a bit.
  12. ... is spectacular on the first read through. Great backstory, excellent setting, and absolutely classic Warhammer atmosphere. We'll see how it holds up with further reading and a play through, but it seems pretty stellar so far. I was also surprised that it showed at my FLGS so soon. Made for a great Friday!
  13. The statistics tracking seems great. I'd love one of these for Windows Phone 7.
  14. Here's an oddity (unless I'm missing something): Poison Wind Globadiers don't have a poison wind globe attack.
  15. I have a major complaint about these podcasts. I'm finishing up the second and still have tedious report-building to do at work. What will I listen to now!!! I need more! Seriously; thanks guys. These are great. Any plans to get them on Zune?
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