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  1. Many thanks for kind comments! Well spotted Totgeboren... that's indeed a WHFB Dryad Root Piece. It fits rather good so it makes for a quick and rather effortless replacement.
  2. Thank you very much. Painted minis help out the game quite a lot. The standard bases in MoM are rather clunky... a rebase fits them better. I found the flyers just lying on the floor looked a bit odd also, so a flying base was an upgrade I think. Also the face on the Mi-Go felt a bit off since they shouldn't have a face... so a slight replacement.
  3. Closeups... Investigators Fishes Undead Flyers Evil humans Cultists Others Big stuff Big stuff II
  4. Hello all! Just finished the Mansions of Madness paint project... sort of complete at the moment. 😃 Just had to seek in Cthulhu himself in the corner.. Just love this game... soo good.
  5. Just a minor update. I forgot to post 2 terrain pieces. Bone Totem: (also shown in a separate thread.. sorry for the spam) Side one.. Some Uthuk Banner (some old GW banner and skull) Another side And a Pillaged Cart The Cart and barrels are from a Mantic Terrain Crate
  6. Many thanks! These terrain pieces are rather fun "mini-projects". Just ordered the last missing 3 heroes so perhaps I can finalise the terrain collections soon. Other painting projects have been in the way though... lets see when I get back to the terrain project.
  7. I took the rockformation and skull solution... with a slight touch of Uthuk The stone is styrofoam and skulls and standards are mixed GW leftovers.
  8. Thank you all for kind comments. ? I think 3D terrain helps out the game board quite a lot. They are rather fun small terrain challenges. The moulds are from Hirst Arts, http://www.hirstarts.com The are all represented on the fieldstone line http://www.hirstarts.com/molds/moldsfield.html Fieldstone Basic Block Mold #701 (Basic wall blocks) Fieldstone Accessories Mold #71 (Steps and arch sections) 4" Round Fieldstone Mold #72 (Used for the spiral stair and the sacred font) Ruined Fieldstone Mold #75 (for making ruins) Cavern Floor Mold #281 (for the stone terrace) You can really do quite a lot of fun projects with these moulds. I posted my DnD dungeon on the Hirst Arts forum https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hirstarts/gnuttens-dungeon-fieldstone-modular-etc-etc-t8527.html#p84341 For Runewars terrain its the Smoldering Forest, Pillaged Cart and Bone Totem next in line. The might be done rather soon, must just finish a small project before that. Unfortunately the Raiders Tent and Desecrated Chapel (from Kethra A'laak Hero Expansion) is really hard to something good from. The problem there is that its absolutely no way go get something where the 4 base troop can fit within that terrain base. They will be complete buildings and you remove the troop from the board when you enter. Looking at the new box sizes I assume that this will be the norm for the upcoming commanders terrain pieces.
  9. Hello! Time for a slight update since I just finished some additional pieces. Theres still the challenge to replicate the card art and still make the terrain functional. Latari Memorial (aluminium foil on a stick with some clay on top) Dimoran Fissure (aluminium foil and clay) Fae-Infested Glade (finally some happy colors) Closeup of the Glade. You can spot some GW creatures and some mushrooms made from plastic pearls. Units actually balance on the mushrooms. Blighted Ground (aluminium foil and yarn, skulls from GreenStuff World) Closeup Graveyard (some GW fences, GreenStuff World Gravestones) Closeup Closeup from the other side And units fit inside the fence Wildroot Patch (A slight challenge to make "Cover" and "Elevated" tree base and allso store 4 troop bases. Made from a plastic decoration twig found a a garden store... and loads of hot melt glue) Closeup And units fit comfortable on the top Thorn-choked Circle (the same plastic decoration twig cut down. stones from hard styrofoam) Closeup and units fits inside the circle Phew... just the last ones to go.
  10. Thanks for the nice comments. ? The shields are Transfers from Magister Militium, they worked really well for Daqan shields. Closeups? OK, lets fix that. Spearmen: Golems: Cavalry (got really greyed out when sprayed... to humid... so annoying but almost repaired with brush coat Varnish and Glaze) : Lord Hawthorne: Kari: Best regards /Gnutten
  11. Thanks for the nice comments! ? The cobblestones is common clay mangled with a textured rolling pin from Green Stuff World. Sort of planning making a road system out of that stuff. I noticed that the spiral stairs in the Stronghold didn't show that well... so lets add a picture from above:
  12. Hello, added some closeups. Maro: Ardus: Reanimates: Archers: Carrions: Knights And the Bone Giant (still not part of the game...)
  13. Hello, Long post... Well this is a fun little projects. The Runewars terrain markers just had to be replaced with 3D terrain. The challenge is of course to replicate the design and still keep it playable. The Stone Terrace: Made from Hirst Arts moulds (love that stuff!) with 6 troops The Forest (GW trees): Rocky Outcrop and Spikes: Crumbing Wall (more Hirst Arts) : with 2 Troops The Swamp: with 2 Troops Stronghold (Hirst Arts. Made a slight redesign since I didn't like that the Stronghold card was asymmetric, you are fortified from all angles. ) With 2 Troops Temple Ruins (Hirst Arts and an old Target Games altar, some stone slabs made from Green Stuff Worlds rolling pin) With 2 troops Ransacked Manor (Hirst Arts) with 6 Troops Sacred Font (Hirst Arts) with 2 Troops (looks a bit silly, but still playable) Ok, thats what I done so far. The other terrain cards are in progress. Best regards /Gnutten
  14. Ganska Svenskt skulle jag nog säga. ?
  15. Hello, Long time lurker sharing some pictures. Daqan army at the moment: Another angle: Best regards /Gnutten
  16. Hello, Long time lurker... time to share some pictures. I just finished my Waiqar army. Total army at the moment: The giant is a Reaper Bone giant miniature and not part of the game... but I just feel that he is a part of the family. Closeup on the Knights and the characters: Command team: Characters: Fun project. Best regards /Gnutten
  17. Halflings and... Zombies! Reanimation rules to keep your dead characters in play! Eat brainz and dodge witch hunters!
  18. Another Creature Confusion Thread. Ive been trough quite allot of threads concerning how to actually run combat encounters and it looks like I'm not the only one confused about the game. /rant The lack of clear rules is rather frustrating. It feels like the general attitude is “well we cont want our GM:s to feel limited, so we don't make any rules or restrictions... or any clear examples either.” The lack of a recommended creature action card list is just plain stupid! You really cant make any combat encounters on the fly, and new GM:s without a real “feel” for the rules get just dumb-funded about the lack of directions. Sigh. /rant of Lets say we have three characters. The evil GM creates an encounter with 3 Ungor Henchmen and 2 Gors. According to Tome of Adventure I guess the Ungors have access to Savage Strike, Assess the Situation, Dodge, Guarded Position, Melee Attack, Parry, Perform a stunt. They might have Block (if they have shields) and Ranged Attack (if any ranged weapons). It looks like creatures have weapons and armour included in their stats, but that's also a bit fuzzy. A nude or “normally armed” Ungor have soak 1 and defence 0 and a Ungor in Mail Shirt have Soak 2 (or 3??) and Defence 1. According to the Creature Guide the Ungor and Gors have the same actions cards except Savage Strike... and it sounds utterly weird... and it would also cause the Ungors and Gors to be unable to cause critical wounds. The Gors have (Tome of Adventure ) Savage Strike, Bestial Howl, Fearsome charge, Assess the Situation, Dodge, Guarded Position, Melee Attack, Parry, Perform a stunt. A nude or “normally armed” Gor have Soak 2 and Defence 1 and a Gor in Mail Shirt have.. eh... Soak 2 and Defence 1. Ooooki... they all have Mail Shirts? How many opponents share the same Dodge here? If a character attacks one Ungor Henchman and he uses a Dogde and puts 2 recharge tokens on the card, then I suppose the next Ungor Henchman cant use the card. Is the Gors sharing the same Dodge card? It feels rather odd that the Ungors should skip their ability to Dodge because a Gor might want to Dodge later in the same turn. Comments?
  19. Hey don't worry about thread jack! Is a tradition! =) And its always nice when friendly souls boils it down for you when you haven't been at the forum for a while. The missing Halflings actually bugs me. I still wont have Elves as playable races. They work better as NPC and I'll surely don't want Legolas and Drizzt clones in my group. Warhammer Halflings are fun and vicious! I haven't lost ALL my trolling viewpoints. Grumble grumble nag nag... Kevins list of “a) Core Set, b) Adventurer's Toolkit, c) Creature Vault and Guide, d) LOTS of dice packs e) Winds of Magic, f) Signs of Faith” sounds reassuringly like my planned shopping list. =) I don't know how dependant Creature Vault is of Creature Guide, the creature cards actually took first pick here sine I feel I have all the fluff and background from earlier sources. Wind of Magic and Signs of Faith feels rather like a MUST for this game. You cant play Warhammer without Tzeentch and Nurgle. The plague cards I saw in the seminar looked rather fun. =) How is Game Masters Toolkit? It feels like we seen tips and guidelines for GM:s before. Is the GM screen usable? (still got the 2:ed one WITHOUT the Critical Hit chart...)
  20. A really simple thing I would enjoy is actually Exploration Cards with just the text “1A”, “1B” etc. It would make it neater for those who wants to make own scenarios. I have NEVER used any blank cards from any game, but for his one it just might be rather fun to construct your own scenarios. I have also a rather fond memory from the old Advanced Hero quest where you assembled a talisman in four cardboard puzzle pieces... How about an artifact key in several parts you must assemble in different scenarios. More status effects sound fine and the “Flooded” works just fine with the Innsmouth theme =). How about “Cursed”, “Mist” and “Cold”? And why not simply “Terror” or “Insanity”... always enjoyed fear as described a a physical thing. New monster Tokens is actually a rather simple way of keeping the players off balance. If there was a campaign box the Keeper could upgrade different creatures and replacing Monster Token with better ones. Theme expansions sounds rather probable... Innsmouth, Miskatonic University, Dunwich etc. Gaaaaah! Wants some! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
  21. Items: Lucky Cigarette Case Pallid Mask Alien Statue Bell Porseline Doll Candle Monkey Hand Rabbit Foot Rope Other thoughts: I would surely like a series of scenarios linked together to form a smal campaign to Mansion of Madness. The the choices made in scenario one have an impact on later scenarios. Try to keep your investigator alive betveen different scenarios! This could also include several smaller scenes adding adding clues to the real Mansion and a major evil. Hmm... what did I miss?
  22. Outdoor tiles: I like the outdoor pats of the map in the original game, it just feels more like a mansion then you got a green garden border around the main building. It would feel even better if you could have a fence or wall round the garden defining the extents of the property. Its also a nice contrast to the claustofobic fights inside the manor. With enough playable grounds you could have scenarios protecting yourself in a mansion from the evil coming from the outside. Corridor sized garden tiles could fill out the holes in maps to make a nice square map. Parked Car on turnaround with a small entry stair (something I actually miss from the original game. You havent escaped the mansion when you’ve left the foajer doors... your managed to escape when you reached your car and got the car going... with zombies tugging at the door... and then you realize that the maniac actually managed to steal your car keyes.) Green house Well (always a scary place, thx Ringu, might also be a way into the basement?) Gazebo (With an arrow stuck in it, Gazebo of dread!) Rose garden (where else to bury your loved ones) Hedge Labyrinth (Here’s Johnny!) Garage (another mean to escape the mansion) Stone Altar (overgrown ancient altar) Wooden Border (natural border to the dark woods) Lake Shore (another natural border) Boathouse Rooms: The playing board is beautifully done, but I sort of miss the means to make a Mansion of several floors. You do have bacement and attic tiles, but they appear all to be mached into the ground floor. I would prefer to be able to make several floors, and for that you could simply add some stairs up and stairs down. The basement and attic tile work just fine placed beside the main floor. Then you could also make a litle more complex house designs. Make a color coded stair token to show whitch stairs team up. Its also a horror classic that you hear sounds from the lower level when you're upstairs, and lets not forget the panic when the only known way up here actually catches fire) Different levels opens up for: Staircase Elevator (puzzle to operate?) Balcony (a way of escaping from the upper levels down to the garden) Roof tiles (another escaperoute... or reach the window of a closed room) Collapsed room (jump down och dex test to pass) Basement Well (Ringu or Silence of the Lambs) Ballrom (Big open spaces) Wine Cellar (hidden doors?) Artists Studio (scary paintings or disturbing statues) Pentagram Chamber Conservatory Rotating Room (puzzle to make it turn 90 deg. Where will we get then?) Larder Science Lad (I sort of miss the lightning-conductors) Alien Workshop (Mi-goo brain cylinders and dead people in green glass tubes) Vault Prisoner Cell and torture chamber Padded Cell (where you keep your insane family members) Another room-idea would be turn able rooms, i.e. a normal bedroom on one side and a messed up bloodied bedroom on the other. (Room start at normal, when your investigators is getting insane they start to see what have happend long ago... or the room get bloodied when the NPC is getting killed during the scenario) We got some nice rooms to chose from, with some simple additions you could turn the manson into something totally else. Reception (with some additional bedroms to turn the mansion into a haunted hotell) Shop (add bedrooms and storage to make a small butique) Office (add corridors and bathroom to create a laywer office or the investigators own workspace)
  23. Mansion of Madness Expansion Frenzy Mansion of Madness is a game just crying out for expansions. Its by all means a complete game, but theres just so mutch great stuff you just want to add to the game. I just couldnt stop myself from making me a personal wichlist. What I would love to see is a big box expasion: Investigators: Well, lets start with the remaining investigators from Arkham Horror. I would really love to see booth a doctor and a psychiatrist added to the game. Mansized Creatures: Thug / ganster (Would like a Mansion scenario where you not sure about the supernatural presence from the beginning. They could use investigators ranged combat cards, perhaps even with the possibility to arm themselves with Exploration card weapons. Gunfights!) Deep One (Really a must! We want an Innsmouth manor!) Dagon Cultist (Innsmouth manor, fat toadish cultists, can turn into Deep Ones during the scenario) Ghost (mini in clear plastic, ability to walk through walls) Byakhee Large Creatures: With an expasion you would like a miniature matching the original Shaggoth, and theres really a great number of fun miniatures to chose from... more tetacles for the people! Perhaps a Star Vampire, Nightgaunt or Elder Thing. A “mini” I would definitely love to see is a Dark Young. NPC miniatures: I would rather like some NPC miniatures in the game. People to protect and rescue... or persons in the mansions that you not sure if they are evil or not. A lot of investigator minis can surely be used in this way, but there alway better with dedicated miniatures. For example small boy/girl, prisoners, police officers, butler, rich lady etc.
  24. I yield! Ok, I confess. I’m giving in! When 3:ed came I was rather upset and was frequently trolling this forum nagging about the direction of the new edition. Recently I GM:d a rather complex fight in 2:ed with some spellcasters, and a bit badly prepared had to flip between different books during the fight. Then I fought “Darn, to bad I don't have all spells on prepared spellcards... and hey perhaps some cards with stats for the opponents” Next thought “Ehh... what did they include in 3:ed?” And after all, I was surely missing the feeling of buying new WH suplements. So now I ordered 3rd Edition Box, Adventurer´s Toolkit, Dice Accessory Pack, The Creature Vault and Edge of Night. Sigh... man of principles... BAH! Well lets give it a nice try! Looked like Wind of Magic and Signs of Faith and Omens of War were rather essential... but if this works out fine then I have to make them on another order. Best regards Old dog with new tricks.
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