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  1. RT and or DH creatures Anthema also give plenty of traits and talents to bolster them with. Some of the quirks in Anthema for antagonists would be nifty.
  2. Well that is also because they are allowed certain liberties for story telling and flow. But I would say there is no problem whatsoever about there being mag locks holding the weapons against the power pack.
  3. I agree with someone above that actually makes perfect sense. When do Marines of the United States Army or any country currently Holster rifles? Traditional models always showed marines using the sling if needed. But in most fluff marines never set their bolters down and are always at the ready. Infact several chapters never let the bolters leave their hands such as the Black Templars. They actually chain their bolters to their wrists.
  4. Why is it hat people get so pissy about fluff? I mean the core game was a hobby game, where youmade hte models look teh way you wanted, and painted them the way you wanted. Offical GW tourneys welcomed a few FSM chapter players and a Khorne possessed Tau army... Why? They looked neat, these players were passionate about their own themes, and they wrote their own fluff to explain why? They also spent hundreds of dollars and countless man hours preparing them. So I think the same courtesy could go to people you really want to play a game that normally would not otherwise. I seem to recall about 20 years ago a novel about a FSM who was the daughter of Abbadon. She hunted her father down to slaughter him because she was appauled at the heresy of his crimes. She also felt she would have to reprent for all eternity to make up for his treason. I also recall many other female marines and other such things running around. Hormaguants with flak vests and lasguns. Fairmir, Zotes, Squats, Straight up Space Elves. A 5th god of Chaos meant to slay other gods of Chaos... So what if the Ministry of truth came and wiped the slate clean. Remeber the rule books have always been and always bee reference and guidelines to share an activity with friends. There is no offical ruling, no governing body that will come knocking on your door if things get changed.
  5. But black carapace negates the hulking size penalties etc..
  6. there are also stats for some orks and lore in the rt book edge of the abyss
  7. I am sure they do. They should have a frequenly asked question page that shows how to contact htem, ill go and edit this post if i find it for you.
  8. I have read a lot of black Library books and I can tell you this. Most chapters do hover around 1k, but that is they draw from reserve companies for the man power to dive vehicles. However this is newer fluff. You can not, and I mean you really Can't rely on any fluff older than the current edition because GW has a tendency to rewrite history and make it seem older information never existed. That being said... All chapters do rely on a mixture of servants. Be they straight up slaves, indentured, serfs (made of loyal followers, or failed initiates who somehow still lived after failing), and house carls (house carls for all intents and purposes are like squires and personal attendants to certain marines). House carls are explained in Flight of the Eisentein. One such house carl was an initate who failed but did not die from the initial implantation and trial process used to make scouts for the Death Guard. Although most chapters or legions at that point said house carls are a dying breed. This of course is before the imperium fell back into dark ages and superstition. The book also goes on to explain from the days of the Crusade and Heresy that most ships be they Marine or Navy use mortals to crew the bulk of the ship with Marines taking command and barking orders. Also plenty of proof that Marines often walk on board any ship and start taking over command from the Captain. Space marine fleets can not fully be crewed by marines, and often strike cruisers have no more that 20 to 40 marines usually as even normal marines only ship small groups or only company strengths across the stars. Only in absolute dire circumstances do marines gather at chapter strength in an engagement. These rare occurances aside from heresy / crusade have been the defense of Mcragge, The defense of whatever shrine world against the Eldar (again by Ultramarines), and Battles such as for Reach. Anywho back on topic, Deathwatch is indeed very limitted in personal staffing per the marines and by fleet standards as everything is variable. Although it safe to assume they have a few ships to spare and vehicles for each sector. So Erioch probably has something like only one to two rhions period for the whole sector and maybe one predator or land raider etc.. This means these vehicles are highly prized, decorated, and have an NPC crew you can have fun with as a DM. As for ships inquistion would call upon Deathwatch, and only if situations are extreme. Since The marines are stretched thin as is only a single squad or two will usually be deployed, since a whole cruiser can not be dedicated to the, it may result in transport by an imperial navy vessel, RT, or civillian. In addition, for story purposes (some one sayings psst master) A marine depending on chapter may actually be allowed to bring their personal housecarl only if they had one at all. This can open up for intrigue, especially of mistrustful DA players trying to learn about their fellow Brothers fearing they may be fallen or that they find him suspicious. The DW fortress will have some menials that serve all the chapters and will attend to polishing armor etc... Forgive me if this is a big ramble or rant but there is so much info regarding how each chapter is different and it varies from each author's point of view or the story they wish to tell.
  9. Also remember that certain weapons can degrade armor after several successful hits that pen. Hence why your starting gear also includes repair cement. So enough of those buggers will eventually break through the armor and the marines' damage reduction will lower. Also horde attacks allegedly can not be dodged or parried, so anytime they do hit you, you have to take it more or less. You should see what ranged autopistols can do in hordes...
  10. Those are good questions. I hadn't even gone over Tau as I really don't want to run games with them in it really. However those are interesting issues and I shall look over my book in detail and shed some light if I can. That is if someone else does not do so before I do. Although you can always email the rule guys from ffg.
  11. ObsidianThunder said: "The First Heretic" mentions the lost primarchs as having been expunged from all imperial history for some (assumedly) huge treason/whatever. Maybe the Emperor himself locked one down there? However in False Gods, Horus actually talks of how he pities a brother that would never be and how he accidentally in rage cracks the stasis field by slamming into it. Course GW has been known to pull a "Ministry of Truth" time after time. Like getting rid of the 5th god of chaos, squats, The WHFB world being in the EoT, females not being able to be marines, zygotes, fairmares, starchild, rambones, etc......
  12. It is rather easy to tie in a non Marine Character into DW as long as the character is tied to the Imperium or the Inquistion. For example I have a guardsman in my game who is starting at rank 7. He is a veteran and asissts in training the 117 Lordstrom PDF.To make sense why he sticks with the Kill team rather than be brain wiped is I made him a Blunt or blank, or Pariah etc.. He is an untouchable and therefore has a use to the Kill team. Sisters of battle could in a likewise fashion be bodyguards of an inquisitor who earlier called for help and needs to find their leader. Let us say for example in Final Sanction, they find said inquisitor dead, she refuses to leave their side till she avenges them etc... For slapping in a rogue trader pc you just say they are crew of or are the RT himself that provides the marines with mode of transport. For whatever reason for advice or for need to make sure they are getting a return in their investments accompany the marines. However break the canon all you like, it is your story. Things to keep in mind, how do they interact with the group, do they gain benefits of kill team mode? Who knows...
  13. Under further review after double checking, Kommisar is correct and I wrong. Thank you for pointing that out.
  14. Yes to question one the maximum bonus you can ever have is +60 and that is before negative modifiers are applied. Conversely the same applies for negative modifiers, never greater than -60. For question two as they mentioned above, you only lower the magnitude of a horde by one for each attack that manages to do over 15 points of damage.
  15. You are also forgetting things like Blood Angels have 9-0 chance of fury, and certain squad formations. However the enemies also are very strong and often have the same chances or capabilities that will make mince meat of characters. Often I found playing DH till now is that ye who shoots first, and doesn't miss... lives...
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