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  1. I finally finished my 1st full 7 Trooper squad... And not one game played…
  2. More Kensai undead Samurai! The group shot shows Kensai Samurai together with AEG Clan War minis from the 90s! The big Oni in the back is still ne of my favourite Oni minis! more pics -> http://www.adpublishing.de/html/fantasy__oriental_.html
  3. Since years I am interested in Asian warfare. Ancient Japan and China was always a place special to my imagination. Asian warfare, especially Sun Tzu and the Bushido Code of honour had fascinated me for years. I have countless books about Samurai and Chinese armies. As far as miniatures and miniature games are concerned I was less enthusiastic. That changed when Clan War was coming out back in the 90s. Great setting and - at that time - great minis. Unfortunately their later minis were less then good and all in all the game fumbled quite soon. I still like the game, but nobody is playing it. The setting itself is still one of my favourite Fantasy settings. I can only recommend the Clan War novels and the recent FFG RPG! The good thing is that today we are spoiled with good new miniature ranges for almost every setting. For the domain of Fu Leng - the Shadowlands - the above undead Samurai from the great Kensai range are very fitting! I use colours of the Unicorn clan, the next 5 will be Crab colours. Lost patrols... more pics on my site: http://www.adpublishing.de/html/fantasy__oriental_.html
  4. I started a L5R campaign using ht new FFG rules recently. We used the Beginners game box and had a lot of fun. Consequently I had to get and paint some suitable minis. From left to right: Doji Ren Courtier of the Crane Clan - I used a Samurai from the core Okko box and swapped the head for a female Statuesque mini head. I underlines his soft androgen Crane look. Togashi Yoshi Tatooed Monk of the Dragon Clan -A Pathfinder Human Male Monk that is just painted in suitable Dragon colours. Isawa Aki Shugenja of the Phoenix Clan -A Rising Sun boardgame mini in Phoenix colours. more pics on my site: http://www.adpublishing.de/html/fantasy__oriental_.html
  5. Hi folks, I need you help again. One of my players wants to continue to play the beginning character box Dragon Tattooed monk Yoshi. We checked the rulebook on P. 69 for the advancements. Some questions came up: Way of the Earthquake is a rank 2 kiho (P: 183), it is listed on P. 69 as Rank 1, what is right? Also has the small rectangular symbol in front of WotE a meaning? I am not sure if I read Blood of the Kami right. Let’s say he wants to link Earthen Fist to a nice Lizard tattoo (Earth), is it right that whenever he activates that Kiho in the future he will have one more successs? When becoming Rank 2 he adds 2 success? “When you make a check to activate a kihō linked to one of your mystical tattoos, if you succeed, add additional bonus successes equal to your school rank.“ 1st tattoo: Let’s also assume that he wants to add Earth needs no eyes with a Bat tattoo, he pays no XP and simply adds it? Any advice welcome, thanks already!
  6. Hi everyone, I need some advice. We started a L5R campaign and my 3 buddies are playing 3 of the starterset characters. Lots of fun so far, but the Doji Ren (Crane courtier) player is getting a bit bored in combat. I awarded all in all 10 XP, and she invested in more social skills but not in combat related skills. I searched the rulebook for katas or shujis to enhance Doji Ren, I searched the book for any advice but so far I came up blank. Any ideas, all ideas are welcome!
  7. 1st - BIG thanks a very neat and helpful tool. Only one question, can I still run the program in English only? I am in Germany, but I need to use the English version since all so far has been done in English in our group.
  8. Well the armour is just Andrea AC-1 German Field Grey. then a brownish wash and after that AC-1 again with more and more white mixed in.
  9. I use a brass brush from a dremel by hand! The Tamiya prime is sprayed right out the can, no airbrush.
  10. I am afraid no (too many pics, too much time...) i can however repost the description from p.3: Only choose the most expensive material - smoothest fine detail.  Rub every spot that got printlines with a softmetal brush and mineral oil. It gets a bit smoother. Clean the mini for 15 - 30 Mins in Isopropanol with an Ultarsonic cleaner. Rinse in very warm water and brush again with an old soft toothbrush.  Prime with Tamiya Fine Surface primer. And finally get painting….
  11. And even in past orders, it was never smooth and clean all around.
  12. Got some PM Q these days that might be of genetal interest. Q: I have a little question how you prepare your minis from skull forge for painting. I bought my first one(in smotthest fine details plastic) and one side of the mini is clean and smooth, and the other side is white and has a rough texture.I already tryed to remove it with warm water and soap and some cleaning alcohol. When the mini is wet it looks like its gone but when it is dry again it is still there. Did you have some tipps these spots ? A: I’m afraid I’m not going to be of much help , The same thing happened to me. I contacted Shapeways and They said that’s normal. You may get a refund if it is too bad; just ask! After that it boils down to scratching and filing … Q: When you ordered from them in the past where there minis that where 100 % clean and without the white rough textu re ? A: all recently received received minis had the same problem, one side smooth, the other one rough!
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