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  1. Fortunately my group loves X Wing and with a little work I'm sure we can find some satisfying means to incorporate AoR flight rules into X Wing. Obviously the ideal solution for me is for FFG to rework the rules in AoR, but doubt that will happen. Seems to me the whole premise of combat on the ground and in space is to be abstract.
  2. Anybody thought of using X Wing Miniatures game as a substitute?
  3. I was most upset about the fact that they claimed the miniature would look exactly like the studio version, and the one I received looked like a typical pre-paint from rackham's confrontation or a pre-painted star wars figure. The face just had a dark flesh with absolutely no detail work at all. The body was the same way with base colors and the boots weren't even painted, just primed. It's done, my mistake for trusting a Chinese based company. Too bad...I like Paolo's work, but think if he wants to keep a good name he should "fix" this kind of business practice among his associates.
  4. Thanks Les, but no worries I already touched him up. You know I was pretty leery before I ordered, but thought heck why not. I also sent them an e-mail expressing my "true thoughts and feelings" about the false advertising after I got the bugger.
  5. with the Premium models from Dustgame.com? I just received my Panzer Prince in the mail and he looks nothing like what they advertised him to look like on the website. A very poor paint job that I paid 20 dollars for, and was told it would be a replica of the studio painters work.
  6. Hey Doomonyou...Is that you Les??? It's me JC.
  7. I can't seem to find a release date anywhere... Thanks, JC
  8. I have not played and I have briefly read through the rules. More importantly I read that the majority of the games played at Gen Con were done in less than 45 minutes. This leads me to believe that the designers wanted a "fast and bloody" game. Lots of easy rolls with few calculations and lots of models coming off the table quickly. Just my two cents... JC
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