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  1. So, if your playing yourself in these games . . . What happens to the game when one of the players gets killed? Side note - I love this idea. These games look great. Can't wait to get them all!
  2. While WotC was play testing D & D 5 E, they reprinted older editions of the game. I picked up a bunch of out of print books. Would anyone be interested in buying reprinted Warhammer Fantasy 1 E or 2 E . . . I would love the chance to buy these again. All I can find is old worn out used copies. Guessing this will never happen . . . Just wondering if anyone else would buy reprints. Thanks.
  3. It seems that Amazon.ca isn't carrying many F F G books any more at all . . . I've been waiting to order the Death Watch core book and some others but looks like that won't be happening.
  4. Still no sign of " Omens of War " here in London, Ontario . . . I was at my local gaming / comic store yesterday for Free Comic Book day. On a side note, what part of Canada are you from?
  5. I plan on running a Warhammer " Lite " game vey soon. I will be using the three guide books and four sets of dice. No bits or cards at all. After the game session, I will post and let you know how it went. Our group plays Pathfinder and D & D 4E, so this will be our first go at Warhammer. ( I have played both previous editions of Warhammer, but no one else has. ) I hope it goes well . . .
  6. Any chance . . . We will see FFG post the action work sheet and the 3 page character sheet for down load? Thanks.
  7. Thanks so much for the replies . . . This section is important to me, as my group will be playing " WFRP Lite ". Looking forward to getting the books / dice and running a game.
  8. For those who have the Warhammer Fantasy Player's Guide . . . I see in the table of contents, that there is a section titled " WFRP Lite ". Could someone shed some " light " on this section and tell me what it's all about. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the reply . . . But it seems I will have to cancel my order for the three Warhammer Fantasy guide books. - I am not happy about this at all ! ! ! - Getting the Warhammer dice at a good price seems to be impossible in Canada. Amazon.ca dosen't have a listing for them. Amazon.com won't ship them to Canada ? ? ? Not sure why! The shipping cost from FFG to Canada is too expensive. I don't shop at the local gaming stores where I live . . . - This is a long story. - Looks like my gaming group will have to stick with D&D/4E and Pathfinder, just because of shipping issues!
  10. Hello All . . . I have ordered all three of the guide books for Warhammer Fantasy and plan on getting Omens of War when it arrives. How many sets of dice should I order ? ? ? I was thinking that 3 would do. The group I DM / GM for has 4 players. We have been playing Pathfinder after ending a 2 year D & D 4E - Forgotten Realms campaign. The group is looking forward to playing something a little darker . . . Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply. This helps . . . I don't want to invest in the books and dice if it just won't work well. Sounds like it can be done. On a side note . . . It's to bad Omens of War is only going to be available in a box set format. Looks good.
  12. Anyone playing Warhammer with out all the bits? If so, how well is it working? This may not be the best place to say this . . . ( In fact I was attacked with digital pitch forks and torches for saying this on the WotC / D & D forums. ) I hate bits and box sets, I prefer books. Not sure why, could be my OCD. The group I play with use rule books, dice and large size graph paper for D & D 4E, Pathfinder and A Song of Ice and Fire. Our extra sets of dice are used instead of miniatures. This works great and keeps the table cluter down. Just to be clear . . . I did not intend this post to attack anyone who enjoys bits or likes box sets. Thanks.
  13. Hello All - Any idea when we will see these books? I know that FFG has said, in a nebulous way . . . " This Fall " With all the delays for Deathwatch, I am wondering if we may not see these books before next year. Thanks.
  14. I wanted to thank FFG for putting the Warhammer game in a hard cover format. The ability to play without all the bits is also great news! I tried to get my D & D group to play a game of Warhammer once in awhile for a change . . . After one game they all said the same thing. To many bits . . . This new format will allow me to get my Warhammer fix! Thanks FFG ! ! !
  15. Thanks for taking the time to answer my some what scattered questions . . . I have ordered the book and can't wait to try it out! Now while I wait for it to arrive I need to do some thing about the fact that I have no knowledge about the Warhammer 40K universe. Time to read some novels!
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