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  1. Think Deathwatch AOS, Dark Heresy AOS, Only War AOS! Why bother comes to mind. All it will do is confirm that AOS is a 40K rip off. AOS is not RPG friendly in any shape or form.
  2. Interestingly all the computer games are set bin the Old World I believe. Nothing I have read in Age Of Sigmar makes me think it will be an even POOR setting for a RPG. If GW are touting around for licensees, it suggests that they don't want to deal with the RPG side of the business. However licensees will have massive fees to offset, so something new for everything will have to be done, to offset those fees. I am not sure anybody is going to want to take that on, particularly the fantasy, sad to say.
  3. Hi all, Well the inevitable has happened. Lessons learned: 1. The dice mechanic is extremely good but not necessary for Warhammer. Having played Star Wars a lot, I can honestly say that 3rd edition is far too clunky and the card bloat was terrible and badly managed. I have been GMing 2nd edition and really enjoying it again. 2. The Old World is where it should be set, the Age of Sigmar has no roleplaying value whatsoever, nada, nil, zippo! 3.Unfortunately the Star Wars RPG's are what 3rd edition should have been. 4. Maybe GW will look at RPG's again, but I wouldn't hold out much hope. The only question is whether anybody can afford to take on the license fees and come up with completely new products to make the fees worthwhile. A big ask in my opinion!
  4. The problem is the management at GW. The last CEO thought that GW was just a miniatures company and the new CEO used to be the companies Chief Financial Officer. As far as they are concerned, selling figures is all that matters. The consequences are that they have turned AoS into 40K with swords, in the belief that if they make their "fantasy" line into an offshoot of 40K, that it will do as well as the 40K lines. They have also established that their target audience are 10-12 year olds with Mummy and Daddy picking up the bill. The rules therefore are designed to be played in 1-2 hours on the 4' x 4' or 6' x 4' of a GW store table using the armies they provide. There are, as Herr Arnulfe says, some good points in the rules but they are not designed for people like us, wrong target audience. I was seriously disappointed with the fluff in AoS, skimmed would be an understatement. It was also slightly confusing. Unfortunately AoS means that the chances of a 4th edition WFRP is about as high as 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles, ie nil. Unfortunately if FFG were to try and do Warhammer Age of Sigmnar Roleplay, they would probably do it in three volumes, a Deathwatch variant for the Sormwatch Celestials, a Dark heresy variant for Azyrheim, and an Only War variant for all the other races on the other seven worlds. Maybe there will be a version of Black Crusade for the chaos mob as well. However none of that would interest me in the slightest, whether it was with dice pool or percentile dice, it matters not. I am afraid that AoS means that we wil have to make do with 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition WFRP and what the fans will come up with now. GW and FFG will have nothing for us and we will have to get used to that. Sad but true!
  5. A lot of interesting speculation I grant you! I have been reading the End Times novels as they have come out, with interest. The Warhammer World will be completely different after the End Times, possibly the fantasy equivalent of post-apocalyptic. However all we do know about how the Warhammer world will look after the End Times is speculation. The End Times is not good roleplaying territory, so we will have to wait until the End Times end and we see what results. One thing is for sure, there will almost certainly be a 4th edition to exploit this new "Old World". Hopefully it will still have the feel of the old, but with a new setting. Enough things to hark back without curtailing the new. Whether it will be any good will be entirely down to the writers. Firstly they will have to have a system that people want to use and most importantly has been properly playtested. Secondly they will have to make the new setting familiar enough, different enough and good enough to make people want to play it. At the end of the day it was the setting that made WFRP
  6. Interesting campaign seed selection! However considering that Zweihander and its careers are largely based on a late medieval / early renaissance setting, at least four out of those five are going to be difficult to fit round the careers at least!
  7. With WFRP it is the setting as much as the rules that make the roleplaying experience. Likewise with Pathfinder, the setting is probably more of a reason to game it rather than the rules. My worry for Zweihander is that without its own campaign setting, that sets it apart it will be just another set of RPG rules, that can be used to play scenarios from other systems. Are you going to create your own world for Zweihander, that is as grim and gritty as the "Old World"?
  8. The project is still waiting for the final visual finishing touchs. Hopefully soon!
  9. The more powerful a wizard gets the more they begin to look like the wind of magic they use. Also their robes at any level, reflect their wind. Consequently wizards are always instantly recognisable, as a general rule, apart from perhaps the Grey Order. This also mollifies the Sigmarites and their witchhunters, as it makes spotting a wizard that is going off the rails or a warlock that is not part of any order that much easier.
  10. Hits on this forum have been dying for a while and has slowed down even more in the last week IMHO. Not surprising as WFRP is no longer supported by FFG. I suspect even if Liber Fanatica produces new stuff for 3rd edition WFRP the take up and interest will be much lower than before.
  11. If that is all true then we can infer a few things: As I suspect the geography of the Old World will be substantially altered, probably by the extreme magics thrown around in the End Times, by all sides. Look at the Sundering for ideas on this. My guess is that most of Ulthuan will disappear and the High Elves will have to decamp to their allies in Naggaroth or take over Lustria from the Slann-less lizardmen, for example. That the End Times saga will last at least a couple of years. Because of GW's paranoia over its IP, my guess is that FFG will not know how the NEW Old World will look until then. Either that or GW will take the licence back when it runs out in the next couple of years. Either way 4th edition is a long way off.
  12. Exactly what I have been predicting. Not exactly a completely clean slate, but so radically different that FFG, or whoever has the license to WFRP, will be able to do all the books all over again, without it being the same old samo. Good commercial sense for both GW and FFG. However I do think that we will have to wait quite a while before we see a beta test of 4th edition. 2016 at the earliest I would think.
  13. Tell me something I don't know. However I agree with you that the End Times will take a long time to play out and that WFRP needs a completely new Era or Epoch to refresh it. Where I disagree with you is that the End Times themselves are the place to start. They are not but the new era after the End Times will be. New geography, new societies, old ones completely reconfigured, new gods and magic even! However we will have to wait for that until the End Times have played out and FFG know what GW plans for the epoch after the End Times.
  14. And it doesn't make sense from a commercial point of view, which is afterall the only reason that GW and FFG are in business.
  15. Sorry Beren, but the End Times are a wargamers paradise not a roleplayers. To survive in the slug fest of the End Times, beginning characters will need to be better than Rank 5 3rd edition characters when they start, and that is not WFRP. If you like DnD 4 then run with it, but the End Times are not WFRP. We will have to wait until GW decide on the look of the new Time Cycle that will start after the End Times has finished. Things will be radically different, even the land masses may be radically different with all the magic being thrown around (see the Sundering for what may happen). Hopefully there will be as much skulduggery and intrigue as there used to be, but in a radically different world.
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