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  1. UK availability

    There is an app which could tide you over
  2. UK availability

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fantasy-Flight-Games-GNS02-Roleplaying/dp/B076V2LSF8/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517149571&sr=8-2-fkmr1&keywords=Genesis+RPG+dice The entry says they are fulfilled by Amazon and eligible for Prime, so no postage costs if you have that.
  3. UK availability

    Amazon have dice (5 packs...) at a not-too-gouged price. Better still if you have Prime.
  4. UK availability

    Spirit Games have book and dice in stock at the point of posting this... https://www.spiritgames.co.uk/results.php?search=Genesys&menu=1 I’ve used them in the past and had a good experience.
  5. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Last time the book was printed in the US so I seem to recall it went from ‘At the printer’ to ‘in store’ very quickly?
  6. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    They do make play of the fact you can use the mechanical content in your own fantasy world, and I don’t see how this could not be the case, to be honest?
  7. Chases?

    P26 gives a chase as an example of a competitive check. It’s a single roll so not the full answer in my opinion. Interestingly there doesn’t seem to be an extended check rule in Genesys?
  8. IANAL however my understanding is that you cannot copyright rules, only the expression of those rules. That means you can indeed write a condensed version of the rules as long as you write it all from scratch and don’t copy / paste from a copyright work. The symbols my be a little different (as they aren’t English language) so you might need to stick to ‘Dispair’ and ‘Triumph’ etc rather than using them directly. Writing a book of new content for the FFG system should be fine as long as you don’t use any IP. Since we are dealing with a generic system here I can’t imagine anything outside of the example setttings would qualify, so no references to people or places in Terrinoth, for example.
  9. Genesys PDF is now available

    I’m using GoodReader. On my iPad, at least. Skim on my MacBook Pro. Same issue on both. There is an underlying library used to read PDFs; I think that is the element with the problem.
  10. Genesys PDF is now available

    I have experienced issues on the Apple stack in the past, so not surprised.
  11. Genesys PDF is now available

    Are you using an Apple device or something different?
  12. Genesys PDF is now available

    I’ve raise a CS ticket
  13. Genesys PDF is now available

    Anyone else missing an illustration on p232? It should be a computer, but in the PDF it is just an oddly shaped space. I see the same issue on Mac and iPad.
  14. Genesys PDF is now available

    I suspect it will remain on ‘sale’ in perpetuity. Most DriveThru books are ‘discounted’ from the price of the print copy. I understand this is what OBS recommends to publishers. The watermark is very subtle, almost invisible. I wouldn’t want to print many pages out, though, as the whole page is off-white and so would use a lot of ink...
  15. Will we see PDF's?

    Having spent three figures on Hearthstone card packs I’m not going to cast aspersions on anyone...