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  1. Splints and Bandages has the identical same effect lines as normal First Aid, there is no difference whatsoever. Furthermore, where do you get that First Aid cannot be used in combat? The rules indicate the exact opposite: "Long-term care may be the best option, but sometimes more immediate attention is required, such as tending to a bleeding wound in the middle of combat, or setting a broken arm after a nasty fall. Immediate care relies on the First Aid skill." (emphasis mine) The entire point of S&B is that it allows you to use 2 first aid checks on the same person. Otherwise, the card is entirely useless since it doesn't do anything different from normal First Aid.
  2. PanzerKraken said: - So there is limit of performing first aid on a character once per act or so. Does this also restrict your usage of action cards that require a first aid skill check? Can you for example in a battle use an action card that requires a first aid roll, then perform first aid for recovery effect as normally listed in the rulebook? Since it's a separate action card with different effect than normal first aid recovery, I assume that it doesn't count as the once per act deal. That has been my assumption as well. So you could for instance use Splints & Bandages on someone and a normal First Aid check. PanzerKraken said: - Several actions or effects can cause a wound card that is critical to flip to normal side. Is it possible for a player to then heal that wound as if it were normal since it's been flipped over? The players wanted to do this but didn't let them since it seemed a bit gaming the system but perhaps it's intended as a potential quick heal for crits? I assume you mean allow the normal wound to be healed by the same action or roll that converted it from a Critical to a Normal? I don't have any rule reference but it has been my rule that no, a crit can be turned into a normal wound by something, but you then have to wait for rest or some other form of healing to actually get rid of the wound card itself. Grim & Perilous and all that.
  3. I guess I don't quite understand what you're saying. Bear in mind it isn't 10 XP, it is 11 if you're a Human, 12 for everyone else (1 for Dedication Bonus and at least 1 more for non-humans to transition to a new career). After you get the Dedication Bonus you get the career ability card AND a specialization for each of that careers skills you trained while you were in it. It seems like it definitely left its "mark" on you.
  4. Bear in mind that Apprentice Wizard's start the game with both Channeling and Spellcraft acquired (but not trained). Yes they need lots of skills, but that makes it a lot easier. By spending 3 on skills during character creation and a few advances they can get most everything trained if they want.
  5. 1) If on someone other than yourself, then yes and yes 2) No the player does not have to decide that ahead of time, it is an automatic side effect if they roll a successful check with boons 3) No it does not require any extended period of time like that 4) The restriction is removed for that check. The target's toughness rating does not make a difference when rolling to add White dice to someone's overnight Resilience check.
  6. SJMazzella3380 said: In 28 days, the weren't zombies, they were infected people with zombie-like attack patterns. They weren't even undead, they died of starvation usually around 28 days after being infected. True that they were not techincally undead. However there are two distinct Zombie stereotypes and one is of the fast-moving, superhuman strength variety, 28 Days Later is just what popped into my head.
  7. Well the thing with maggots is, they aren't terribly mobile, nor do they really "cling" to things that well. So if we are talking about the slow, shuffling masses of undead then I would say yes they do have maggots. If more speedy Zombies ala' 28 Days Later, then no maggots as they move too fast.
  8. My favorite part about GMing WFRP3 are the Fortune and Misfortune dice. They make it so easy to simply add or subtract modifiers for various situations without having a rule for everything that could ever come up. They allow me to reward my players for cleverly thinking outside the box, rather than trying to make "the box" include every possible rule or scenario that could ever come up. Thus its very easy to just hand wave and say "Take a Fortune die for that." or "Take a Misfortune due to this enviromental modifier." etc. It makes the world feel more real and choices have an impact on the game, without needing to remember what the modifier is for attacking with a bow underwater while in a diving suit…. I also like having the Creature Cards in front of me, rather than buried in a page on the bestiary that I have to keep flipping to. Finally, I really enjoy getting to narrate the effects of all the various side effects, whether they are Chaos Stars, Boons, Banes, or Sigmar's Comets. Its also fun to interpret "how" something happened after a dice roll, whenever it is appropriate and significant. On the downsides it seems like it takes a long time to prep for a game, but then I'm not that familiar with other systems. I also have a very hard time judging how difficult combat encoutners will be, without running mock combats ahead of time which takes a lot of work.
  9. I made a much longer reply to Ceodryn over on the other board, but I'll offer the cliff notes here. In my opinion the ability to ignore Defence is largely insignificant. Defence is in general useless unless you are very lucky on the dice or in very specific situations. Even with a whopping 3 Defence we are talking statistically 1 Challenge symbol which often times doesn't make any difference what so ever, and even when it does it is usually a difference of 1 or 2 damage. I also think it would make even less sense to have higher Defence members of an engagement somehow "protecting" lower Defence members of an engagement, even those of the other side! If I was to use Ceodryn's example, suppose we were fighting some very tough monster (a "boss" if you will) and his blunderbuss wielding minions. Why would it make any sense for us to "hug" the boss monster so that he could "protect" us from the blunderbusses of his minions (though it might make sense since we want him caught in the blast)? Allowing any Defence dice to be rolled then also would bring up the question of why can't you Block a Blast attack (since Defence and the active Defences are basically the same thing)? Converting Defence straight into Soak is too harsh of a nerf for Blast attacks IMHO (it would be much easier on them to just make them roll the highest defence). I don't really see much of an issue with this ruling. The only time where it might get weird is against some NPCs who have crazy high amounts of Defence (like 5+ or 6+). In these instances, perhaps then you need to add a couple of Soak to the NPC against blast attacks. In answer to Phillipe's question I don't really see a problem with an NPC with a blunderbuss attacking an Engagement of PCs and ignoring their Defence. All the PCs who have high Defence will still be the most resistant to the blast (because they'll have high Soak to go along with it), and as I mentioned I don't think it makes sense for high Defence targets to "protect" the entire engagement by their mere presence.
  10. So I submitted a question to FFG and Daniel was kind enough to answer. The short version is, Blast attacks target engagements, not individuals. Since engagements do not have a Defence score, no black dice are rolled for Defence regardless of who is in the engagement. So in essence, Blast attacks ignore Defence.
  11. How many players do you have? Assuming just 3 or 4 that should be plenty of coins I would think. *Edit* Those coins do look frikkin' sweet btw. How much is it going to cost you, and is it hard to do? It really makes me want to do them for my group. My group is the same boat, board gamers that transitioned to RPGs thanks to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition. It worked great in that capacity for us.
  12. Yeah I think that like everything, how fast the game moves is mainly in the hands of the GM. My group has only had 1 session so far, but it looks like we are faster than what they are assuming you will be. I'm thinking 10-12 sessions (not counting the optional epilogue), though our sessions are sort of "marathon" ones that go all day on a Saturday (so like 8 hours or so).
  13. The 5 that get through are called wounds and John would draw 5 facedown wound cards and place them in front of him.
  14. Being as I am the engineer in question I could most certainly be biased . It is my opinion based on the wording of the rules that all effects from any action card used by the Blunderbuss hit everyone in the engagment. The reason is the wording of the "Blast" ability. It reads "A weapon with the blast quality targets one engagment up to the weapon's range. Everyone in the targeted engagement is subject to the effects of the attack." (emphasis mine) Action cards ask you to choose a "target", if you are using a blast weapon your "target" is 1 engagment, rather than 1 character (or group of henchmen). Thus any attack from a weapon with Blast hits an entire engagment and all members of that engagment suffer the full effects of it. Naturally whether that is "overpowered" is entirely up the GM . However I believe that it is pretty clear what the rules as written intend. As far as the defense thing I have no idea. I think Block and Parry were removed just for the express purpose of preventing such confusion, and since Soak is easier to calculate individually they changed Dodge to work that way. It could stand to reason they meant it to ignore Defense so you wouldn't have to worry about it, but that could make a Blunderbuss very good indeed. It is equally frustrating though when someone with a High defense is basically like a permanent "Guarded Posistion" for an entire engagment, even when they are MY ally! What they mean for you to do with "natural" defense I don't know, probably a good question for FFG. The "best" solution would of course be to roll the attack with 0 black dice, and then roll Defense for each target, however that seems cumbersome and unwieldy. Maybe if no one hears back from FFG we could just house rule it somehow? Like Defense adds .5 soak value to Blast attacks or something?
  15. Hi there, welcome to the forum. Normally you get 1 Action and 1 Free Manuovre on your turn (additional Manuovres cost 1 Fatigure each). There is an optional rule that allows you to replace your 1 Action with a 2nd Free Manuovre if you want. Even if you play with that rule, all non-free moanuovres cost 1 Fatigure each.
  16. Yepesnopes said: andersb25 said: Allright thanks! When I know that is always a minimun of 1 wound my last question on how to handle it as a GM becomes unnessecary. The dwarf sould have had a few wounds from the zombies. Can that minimum wound be a ciritical hit? You should cross check with the rules and the FAQ what I am going to say because I am not 100% sure. In case you score critical wounds but your damage output is lower or equal to the target's soak value the critical wounds become normal wounds. For example, your dwarf has soak of 11 and he is hit by a zombie. After resolving the action card, weapon etc the zombie gets the following result: hits for 9 damage, +2 critical. He will cause 3 normal wounds to the dwarf. The minimum 1 because he does not exceed the soak of the dwarf plus 2, one for each critical hit scored. Total, 3 normal wounds. Cheers, Yepes That is close, but not quite technichally correct. The dwarf would suffer 2 normal wounds. The # of crits dealt become the new "minimum result" in this case 2. Thus dealing 1 critical when failing to get through the target's soak does nothing (other than the normal 1 minimum wound). Also note that in order to actually deal "real" critical wounds you have to penetrate the target's soak. On a side note that must be a magical shield of some sort? 2 soak and 3 Defences is amazing .
  17. Nice, thanks for the help. Romus, what is the name of that deep tackle box you have most things in? Or the name of those clear containers that have the wound cards, stance markers, etc.?
  18. You got 'em, I want 'em. I love this game and I love its bits (yes, ALL the bits). But man I need something better than ziplocs. I am specifically hoping that some kind soul out there can direct me toward the right sized Plano boxes and I can buy several of them and pack it all away. So, any suggestions on storage? I have everything, so I need some ideas on how to keep it all seperated, organized, and easy to find. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Unless you are playing with house rules regarding crits, High DR is much more valuable than Low CR (at least to players). Crits are 90% worthless and the other 10% of the time borderline worthless. The only exception is when you hit Henchmen with them. If you have house rules about critting on NPCs though, that could change.
  20. The subject basically says it all. I don't really see anything in the Winds of Magic rules that says they do (they are not listed in the sample checks), but I just want to be sure. Does hanging out with, being in close proximity to, being wounded by, or in general just being near a Mutant cause corruption? My guess would be no, and if they did it would be relatively small. Though I would also think that most people in the Warhammer world would certainly treat them as though they did.
  21. RARodger said: I decided to do this as a new thread in the hopes that we can discuss the contents and utility of the release without discussing cost/future of WFRP and blah, blah blah. I picked it up from the FLGS the other day and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. The necromancer spells are nasty with a neat mix of attack, healing and zombie madness. I like the use of reckless = zombies, conservative = skeletons. And I love the bound ghoul. I really hope we get more familiars/pets/mounts because there's a lot of cool stuff they can do with the mechanics. But the pact powers are pretty neat, too and I really appreciate that they made the necromancer playable as both a PC and NPC. (Although a Creature Card for the necromancer and ghoul would have been cool, too.) I really thought this was going to be something like Dreadfleet Pirates, something to buy for completeness sake and never have any use for. But this did the most important thing a supplement can do for me… it made me want to play. Now I want to play or run a campaign for a Grave Warden, an Initiate of Morr and… what's the College that deals with undead? One of them too. It would be even more awesome for the group to decide that for the greater good the aprentice's next career will just have to be a necromancer. That could make a fantasic campaign. All in all, Ilike it. I can't wait to throw it in my wizard PC's face tomorrow and try to tempt him with it. Nice, I have yet to pick this one up but I am glad to hear this. I did think it looked really neat and I'm glad they are adding careers to the PoDs. I'd like it if they did a general Action Card PoD, full of actions of all types (well, all non-spell types). It would be hugely useful to everyone who plays and eays to just grab and use. I'm glad to hear this one is going to see good use, makes me want to go get it (which I'm sure I will eventually, waiting for CSI or other online retailers to stock it).
  22. Yes the forums have been extra crappy for me lately to. Not just the forums, but the whole site really (though the forums seem especially bad). Must be somethign on FFG's end.
  23. master yoda said: The repeater can take 10 shots before needing to reload. That is so much better than needing to reload after ever shot. So it doesn't do as much damage as a crossbow. historically that is true. But your gaining an advantage of not needing to reload after every shot. I can see this being a very vaulable choice in my group. Needing to move and reload takes fatigue if they are wanting to shoot thier crossbow also. I think you may want to take a look at the ranged weapons list again. The Shortbow can fire infinitely without ever having to stop and reload, yet deals more damage, has ammo that costs 12 as much, and costs less than 110th what a Repeating Crossbow does. I really like the ideas of both Yepesnopes and Crimson Sun had, thanks for those. I'll probably hash it out with my group and we'll see if we can come up with something that works for us.
  24. I am rather lucky in that all my players are totally new to Warhammer. Hence cliches like having the wizard be a follower of Tzeentch mean nothing to them . Thus I'm probably planning on Mauer though that could change.
  25. dvang said: Kartigan said: You say that "the repeating crossbow has a couple of advantages over the regular crossbow". Actually it has one advantage. It takes 4 manuvers to load 10 shots instead of 10 manuvers. That is its only advantage. Everything else is a detriment, damage, range, and cost (and I would also argue reliablity though that isn't spelled out by the rules). As mentioned above by others: Repeating crossbows do not have the RELOAD quality. Thus users can perform a maneuver and still shoot without a penalty. Only after firing 10 times are they required to reload. Next, there are some Ranged Actions which a regular crossbow cannot use, that a repeater crossbow can use. Rapid Fire, for example, which is one of the best Ranged Attack actions. Those are both some important and useful differences between the two, to the advantage of the repeater xbow. Also, I suggest that you re-look at the weapon stats for Longbow vs a rifle. You'll see that stat-wise the Longbow is slightly more powerful than a gun, for a much cheaper price. Anyway, I'm just saying that you need to look at the bigger picture, beyond the "damage/range/cost" hard stats in the book to see that the repeater xbow has some benefits which make it better than you think. Actually I just said it didn't have the reload quality, hence the 4 manuvers to reload it instead of 10. The Ranged Action thing was something I had not considered though, thanks for pointing that out. I would humbly suggest that you go look at the stats for a Longbow vs. a Black Powder weapon. You will find the guns to be dealier in all cases. I assume that by "rifle" (which isn't in the game) you actually mean Handgun, the "standard" flintlock long gun in the game? Handgun has DR 6, CR 2, and Pierce 1. Longbow has DR 5, CR 3, and Pierce 1. So the Handgun does more damage and is more likely to cause a critical, at the tradeoff of being very expensive and having Unreliable 2. Pistols and the Hochland Long Rifle are also deadlier than a Longbow. Perhaps by "rifle" you meant Blunderbuss? Which has DR 5 but lacks the Pierce of the bow? It doesn't do as much damage due to no Pierce, but has the ability to hit multiple targets which can be hugely helpful (and hugely a pain to ) as well as having a better critical rating. On yet another point as to why the Repeater Crossbow is so odd, look at the other repeater weapons (Repeater Pistol and Repeater Handgun). They both keep the same DR and the same range of the original weapons (though at the cost of lowering their unreliable rating). I don't understand why the Repeater Crossbow couldn't do the same thing (by adding Unreliable 2 to it or some such). I'm definitely wanting to look at the bigger picture before changing things, but so far the only thing that has been pointed out to me that I didn't relalize already was that you gained access to certain action cards. That and 4 manuvers every 10 shots instead of 10 manuvers every 10 shots are the only gains to be had from the Repeater Crossbow over the Crossbow, everything else is strictly worse. To me this seems every bit as plainly broken as the original Spear (though in being underpowered instead of overpowered) and that was changed in the Errata. Can anyone tell me if they've ever had a player actually buy a Repeater Crossbow on purpose? If they did, what on earth was their reasoning (or was it just for laughs)? If I was a player and you offered me a regular Crossbow or a Repeater for free I would absolutely take the Crossbow everytime (well,assuming I had to use it and couldn't go sell it right away ).
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