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  1. Just saw your post, great concept! Starting to listen now!
  2. Voodoo-as-divine makes sense, I guess I get hung up on how "primal" some Voodoo rites seem! Thanks for the replies!
  3. Reading the magic rules, I noticed the Curse action wasn't available to Primal skill. This seems counter-intuitive to me, for one reason. Voodoo. How primal can you get? Or is Voodoo just a scary Divine skin?
  4. Groovy, I was hoping for an Android Genesys book as well as a Tannhauser book. I dig the German, "Hugo Boss meets H.R. Geiger's worst nightmares" aesthetic!
  5. I just ordered the Genesys core book, but I still have my WFRP 3e stuff, and hope to use it as much as possible.
  6. I really enjoyed 3e WFRP, glad to see there's at least a path of conversion! How usable are the 3e dice in the Genesys rules?
  7. Imagine the career abilities and action cards as specialization trees, condensed and put on a few pages. Seems like it would work.
  8. Not to derail the topic, but are there any hedge magic spells included in Hero's Call?
  9. I would love a supplement that lets us use the "WFRP Lite" approach with all the published rules. Love the game, but got in too late to get the product before FFG ended support.
  10. Anyone know if there are any plans to reprint Lure of Power? I'd like the books but I'm not going to drop $90 on a "rare" one!
  11. You know that recycling centers create as much pollution, if not more, than is saved by the act of recycling?
  12. Just checked again, it's marked as SHIPPED
  13. The idea here that you don't need to ever actually CLEAR the stress?
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