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  1. I just bought the Light Faction Starter Kit and I'm going to be painting and assembling them on Thursday. After that, I'm ready to play! Anybody live in Michigan? I'm in Livonia, but I'm willing to travel to Farmington Hills, Novi, Ann Arbor, and any other place close to said cities. Thanks in advance! =)
  2. I'm trying to find the time to build some scenery with Woodland Scenics scenery kits. I find their stuff better (and cheaper) than GW. I'm just wanting to make a forested area with a waterfall and river.
  3. StormKnight said: Since my main (and possibly only) opponent is my girlfriend, I'm trying to get models she'll think are cool. That's funny because I'm in the same boat! I asked which faction (she wants Dark), and then asked if there's anything else she's looking in to. She said "Anything cute!" Unfortunately, the store I go to has 30 blister packs. Which would be fine if they weren't 10 copies of 3 different characters! lol
  4. Ah, to get a Cthulhu Faction one. That would probably be the only reason for me to get a tattoo. lol
  5. I haven't read all of Lovecraft's stories, but of the ones I have, Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn, A Shadow over Innsmouth and The Music of Eric Zann. All of those had endings that really made me think.
  6. I live in Livonia, and have gotten into the CoC LCG. Haven't learned to play as I don't know anybody else that plays. Wouldn't mind driving to Ann Arbor once a week to play.
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