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  1. I'm of the opinion that there is no excuse for most mistakes to make it to final production. Over the course of most (decent) books, you might find a few such errors, but in something so lite in the text, it seems that some one was sleeping on the job. Have the designers check the factual info and then have the grammar fixed, re-checked by designers for accuracy in rules and then it's off to the printer for the test copy that is then checked again by the devs. IF it still makes it past this screening, then I would say hire new editors or spend more time proofing and less time projecting profits. That said, it's not a bad product. I predict my store will sell a good amount of it and people will be pleased. However, the cost for components is a bit of a pain, as it costs more to make, takes longer to produce, and therefor will lag FAR behind the existing 2nd Ed stuff for a while. With 4th Edition DnD, it makes customers think that the company's greedy for splitting books into several volumes, when it's just that there is too much crap in terms of powers, etc. 3rd Ed WHFRP has the same issue, but with cardboard bits and cards causing 8 colleges to be 3 initially, 100+ careers to be ~20, and varied attacks to become weapon-specific actions, all leading up to a need for more boxed sets rather than a few (cheaper) books.
  2. Our distributor has it in stock, stateside, and it is listed as release date Dec. 10, 2009. Whether or not it shows today, that's what is listed. I think it more likely to show up tomorrow. (WA State, US)
  3. Ok, I have the box and I am underwhelmed in every way. The "books" are thin and soft-backed and lack the detail of their 2nd Edition equivalents. The cards are too fiddly and take up too much space, not to mention that some "actions" have only one card and must either be shared or limited to one character only. The stand-ups have no repeats, so you have to proxy (not a big issue) and reinforce the weakness of the blob-combat system (makes dueling nigh-impossible). The number of professions is less than that of the original Main book and though it has 3 Colleges (of 8), it only has ONE career card for apprentices, so you'd have to share that as well (and since they have those stupid "sockets"...). The combat system is abstracted to the point of idiocy, with the cards' "refresh times" being interesting, but unrealistic considering the level of abstraction. Most of the skills are combat-based and thus the game lends itself to a more aggressive outcome (something the previous edition discouraged). Numerous typos and omissions, coupled with questionable organization make the books a little obnoxious to peruse and less than the advertised "highest quality". -Having had a chance to play it, I must say that it has potential to be enjoyable, but it will never best the previous edition. It doesn't speed things up, it doesn't provide a deeper experience, and it doesn't feel like Warhammer at all. There is no grit, no grim, no gloom. It's too heroic to be Warhammer. Is it still fun? Any game can be fun IF it's played with the right group, but this one needs work and is a victim of OVER-SIMPLIFICATION. A trend I hope that they don't perpetuate in future releases.
  4. Also, the editing in general was sub-par. Noticed a lot of small grammatical and organizational errors. This product doesn't meet my standards, at all.
  5. Well, I knew that as an employee at a gaming store, I get a discount and am therefore encouraged to try out new products, and someone had to pick up this line. So, I doled out the cash (~76 dollars US, with discount) and here's what I received: -Four books that are, honestly, a main rulebook split into four parts. About 35$ worth, -IF- it were hardbound. All are colour and concise, but feel like board game manuals, lacking the story and texture of their larger brethren (see 2nd Ed equivalents). -30 dice with symbols and good relief (deep enough set to withstand play). Quality. -Bunch o' cards, regular and half-size. A bit thin, but varied enough. The item cards seem a bit limited, but we'll see where they take it. -Character sheets. They reminded me of my old HeroQuest booklet of sheets, but with colour and double-sided. Seems a bit lite on the details... -Trackers and tokens. Not enough bags for all this crap. I still have to ask: "Why are these here?". Fatigue tokens? Status bars? We'll see how they work out. -Character stand-ups. No repeats! That's a good thing if they're just for characters, but there is -A- skeleton and -A- goblin. Never heard of a single goblin attacking by himself... Still, they are of Arkham quality and there are quite a few of them at that. -The Box. A little flimsy and includes a worthless partition. Think Battlestar. Yeah, one of those canyon ones. Would really have benefited from having more compartments. I just turned it upside down and more than doubled the space. Sad, really. The cover for the box is decent, but will show wear upon arrival. Overall, it just doesn't feel worth the asking price. You end up with fewer components than a 60$ board game has and it is absurdly light on the background and setting information. Comparing this to the previous version isn't worth the time if the quality of the books is any indication. HOWEVER, I will give it an honest try and see how it plays in the next month. I'm aware that you must consider any work with the author's intent in mind and that my own expectations and biases must be kept in mind as well. My next posting will be more objective and in line with a proper review of the GAMEPLAY, leaving components to this review.
  6. Gotrek and Felix Omnibus, Tales of the Old World, and Vampire Wars cover a fair swath of the material. I recommend them in that order.
  7. It's not the pictures that concern me, it's the rule text at the TOP OF THE CARDS stating e.g. : Human, Dwarf, High Elf, etc. Aesthetics, for me, are honestly less important than mechanics when dealing with an RPG (which SHOULD be more about rules and gameplay than components).
  8. I know they mentioned them as a future release, but why, then, are they not present on the existing career cards? If it's not still too late, you guys at FFG should include them in the heading texts along with the other races, with a note in the box that they will be present in future expansions. I would think having separate cards for the halflings would be slightly ridiculous. An errata chart or replacement cards would be both time and space wasted (having to check the chart for valid careers is counter to the whole reason you have the cards). Perhaps making things with the future releases in mind will help make the product more professional, polished, and playable, as that was the ostensible goal of a new edition?
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